Site Rubix more than just another website builder

Do you need a business website but don’t know which online site editor should you use? In my Site Rubix review, I will be looking at a site builder that uses the WordPress content management system.

It’s very quick and easy to set up your site and offers something that’s missing from all the other editors. You are taken step by step through the process of setting up your site and in addition, they also provide internet marketing training.

Which is great if you’re thinking of creating an online business!

Having a website is vital if you are starting a business to earn money online, so let’s see what is offered here.


Product: Site Rubix Website Buildersiterubix website builder review logo
Overall Ranking: 96 out of 100 or 5/5stars
Price: free
Ease of use: easy – intermediate



SiteRubix (SR) was launched in 2007 and was originally a drag and drop editor, but has been updated regularly to always be at the forefront of technical innovation. The platform provides a newbie-friendly, modern environment.


What is Site Rubix?

SiteRubix is a site builder that allows anyone to create their own website for free. In fact, you are allowed to build two free websites.

SR is supported by Wealthy Affiliate (an internet marketing training platform) and you are given step-by-step instructions on setting up your site.


Who is it for?

SiteRubix is especially useful for beginners as you are taken through the process of setting up your website in easy lessons. It’s possible to have the framework of your site online in just a few seconds.
Here are some examples of what you could use your free site for:

  • A blog about your hobby or pastime
  • A family website with photos of birthdays, holidays…
  • An offline business site, a personal blog,
  • A site with wedding photos
  • You could start an online business site.


Ease of use

It is very easy to set up your site, there are six simple steps:

  1. The first step is to decide what sort of site you want to rubix site builder what kind of website do you want to buildYou can either choose:
  • A free domain (which we are doing in this example)
  • A domain you already own, such as;, or
  • Or you can buy a new domain name on the Wealthy Affiliate platform. You should only do this if you are certain of continuing to build your site. For most people starting with a free domain will be the best option.

2. Choose the domain name and make sure it’s available. Actually, if you are building a free website, you are really selecting a sub-domain as your site is part of the domain. It will look like this:

choose a domain name for your site

3. Choose a website title. Usually, this will be the same as your domain name but can be changed later if you’re not happy with it.SR choose a title for your site

4. Choose categories.

choose categories

5. Choose a WordPress theme. There a literally thousands of themes to choose from, just pick one for now. You can always change your theme later if you decide you want to change the look of your website.SR choose a theme for your website

6. You are now ready to build your site.

create your site rubix site

Literally, a few clicks of your mouse and everything is set up. The video below takes you through the process.

Once set up, you can start adding content and there is step by step training to help you. You will find that WordPress is easy to use and learn and is completely adaptable to be used for any type of website.

You don’t need to know any coding to have a site that looks great and having used other website editors I would say that WordPress is the quickest and most straightforward way to create a website.



One of the big advantages of creating a site at SR is using the WordPress platform. As opposed to some of the other website editors like Wix, Weebly, or Squarespace, where you are limited in the number of themes or templates that you have to choose from, with SiteRubix, you can choose from many hundreds.

This means that you create a website that is unique and you can change the look of your site when you like.

There are currently more than 5000 free themes for WordPress, with a free site at SiteRubix you are limited in choice to just 3978!



Another advantage of utilizing a website builder that uses WordPress is the number of plugins you can add.

Plugins are tools that extend or add functionality to WordPress so that your site can do almost anything you imagine. There are currently more than 36,000 plugins available.
SiteRubix comes with some essential plugins already installed and you are free to install others as you need. logo or

As you are building your website with WordPress it is, of course, possible to have a free website with However, there are some good reasons for using SiteRubix, below is a list of some of the limitations of

  • number of themes  – only 181 themes to choose from on against nearly 2500 at
  • ads displayed on
  • a limited number of plugins with both and a free SiteRubix site
  • restrictions on affiliate links
  • limited storage space
  • no step-by-step internet marketing training

A free site from is acceptable for a personal blog if you don’t mind the ads, but shouldn’t be used for business. At SiteRubix, you have a greater choice of themes and plugins. The

At SiteRubix, you have a greater choice of themes and plugins. The platform is designed for business users, so there is no problem with affiliate links.


Other advantages of SiteRubix

We have seen that SR is easy to use, you can make your site unique by choosing and customizing one of the many themes and you have a wide range of functionalities that you can add to your site.

However, the advantages of this program don’t stop there.


Domain name

Since January 2016 it’s possible to buy your domain name directly from the SiteRubix platform. This offers several advantages:

  • You can have your site up and running in minutes, no more waiting for up to 48 hours for registration
  • No need to point the DNS to your host’s servers, it’s all done automatically
  • The domain cost may seem to be a little more expensive than Godaddy or Namecheap, however, at SiteRubix there are no extras. The price you pay is $13.99 and this includes everything – privacy protection and email accounts. The aforementioned domain name registrars are much more expensive for the same services.



Your free site is hosted on the Wealthy Affiliate high-performance hosting platform where your site is monitored 24/7. The hosting has been conceived to specially suit the needs of business owners. Your SR website is protected from hacking, viruses, spam, malware, and any other malicious activities that you can be exposed to on the internet.

If you are serious about starting an online business, you might decide to build a few niche sites. Hosting them on the managed WordPress hosting at Site Rubix is much cheaper than the competitors. You are allowed up to 25 sites with your own domains.

This costs $49 per month at Wealthy Affiliate/Site Rubix. Equivalent hosting with WPEngine costs $250 per month or with Pressable $90 per month for 20 sites.


SSL Certificate

If you have your own domain you can install SSL on your site free of charge. In addition, on the Site Rubix platform, it’s just a question of clicking a button, you don’t have to go through the complicated process of installing your SSL certificate on your site.

Many hosting providers charge for SSL certificates and installing them.

You might be asking – do I need an SSL certificate for my site? Until recently I would have said no unless you are collecting any personal or credit card information. However, as Google has decided this is a ranking factor, now I think it is necessary.



This is what sets Site Rubix apart from all the other website editors. With the other site builders, you get help on setting up your site and that’s it, no training on getting traffic, adding content SEO or anything that is necessary if you are starting a business.

When you create your free domain with SiteRubix you also sign up for the FREE starter membership at Wealthy Affiliate.

In this package, you benefit from 10 free training lessons that you can see below. You are taught how to choose your niche, set up your site, and create content.
wealthy affiliate getting started
The training is really easy to follow with step-by-step videos that are ideal if you are a beginner.

If you are interested in taking your training to the next level, there is further training for a monthly payment of $49.

Nonetheless, you can remain a free member of Wealthy Affiliate as long as you want. You have your 2 free websites that you can delete or install as often as you want or need. They are completely free for as long as you want.


More features of SiteRubixSiteRubix featues

In 2014 and 2015 SiteRubix had some major updates to include new features.

Originally when SR was launched, it was the site builder at Wealthy Affiliate, now with the latest updates, it has been placed under its own brand.

SR brand

Here I will run through some of the new components.


Site Manager

The site manager is where you do everything related to your website (edit, build, manage, access …) All websites also have their own screenshots to inform you of the health of your website, so you have an idea of what you need to focus on to improve your site.

site health

Above is the overview of my site, to receive more detailed information you just click on the view button.

site rubix website health details

As you can see I need to work on publishing more articles and I may have too many plugins.

Just after you have published your website you will have poor site health, this is normal. With time and if you follow the training at Wealthy Affiliate, things will get better, just be patient.


Site Comments

You are able to get quality, relevant engagement on your website by requesting comments from the community. To qualify for comments, you have to leave comments on other members websites. This should lead to better rankings on the search engines and more trust from your visitors.


Site Feedback

This feature allows you to request some feedback on your site. This will give you an idea of how others see your site and you will obtain some honest, helpful remarks which should allow you to improve your site.

As you can see the SiteRubix platform is always being updated and improved, offering services that no other web hosting companies provide.


Help and support

If you own a website, it’s common to need some help at some time either technical or a question regarding an element of your site. SR excels in this area as well.

If you have a technical problem with your site, perhaps you have changed some code and you can’t access your site. Create a hosting support ticket and normally you will have a reply very rapidly. I have contacted them a few times and they replied in just a few minutes and sorted out my problems in about 15 minutes. A really incredible service!

For any more general questions regarding the appearance of your site, you can post a question on the Wealthy Affiliate platform and normally have an answer very quickly and at any time of day.


Pros and Cons


  • step-by-step training
  • easy to set up and install
  • nearly 36,000 WordPress Plugins that add additional functionality to your website
  • no need to know coding (HTML, CSS, PHP)
  • more than 1650 free WordPress themes for a professional-looking and unique looking site available when you build a free Site Rubix site
  • responsive themes
  • change themes whenever you like
  • excellent 24/7 help and support from the Wealthy Affiliate community
  • secure hosting
  • SSL certificates offered and installed free of charge
  • unlimited bandwidth and storage
  • 24/7 website monitoring
  • daily backups
  • details on the health of your site
  • able to ask for feedback or comments on your site
  • buy your domain name for a very competitive price



  • only 2 free sites
  • your free site is a sub-domain of – this isn’t really a problem these sites can rank well in the search engines but you are not the owner of the subdomain
  • no FTP access available for free sites hosted at Wealthy Affiliate
  • limitation on the number of plugins with the starter membership


How much does Site Rubix cost?

Setting up a siterubix subdomain and creating your website is free. No credit card information needed.

If after that you think some extra training would be useful or you want your own domain name you can sign up for the premium membership which is $49 per month. With the premium membership, you have hosting for up to 25 premium and 25 free sites.


My final opinion

If you are planning to build a website to earn some money SR is definitely the place to go. The hosting is designed with businesses in mind.

One reason for using a SiteRubix domain is that it’s free to get started, you can take the time you like to follow the training and create your WordPress website. Nevertheless, the real benefit of using the SR website builder is that it offers much more than just a free website:

  • you receive free hosting
  • great support both technical and from the community
  • step-by-step training to create your website
  • and the thing that sets it apart from all the other site builders complete internet marketing training

As we have seen the SiteRubix site builder offers some great advantages that the other available website builders don’t have. Consequently, if you are ready to start building your first website or your first WordPress website, choose a domain name in the form below and get started. Have fun, I am sure you will enjoy it!

If you have any questions, need any help or have any experience with SiteRubix, please leave a comment below and I’ll get back to you very soon.

  • SR the WordPress website editor review


Description: A website builder that uses the WordPress platform, you can build 2 free websites, plus you receive free hosting, support and step-by-step internet marketing training.

Price: free

My opinion: SR is a probably the best platform if you want to create an online business. You get 2 free websites to use as you wish but more importantly you also receive the training that’s needed to set up a successful business.

Ease of use: easy – intermediate




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