Two Dollar Click Review – Is this a scam or legit PTC site?

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Overall Ranking: 0 out of 100 or 0/5 stars
Price: Free to join,
Owner: Jordan Welsh


Two Dollar Click (TDC) is a paid to click site, offering rewards that are just too much to be taken seriously. They have been online for a few years and somehow they are still going.

The owner Jordan Welsh, which is thought to be an alias, has been involved with other scam sites Six Dollar Clicks, Ten Dollar Clicks, NeoDollar, Bux Inc and perhaps more.

Another name that comes up when researching these sites is Michael Pratt, who is a well known scammer. However, he claims not to be running the scam sites, he sells the scripts that make the sites function.

Anyways, although convinced this was a scam I signed up to have a closer look.


What is Two Dollar Click?

This is an advertising platform, either you can pay to place ads or get paid to watch adverts.

The company says they pay $2 for every click or advertisement you watch. Naturally, this sounds very interesting, considering the other PTC companies pay just a few cents for the same operation.program statistics

As you can see they claim to have more than 2.5 million active members and to have paid out more than $13 million. Although, if this was true, I think you would find people singing the praises of TDC instead of the many complaints that you find online.

This looks like just another effort to convince people of the program’s legitimacy.


Who is this for?

A paid to click program that promises such large rewards cannot be taken seriously. Therefore, this isn’t recommended for anyone unless you want to try it for fun. Just make sure you don’t upgrade to premium, or you will lose your money.

You can also advertise your website or affiliate links on this site, although the efficacy cannot be guaranteed as most people who see your ads will be doing so to earn money.

On Two Dollar Click you see many affiliates of the other PTC sites placing ads, perhaps advertising similar sites does get them some click-throughs. Nevertheless, if you are trying to obtain some referrals you could give it a try for $5 for 100 clicks.

Personally, as they are cheating the members who are clicking the ads, I wouldn’t be prepared to pay them any money at all. Scams like this mustn’t be encouraged.


How do they get new sign-ups?

One thing that I find very surprising about such a program, is how they still manage to obtain new members. For someone who has some experience of online money making programs, this stinks of a scam.

TDC is preying on newcomers, who see this as an easy way to make money. There is really nothing convincing about the site and the only item on the site to show its alleged legitimacy are payment proofs.

Even this hasn’t much credibility, just a list of supposed members, the date and the amount they were paid. Easy to fabricate and falsify, as you can see below. All I can say is they don’t go to much trouble to convince people!

proof of payments

How does the program work?

To register for an account, you just need to give your email address name and country. One word of warning, they don’t have a privacy policy, so you don’t know what they might do with your email address. Although since signing up I haven’t seen an increase in spam.

click to confirm

click on 6 to confirm

Once registered, you can start clicking ads. This is the same as the other PTC sites PaidVerts, Clixsense or Adclick Express. You watch an ad for 30 seconds and then click on a number to confirm and you have earned $2.

There is a limit on the number of ads you can click each day. To have more ads to view you will have to upgrade to premium membership.

In order to be paid you need to have earned at least $1000, which is a huge amount. Most PTC sites have payment thresholds of a few dollars. The payments can be made through PayPal or Payza.  Payments are made on a net 60 basis, which means you will receive your money 60 days after asking for it.

I don’t think you should be under any illusion, you will never be paid. Well known PTC sites that have been around for a few years, rarely offer ads to watch even at $1. So $2 a click is not possible, don’t be taken in by the hype.


How does TDC make money?

To fund the click payments they provide advertising. For an ad to be watched or clicked 1000 times it only costs $5 or 1/2 a cent per click. You can order up to 25000 clicks, always for the same price of 1/2 cent per click. Premium members can also buy banner ads.

Consequently, Two Dollar Click is paying out $2 for something for which they are paid 1/2 cent. Who pays the other $1.995? No one, they cannot generate sufficient money to pay their members, clearly, this is unsustainable.


Premium Memberships

There are two levels of premium memberships:

  • Golden at $19.95 per month
  • Ultimate at $39.95 per month

The strange thing is that there are no details of what is included. There is a link for more info, but this doesn’t work. Probably, more and better-paid ads to clicks per day, but other than that it’s a surprise.



Another point of concern is that you can buy referrals at $1 each. Buying referrals isn’t a good idea, most people won’t stay active for long and you will not recuperate your money. It’s also possible to find your own referrals using the affiliate link you are given. The earnings from your referrals range from 10% – 200%, depending on your level of membership

  • basic members receive 10% of their referrals earnings
  • premium members receive up to 200% of their referrals earning depending on their membership level

This is made to sound very tempting, just so they can get the maximum amount of money from you. Don’t be tricked into thinking you can earn from referrals, you will never be paid.



TDC doesn’t even have a FAQ, the only element of support they offer is a contact form. Judging from some of the comments online, the questions posted often go unanswered.

Other genuine paid to click sites have forums, however, nothing like that here. This probably means they are afraid of the negative feedback from their members.


What are their members saying?

You find hundreds of complaints, on the internet, from people who have used the program to reach the threshold to cash out. Then nothing, no payment and no reply from the contact form on Two Dollar Click. To be honest, it’s not really a surprise.

two dollars clicks complaints



This is a complete scam, don’t waste your time clicking ads on this paid to click program. Don’t imagine that it’s possible to be paid $2 per click, the normal rate of the PTC sites is a few cents per click maximum.

As we have seen Two Dollar Click sell the ads for 1/2 cent per click, so there is absolutely no way they can pay $2 per click.

Remember if you join this program you will be clicking ads for nothing.

Verdict: Not recommended – Scam


Another idea to earn money online

If you’re looking for a way to earn money online, I think there are better alternatives to the paid to click sites. On the legit PTC sites, you will work a long time to earn relatively little.

The only way you earn good money on PTC sites is if you manage to recruit a large number of referrals. However, this will take time, hard work and it will still be very difficult to earn a decent amount every month.

That’s why I recommend, affiliate marketing.

Yes, it’s true you have to work hard, but the possible income is much greater than with clicking ads. When getting started you should try and obtain an education in starting an online business. This will help you to build your business the correct way and you will see results faster.

Below is a comparison chart showing all that my top education platform recommendation, Wealthy Affiliate, has to offer. When seen next to Two Dollar Click, it really is a no-brainer. You have the choice of checking out a training program that includes 1 FREE website or signing up to click ads knowing you will never be paid.

Whatever you decide to do, if you have any first-hand experience with the PTC sites or more particularly with Two Dollar Click I would be interested to hear your story.

Thanks for reading,


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