Paid Verts Review. Is this just another PTC site?

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Overall Ranking: 30 out of 100 or 1.5/5 stars
Price: Free to join
Owner: Richard O’Neill a.k.a. Joel Cook

Paid Verts (PV) is a paid to click (PTC) site that was launched in March 2014. It is supposed to be a new concept where users can earn more than on other PTC sites.

In this review, I am going to see how works and if their claims to higher earnings are true.


Who is Richard O’Neill?

Richard O’Neill a.k.a Jo Cook is the owner of Paid Verts and of its sister site My Traffic Value (MTV). MTV is a crowdfunding platform that has been online since 2011. The funding to build Paid Verts came from MTV.

I find it a little strange that the owner of a company goes by an alias if the company is completely legitimate.

After a little research, I found that Richard O’Neill was reportedly responsible for several scams, including Richy-Invest, Jp-daily, Investment96 (version 1, 2 and 3), Investproker, PokerByProxy, Mysterious-Profits, PokerProfits, SustainedReturns, GG-investment and perhaps some others.

Here are the links to a few articles I have found on his previous scams:

Therefore, this is the reason that Richard O’Neill tried to hide his real identity, having said that MTV has been online for four years and seems legit.


Who is this Paid Verts for?

Paid Verts can be for anyone who has the time to click on a few ads. The only restriction is that you must be at least 16 years old. It is open to US and international members as long as your local laws permit.

This isn’t a scheme where you will get rich quick and if you don’t invest money you will be working a long time for a very small return.

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What is Paid Verts?

Paid Verts is a paid to click site where the users are paid to interact with advertisers. In general, interact means you get paid to view an ad.

The advertisers place ads in the hope of obtaining some paying customers, however, in reality, most people use Paid Verts to earn money. The percentage of people who view the ads and become customers will be very small.


How it works

Paid Verts is basically a paid to click site like Clixsense or QuickRewards, you click on the ads and you get paid. The main difference with this site is the value of the ads you click. Put very simply, the more ads you view, the more bonus ad points (BAP) you accumulate and the higher the value of the ads you click.

The amount of money to be divided between the members is decided by a number of ads purchased the previous day. The money is allocated between the different user levels depending on how many BAP they possess. Paid Verts ambition is to reward proven regular users with more valuable paid ads.

The system is a little complicated, so I hope you understand my explanation or there is a video below.


YouTube video

There are two different types of ads:

  • paid ads – ads you click to receive money
  • BAP ads – ads you click to accumulate bonus ad points.

You must have bonus ad points to view paid ads.

When you sign up you are given 16 ads to click to accumulate 400 BAP, although before clicking on the ads you have three short lines of text to fill in before you can see each ad. You are then able to proceed to the ad page where you have to fill in a catchpa and wait 30 seconds.

text to see paid ads
After that, you will receive BAP ads every day to acquire 400 BAP. If you use this scheme, it is a good idea to click them all as the more BAPs you have, the better will be the value of the ads you click for money.

The problem with clicking the BAP ads is the amount of time it takes (type or copy and paste the 3 lines of text, watch the ad for 30 seconds x 16 times) probably about 15 minutes.

Every 100 BAP will give you $0.05 of paid ads to click, but when you receive paid ads in your account your BAP balance is reduced accordingly and this is irrespective of whether you get paid for the ad or not. You will keep receiving paid ads until you have no more BAPs.

The value of the paid ads you receive depends on the number of BAP’s you have. The more BAP’s you compile in one go the higher the value of the paid ads. The value of paid ads goes from $0.0005 to $200 and the ads will stay in your account for 18 hours, after that they are recycled to other members.


Paid Verts strategyThe different BAP groups

If you are interested in PaidVerts and you want to spend your time clicking and watching ads, it’s good to have a strategy.

Every time you have $1.05  in your account buy advertisements (you can advertise anything you like – a charity, another PTC site with your referral link or your own business) and you also obtain 3100 BAP.

When you finally reach the BAP group you are happy with, you can start withdrawing some cash. However to remain in the desired BAP group you will need to continue to buy adverts.

Some say a 70%/30% ratio is a good choice to keep your BAP group and even slowly rise towards the next level.

If you are doing this without investing any money this will certainly take a lot of your precious time, but perhaps, in the end, you will earn some money. I think there are better ways to earn money online.


Ways to earn more

To increase your earnings you must accumulate as many BAPs as possible.

  • The first way to do that is to make sure you view all your daily BAP ads.
  • Buy ads – for every $1.05 you spend you obtain 50 visits to your site and 3100 BAP, which translates to $1.55 of paid ads to click on.
  • Upgrades -there are also a couple of upgrades you can make: the Super User Upgrade which costs $2.99 or $19.99 and the Recycler Upgrade costs $0.05
  • Referrals – you can earn 10% on all the ad purchases your referrals make and you can also make 5% of any paid ads that your referral interacts with.
  • Ad filter – allows you to block the low-value ads. It costs $10 and must be paid with your earning balance. There are some restrictions:

PaidVerts Ad Filter restrictions


How much are people earning

As you can see below in the top earner’s table, the number 1 top earner is Jo (Richard) $472. Although in position 15 the earnings for 48 hours are down to $12 or $42 per week. For a PTC site this isn’t bad, however, I wonder how much time this has taken and how much they have invested.
PaidVerts top earners last 48 hours


Paid Verts BAP Games

When you have some BAPs you can also use these to play games such as baccarat, poker, roulette or lotto. Obviously, this is very risky, but you do have the chance of turning your points into a jackpot.

If you are lucky enough to achieve this you might have 25,000 to 25 million BAP and your paid ads will be of very high value.


Getting Paid

When you click on the paid ads that have been allocated to you the cash value is added to your account. You can withdraw your cash balance whenever you like. However, your chosen payment method may have a minimum cash out level, but this is usually very low $1 or $2.



If you need support for any reason when using PaidVerts, the first thing to do is consult the FAQ. If you can’t find the answer to your problem you can post a question in the forum. Should you require assistance for a problem with your account, you can raise a support ticket.


Why do Paid Verts often have debt swaps?

Paid Verts has been through 4 debt swaps and each time members start to doubt the system and some even panic. A debt swap allows the program to clear its debt by replacing with shares issued at a premium rate.

At Paid Verts the outstanding debt is the Bonus Ad Points, these are converted into shares. Hence, instead of your BAP, you will be issued a number of shares. The shares that are issued are not new shares, the shares are already in the system in a special account. After the debt swap, all the BAP balances in the scheme will be set to zero.

To recuperate your BAP you can trade your shares for cash and start to climb up the BAP groups again. The money that you have already earned is untouched, you are able to cash out this money at any time.

All these debt swaps suggest the program is not sustainable.


My final opinion

I have no doubt that it is possible to make money with Paid Verts, but as with all PTC sites, the question is how much time will you have to spend to make some decent money.

If you don’t invest some of your money in this program, it will take a long, long time before you can earn some decent rewards. Should you consider investing some of your own money, only invest what you can afford to lose.

Supposing you have lots of time, I would recommend using the free methods and reinvest your earnings until you have some real cash you can withdraw. Paid To Click sites sometimes disappear overnight so always be wary.

The question is: will Paid Verts disappear very soon? Personally, I don’t know, I think it looks quite OK at the moment and they seem to be reasonable in paying out only what they make in ads. Nonetheless, there are a couple of things that worry me:

  1. Why has PayPal recently suspended doing business with Paid Verts?
  2. Why do they often have debt swaps? Is it because the business is not sustainable?

Then, of course, there is the question of Richard O’Neill a.k.a. Joel Cook, who has scammed people in the past.

Therefore, I think it’s wise to be very prudent and if you want to use PV, invest very little of your own money. Many people have made money with PaidVerts in the past and you will find many affiliates recommending this site. But, remember past performance isn’t an indicator of future results.

Verdict: Not Recommended



Richard O’Neill has been replaced and there is another debt swap as of 16th November to eliminate the latest illiquidity problems.

Richard ONeill gone

Due to the repeated debt swaps and liquidity problems stay clear of this program. Lots of complaints online from members who haven’t been paid.


An alternative

I think it’s better to build a real business online instead of clicking ads for a few cents. There is so much more potential in building your own niche website, affiliate marketing business or online store.

I recommend signing up for an online training program, Wealthy Affiliate, where you will learn how to create a legitimate online business. Investing in good training is the best investment you can make.

Building your business may take a certain time and a lot of work before you start earning, but the rewards can be incredible.

Below is a comparison chart where you can see why I think Wealthy Affiliate is a much better proposition than Paid Verts.

Have you ever been a member or are you a current member of Paid Verts? Have you made money with this program? It would be good to hear your experience, or if you have any questions please leave a comment below.


PaidVerts get paid to clic
  • Paid Verts Review


Description:Paid Verts is another paid to clic site. An advertising platform, you are paid to view ads.

Price:Free to join

My opinion:I think it is possible to earn some money with Paid Verts, but as with all PTC sites the question is, how much time will you have to spend to earn a few cents? In my opinion there are better ways to pass your time and earn money online.



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