What is the Best Online Internet Marketing Training Program?

internet marketing trainingAre you looking for an online internet marketing training program? If so, then read on.

In this article, I will try to show you what should be included in a good internet marketing course and tell you what is the best training I have found.

What’s available?

When you look around for internet marketing training you will find lots of different opportunities. Some may be too expensive, some may promise riches, some may seem genuine and some might even offer a free trial.

There are:

  • Certification courses that give you a set number of hours of training for a limited time. For me, these are too limited both in information and time, also too expensive.

example course

  • Courses at online learning centers such as Udemy or Lynda. You pay a monthly membership fee or you pay for the course you take. It’s also possible to find some free training courses on these sites.
    These platforms might be great for learning about a specific part of internet marketing (e.g. Google AdWords, Facebook for business, or Google+ for business) However, for building your own internet business I wouldn’t recommend these courses.
  • Then there are the training programs that teach you all about internet marketing. Sites where you are provided with all the information you need to be successful online. While these courses will provide you with good information, they are not all equal. They have different methods of training.
    Personally, I appreciate step by step training. Training that presents the tasks you need to complete in chronological order. Very few courses do this, some might have the information, but it is not presented in any order.


How to choose?

So after you have seen what is available you need to make your choice. I would only consider programs that:

  • are within your budget
  • offer a free trial
  • include all the tools you need to get started
  • provide step by step training
  • give 24/7 support
  • are kept up to date

After this selection process, you will not have many courses left to choose from. In fact, I have only found one program that meets all these criteria. That is Wealthy Affiliate.

There are some other decent training systems out there – Affilorama, Chris Farrell Membership, or IMPho – however, they don’t provide everything you require to get your online business off the ground. One might not include hosting or a keyword tool, another might not incorporate live chat, a website builder, or 24/7 support. All these items are very important. Consequently, when you can obtain them all in one place, naturally this is the platform that wins in my vote as the best internet marketing course.

Most importantly, don’t be taken in by the get rich quick schemes. They may seem very tempting, but keep in mind there are no shortcuts to earning money on the internet.

The training content

This is the most important criteria. I was looking for a program that would take me from my starting point of knowing very little about internet marketing to a position where I could earn money online. Also, I required a course with step by step training that was easy to follow. Wealthy Affiliate provides such training and I have achieved my goal of earning money online.

One of the great things about this program is that you have a 7-day free trial, so you can take a look around to see if the training has everything you require and if the training methods are a good fit for you.

When you sign up for a free account at Wealthy Affiliate you are taken through the process of setting up a successful online business. By lesson 4 you will have your own niche website online and it won’t have cost you anything.

Below is the content of the first 10 lessons.
first 10 lessons at Wealthy Affiliate

Does the training program provide support?

When you’re just starting, getting support when you need it is very important. Most courses have support, provided by either support forums or a support team.

However, the problem is that with some sites you will have to wait, perhaps a few days for an answer. Rapidly obtaining an answer to a question is something that is possible and normal at Wealthy Affiliate.

You can pose a question in live chat or on the site, there are thousands of members from all around the world who are ready to answer your questions any time day or night. Or if you prefer, you can search for your answer by typing your question in the search bar to be found at the top of each page. This is quite simply the best support I have seen anywhere!

The tools do you need

You will need web hosting, a website builder for WordPress, and a keyword tool. Although there are only three important tools you need to get underway, it’s surprising how many IM training courses don’t include all or even any of these tools. Wealthy Affiliate includes all these tools and you are also given two free websites when you sign up.

How much should you pay for a training course?

Training courses can be priced between a few thousand dollars (for a certification course) to free for a course on Udemy. It all depends on what you want to receive from your course.

As I said before I required training that would teach me the fundamentals of starting an online business and then take me on to a situation where I was making money online. For a good course that can teach you this information, the price ranges from $37 to $67 per month.

Wealthy Affiliate falls in the middle of this price range with the premium membership at $47. Nonetheless, the training is much more complete than either the $37 or $67 alternatives.

Be prepared to work

One of the big misconceptions about internet marketing is that it is easy, not much work, and customers will come to your site by magic. Unfortunately, this just isn’t true.

Whatever course you decide to follow, you must be prepared to work hard. You should remember you are building a business that will provide you with a passive income, maybe for several years to come.
There are no shortcuts to success. You need the right knowledge and lots of hard work. That’s why a good training program is vital.

Join Wealthy Affiliate for free

Wealthy Affiliate has everything you need to get started building your online business. Step by step training, web hosting, website builder, keyword tool, live chat, 24/7 support, and much more.

You can access all this from a free starter account and upgrade to a premium account later, only if you wish.
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If you have any questions or comments about what I think is the best internet marketing training program, please let me know in the comments section below.


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