Wealthy Affiliate Review – The Truth!

Wealthy Affiliate learn how to turn your passion into a thriving business

You have probably arrived on my website to find out if Wealthy Affiliate (WA) is really as good as it sounds.

You might be wondering why you can’t find any negative reviews or complaints. Are the reviews all written by members who want to earn affiliate commissions? Could this really be the program you have been searching for to earn money online?

These are all justified questions.

In my review, I will give you the answers you’re looking for, but first, I would like to give you a few details about my experience with Wealthy Affiliate.

I am a member of this training platform, and this post contains my referral link. This means, at no additional cost to you, I will earn a commission if you decide to become a paid member after clicking on my link. Please read my disclaimer for more info.

My Experience

I joined WA five years ago originally out of interest. Well, I was looking for two things.

Like most of you reading this review, I wanted to see if it was possible to earn some money online, and also I wanted to learn how to use WordPress.

After a year, I had achieved both of these goals!

I won’t say it was easy because, having another business, I didn’t have much spare time. In general, I have a couple of hours in the evenings when I can work on my websites.

If I could make this work as a complete internet marketing and WordPress novice with limited time, I’m sure you can too!

I had tried a few other programs, some get rich quick schemes that were a complete waste of time and another program that had lots of good info, but I was left to go through it and implement each step myself, with no help or support. For me, that didn’t work.

Then I came across Wealthy Affiliate. I read a few reviews but didn’t really believe it could be as good as everyone said. I found it strange that I couldn’t find any negative reviews.

Despite the doubts, as it was free to join and I didn’t need to give my credit card details, I thought I’d take a look.

I was so impressed I became a Premium member a couple of days later, and I started building this website and am now earning a regular monthly income.

After 5 years at Wealthy Affiliate, I’ve no intention of leaving, and I recommend anyone who is serious about starting an online business to check out the free trial.

One key point. Don’t join this program thinking you will be earning money in a few weeks. You won’t! Affiliate marketing doesn’t work that way.

You will need time, determination, and patience to make this work.

But if you want to be educated on what starting an online business is all about, then Wealthy Affiliate is the best place to go.

Let’s take a more detailed look.

WA At A Glance

Product: Wealthy Affiliate
Overall Ranking:  96 out of 100
Price: 0$ for Starter membership. Premium membership is $19 the first month, then $49 per month, or yearly membership is $495
Owners: Kyle Loudoun and Carson Lim
Website: wealthyaffiliate.com

wealthy affiliate a few figures

What Is Wealthy Affiliate?

WA is an online training platform that specializes in teaching people how to build an online business. Also known as Wealthy Affiliate University, this is much more than just a training platform.

It is also a huge online community that connects with each other to offer advice and support.

You will even find the co-founders Kyle and Carson interacting with the community on most days.

This is not a get-rich-quick scheme; you will need to work at your business and be patient. Success won’t come overnight!

What Makes Wealthy Affiliate So Special?

In its 13 years of existence, Wealthy Affiliate has evolved into a highly acclaimed platform for starting an online business. There are several reasons for this:

  • The excellent training – the huge amount of lessons, set out in an easy to follow step-by-step pattern, makes it possible for anyone to start an online business.
  • The owners, Kyle and Carson, want to see you succeed and spend lots of time on the platform answering questions and giving advice.
  • The weekly webinars – full of great tips, case studies, and advice. These really should not be missed, the relaxed good humor of Jay, your host, makes these webinars a really enjoyable learning experience.
  • The community – an incredibly active and friendly group of internet marketers who are always ready to help. You have a problem just ask your question and you will usually have a reply within a few minutes.
  • Everything you need to start your business is in one place, all the tools, hosting, domain names, support, and training.
  • The SiteRubix site-building platform – makes it very easy to build your site and offers features that you find nowhere else.
  • Hosting for up to 10 websites. This can be either all your own domains or a mix of your own domains and free websites. Being able to host so many sites for the price of your Premium membership is incredible. If you have any technical problems the support is simply outstanding.
  • Free to get started, includes 1 website  – you just need an email address and that’s it!

Try The Excellent Training, Build A website, Start For Free and See What You Think

Who Is Wealthy Affiliate For?

Wealthy Affiliate is for anyone who wants to learn how to build an online business, from beginners to more experienced marketers. There really are no limits.

You often see experienced marketers who join the platform to share their knowledge and to stay up to date with the latest changes in the online world.

To give you a better idea, Wealthy Affiliate is for:

  • Stay at home moms or dads
  • The disabled
  • Anyone that needs to earn some extra money
  • People that don’t like their current jobs
  • People who want to earn money from their hobbies or passions
  • Bloggers who want to earn some money from their blogs
  • Students either while studying or after graduating
  • The unemployed
  • Retired people who want to earn to supplement their pensions
  • People who want to learn how to build a WordPress website
  • Local business owners who want to start a website or improve their online presence
  • Anyone looking for fast and reliable hosting with the best support I’ve ever seen
  • People who want to learn how to make money online in an honest way
  • And many more.

Wealthy Affiliate is for everyone, regardless of your age, your country, and your level of expertise.

Who Owns Wealthy Affiliate?

Wealthy Affiliate was founded in 2005 by Kyle and Carson, two entrepreneurs from British Columbia, Canada. They both already had successful online businesses before starting WA. They decided to create Wealthy Affiliate to help others succeed online.

Their goal is to build a system that brings success to the WA community members. They spend their time helping members and improving the platform.

They are also co-owners of 2 other programs: Jaaxy, an awesome keyword research tool, and Street Articles, an online article directory that used to be used by WA members to obtain backlinks. But after Google’s algorithm changes, this is now less important and no longer recommended.

Why Start an Online Business?

It might be just to earn a little extra cash, or it could be you want to get out of the routine of your 9 to 5 job. You want to stop wasting time with the daily commute or want to stop working yourself into the ground for a boss who doesn’t appreciate you.

Whatever your reason, you may want to consider starting an online business today. The sooner you start, the sooner you can change your present disagreeable routine.

Here are a few reasons you should get started:

  • You’ll be your own boss
  • You can set up a business around one of your passions or hobbies
  • The costs to set up your business are very low
  • You will be able to work when you like
  • You can work from anywhere with an internet connection
  • Running your own business is more satisfying than working for someone else
  • Your business is open 24/7
  • No geographical limitations
  • The amount of money people spend online is growing all the time
  • Anyone can do it. From teenager to pensioner if you have a computer and an internet connection you’re ready to go.

How It Works

There are 4 steps to building a business at WA.

  1. Choose an interest. This could be a hobby or something that you are passionate about. The idea is to pick something you like because you will be building your business around this subject and if it’s something you enjoy you will have more fun writing and building out your website. And if you’re having fun you’re more likely to be successful.
  2. Build a website. This is the foundation of your business. Creating a website is made very easy at Wealthy Affiliate. and you are walked through the process step-by-step. You will be writing about, writing reviews, and generally discussing your topic on your website.
  3. Attract visitors. To make money from your website you need to have visitors. WA teaches you how to attract visitors by obtaining good rankings in the search engines.
  4. Earn revenue. Once you start getting traffic to your website you can start promoting products. The products or services you promote are affiliate products, which means you have to join an affiliate program. These programs make it possible for you to promote more or less anything without having to hold any stock, deal with shipping or handle customer service.

Start Building Your Online Business Now! (Free to Sign Up)

A Few Considerations Before Choosing an Internet Marketing Course

If you’ve been looking around for an affiliate marketing course, you have probably found several that sound great.

Before taking the plunge, there are few things to consider.

1. Do they offer a free trial?

For me, this would have been a deal-breaker. Without the free trial at Wealthy Affiliate, I would probably never started my online business.

However, now I have been working online for a while, I know of other entrepreneurs I trust and respect that have created courses. I would be willing to try these courses, although there is no free trial. These courses do usually have some sort of guarantee.

2. Price?

Sometimes it can be difficult to compare courses as there are different pricing models – one-off payments, yearly payments, or monthly payments.

When I started, I wasn’t prepared to pay $500 or $1000 as a one-time payment.

As a newbie, it’s more comfortable to commit to $49 per month rather than a one-time payment of $500. If you have any doubts about your commitment to continuing, then a monthly payment plan is a much better idea.

Most people (some sources say more than 90%) that start an online business give up after a few months.

3. What’s included?

It’s important to know what your future expenses will be. Is hosting included? Is there a keyword tool?

These are the minimum you will need when you are starting, and they are both included in the price at Wealthy Affiliate.

This could provide you with some savings when comparing with other online courses.

4. Is support provided?

Being able to get help quickly is very important when you are learning to build an online business. You will probably have questions at some stage, and you will want to get reliable information from experts.

A good online course will have an active community.

Wealthy Affiliate has a very active community that is always willing to help. But sometimes, you get over-enthusiastic newbies answering questions quickly instead of waiting for an experienced affiliate marketer to give an accurate reply.

5. Not a get rich quick scheme

An authentic affiliate marketing course should make it clear you will not be earning money overnight.

It will take time and hard work. They should point this out from the start.

To be successful, you will have to overcome moments of doubt and never give up!

Let’s Take A Look Inside Wealthy Affiliate

I have broken down the different aspects of Wealthy Affiliate, so you have a better idea of what to expect on the inside. Once inside, you will find absolutely everything you need to start an online business.

Wealthy Affiliate TrainingWA Education internet marketing training that works

Upon joining WA, you are urged to start the training, and this is probably the best course of action to avoid being overwhelmed by all the information available.

The step-by-step lessons are easy and enjoyable to follow. After each lesson, you have a task to complete, and I found this an excellent way to learn.

Below you can see what’s included in the free getting started lessons.

Getting started lessons learn affiliate marketing

These are some of the subjects that are dealt with in the training:

  • How to find your niche
  • Building your site
  • Keyword research
  • Writing content
  • Creating videos
  • Finding affiliate programs and adding your affiliate links
  • Search engine optimization
  • Social media engagement
  • Pay per click
  • And much more

The training teaches you everything you need to know to create a successful long-term business.

You can either create a website:

  • Around one of your passions or hobbies
  • Or join the Bootcamp course and promote Wealthy Affiliate

Whatever you choose, you will write articles that help people, then when you achieve page 1 rankings on Google, people will find your website, click on your affiliate links, and you will earn money.

Live Training

To supplement the step-by-step lessons, there are live webinars every week (for Premium members) where you learn lots of up-to-date strategies and tips with a question and answer session at the end.

These live training sessions shouldn’t be missed; I normally learn something new every week. Here are a few subjects they’ve covered in the last few weeks.

Live Video Classes teach you up to date internet marketing strategies

In addition to these 2 sources of training, members also publish tutorials that are often very helpful and cover a wide range of subjects.

The Wealthy Affiliate Community and SupportWA Community helpful and friendly

Probably the most helpful community around. I have certainly never experienced a community like this.

One of the aspects of building a business where many online training platforms fail is in providing help when people need it.

At Wealthy Affiliate, the community is made up of people from all around the world who are ready to help you out anytime, day or night.

People with different kinds of expertise, different levels of internet marketing experience, and different backgrounds.

Some might be highly successful internet marketers, while others may just be starting out. However, they all have one thing in common, they are ready to help YOU.

Here’s the deal, this community is a pay-it-forward community, which means there is no competition between the members. We are all here to help fellow members and hence create greater success for all. That’s why when you ask a question, you receive help quickly.

If you get stuck or have a question, there are different ways to solicit help. You can ask the community a question and wait a few minutes for a reply, ask a question in live chat and get an answer almost immediately or create a mini-blog and receive replies over the course of several hours.

Before posting a question, you can search to see if someone has asked your question before. As you can imagine, with a community of several hundred thousand people, most questions have already been asked!

Wealthy Affiliate Site BuilderWA Websites built with the SiteRubix platform

A website is the foundation of your business, and the SiteRubix platform provides one of the easiest website builders I have ever used.

Gone are the times when building a website took a few days or weeks. You can now do it in just a few seconds.

Using the WordPress platform, you can build a great-looking website without worrying about technical problems.


Start Building Your Own Free Website

WA Managed WordPress Hosting

The hosting at WA is worth the monthly fee without any of the other services you get. Similar managed hosting costs anything from $115 – $200 per month for a maximum of 10 sites.

At Wealthy Affiliate, you can host 10 of your own domains or a mix of your own domains and free sites.

The hosting is rapid and secure; your websites are monitored 24 hours a day and backed up frequently. The SiteRubix platform also offers services for Premium members that you don’t find anywhere else:

  • Site Health – you can see at a glance how your site is doing. Are you adding content often enough? Have you too many plugins? Do you engage with your visitors?
  • Comments – you can ask for comments on your website, this may help to achieve better search engine positions as engagement with your visitors is a ranking factor
  • Feedback – you can ask other members for feedback on your website, this can be very helpful to improve your website
  • Free SSL certificates are offered with a very easy one-click installation process. Many hosting platforms charge for both the certificate and the installation.

The technical support for the SiteRubix platform is second to none. Here’s what I mean.

If you accidentally break your website, (yes it does happen), then support will usually have your site up and working again in just a few minutes. Whenever I need their services, I’m always amazed at their rapidity!

Wealthy Affiliate DomainsWA Domains - buy your domains here it's cheaper than the competition

This is one of the latest addition to the services provided at Wealthy Affiliate.

The facility to buy domains is part of the SiteRubix platform. As usual, the price you pay at WA is all-inclusive, with none of the upsells that you usually get from the other domain registrars.

In addition, the price for a domain name is considerably cheaper than the competition.

Site Content

SiteContent is another recent addition. This is a writing platform with many useful features to help you write, edit, organize your content, and generally increase your efficiency. Some of the features are:

  • grammar and spelling check
  • checks your article is not duplicate content
  • create buckets to organize your content
  • allows you to create templates for formats, such as reviews, you use regularly
  • you can follow your writing stats and set goals
  • find images, edit, and add them to your content without leaving the platform
  • you will receive a notification when your article is indexed

This is a relatively new feature; the platform is frequently updated and improved. This means the training stays up to date but also you get more tools for your money. The price of your subscription doesn’t change!

Pros and Cons


  • The free trial that lasts for as long as you want and no credit card needed
  • No pressure or wild promises you are going to make money
  • Ideal for beginners, everything is designed to make it easy for people without any prior knowledge to get started
  • Easy to follow lessons, that you complete at your own rate makes the learning experience very enjoyable
  • All information or lessons are kept up to date
  • 24/7 support from the reactive and friendly community with different methods to communicate: live chat, ask a question to the community, forums, microblogging, and direct messages.
  • Hosting for 10 domains that you own or a mix of free SiteRubix sites and your own domains
  • Access to the owners Kyle and Carson
  • Everything you need to build your business is included and in one place
  • Spam-free environment – no spam allowed


Although this is an awesome platform, nothing is perfect, and there are a few cons I have found.

  • WA has so much information that it’s easy to feel a little overwhelmed when you start looking around. Best to follow the “Getting Started” lessons and stay focused.
  • You can choose to receive notifications from WA. These notify you about blogs that have been written or questions that have been asked. If you go through all these this can be time-consuming and take you away from building your own business. Use notifications with moderation!
  • Members from certain countries aren’t accepted as Starter members. They have to join as Premium members straight away. These countries are India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Egypt, Nigeria, the Philippines, and Vietnam.

The Tools In Wealthy Affiliate

try wealthy affiliate free to get started
Try wealthy affiliate; it’s free to get started!

At WA, you find all the tools you need to start your internet business.

  • 1 FREE WordPress websites when you sign up as a Starter member
  • An easy to use and rapid website builder
  • Hosting for up to 10 sites with your own domain name/free siterubix.com sites for Premium members
  • Thousands of free themes and plugins to choose from
  • A keyword tool for unlimited research for Premium members to find those high traffic low competition keywords

Do You Need to Pay For This Information?

Some courses offer a lot of this information for free. But the problem with these courses is that they don’t go through everything in a step-by-step process.

I did try one of these free courses. Perhaps they had all the information, but it wasn’t organized in a logical step-by-step order, and to be honest, I was quickly lost and demotivated. Also, it was never updated.

For a beginner to succeed online, being walked through the different steps is essential.

With well-organized training, presented in video or text, that:

  • allows you to go at your own pace
  • repeat a lesson if required
  • gives you some simple tasks to complete after each lesson
  • provides help and support

you can build a successful business.

You could try starting your business with a free SiteRubix site. It is possible to make money with one of these sites.

However, having the benefit of only a few lessons will make this very difficult, especially if you have no experience with internet marketing or building websites.

Although the 10 free lessons show you how to build the foundation of your online business, much of the training that deals with vital elements such as keyword research or search engine optimization are available only to Premium members.

The bottom line

If you’re serious about earning money online, then pay for some good training. Look at it as an investment. Put in the work, and you will see a return on your investment in the months ahead.

Does Wealthy Affiliate Work?

Wealthy affiliate success Jerry made $7395 in one week
affiliate marketing success

If you still have some doubts about whether this platform really works, click on these links to read just a few of the many WA success stories.

My first $10000 month Wealthy Affiliate success stories
trade $359 for $3500 - you can succeed at affiliate marketing
0 to 10000 in 3 years this training works
Vegas here I come

Or, if you would like to take a look at what some of their members say about the program, look at this page.

Join These Successful Members and Start Building Your Own Business Now!

Wealthy Affiliate Complaintscontact us we are here to help - Kyle and Carson

Finding complaints about WA is hard work; there is one complaint on the Ripoff Report, but it doesn’t look like it is fully justified, and in reply, there are several members stating they are very happy with the program.

There are 9 complaints with the Better Business Bureau. They are mostly about not being able to contact anyone after being charged.

You can see the BBB.org page about WA here.

Most of the complaints were successfully resolved very rapidly.

This is strange because it’s very easy to contact the owners from within WA, and as far as I know, they will always reply.

It may take a few days as they have many messages. There is also a contact form if you have any queries. Anyway, all complaints were successfully resolved.

I found these few complaints about a program that has had over 1,400,000 members! Remember, unsatisfied customers, are much more likely to leave a negative review than satisfied customers. This means the immense majority must be happy with what they found at Wealthy Affiliate.


There are two prices:

  1. Starter Membership – costs $0. Free to join, 1 SiteRubix website, and 10 starter lessons. You can stay as a free member for as long as you like.
  2.  Premium Membership – costs $19 for the first month if you upgrade in the 7 days after signing up as a Starter member. Then $49 per month, you are free to cancel at any time.
    Or you can pay yearly and the price is $495 per year which works out at $41.25 per month. A $93 discount on paying month to month
    With the yearly price, you also get a couple of additional bonuses.
    (1) A free .com domain. You get domain credits for a .com domain when you upgrade to yearly.
    (2) $50 in Community Credits. You can use these credits towards the SiteComments/SiteFeedback platforms at Wealthy Affiliate. This allows you to get engagement on your website, and website audits.

The Differences Between Starter and Premium Memberships

wealthy affiliate membership grid

Are There Any Extra Costs?

With most programs, after you have signed up, you find that there are extra costs, not here.

What I appreciate the most is that everything is in one place and included in the price of the subscription. This means the only extra expense you might have is for a domain name, which is about $14, and even this is not 100% necessary.

If you wish, you can continue with the free subdomain name that you are given. However, it is recommended to buy your own domain name.

My Final Opinion and Recommendation

There are so many scams out there; I am always pleased when I find a genuine program.

I have reviewed more than 150 programs that claim they will help you earn money online. Out of these, there are probably just 5 I could recommend, and the best of all of them by far is Wealthy Affiliate.

They surpass the competition with the quality of training, the support, the tools, and the price. A couple of the others come close, but they always lack one or two elements that are included at WA.

If you want to make money online, you need to know how to do it. You don’t need the empty promises that you’ll make $1000’s in a few days.

You should join a program that tells the truth; making money online isn’t easy, but if you put in the work and don’t give up, you will make money.

Ultimately, the reviews you read may convince you to join Wealthy Affiliate; it’s what I recommend, but to know if it’s right for you, you need to try it. So, sign up for the FREE trial today; I’m sure you won’t regret it!

If there is anything I haven’t covered, or if you have any other questions, let me know in the comments below.

To your success,

Frequently Asked Questions

I’m not very experienced using a computer, will I be able to do follow the lessons and build a business?

Yes, you don’t need to be an expert to build a successful online business. It’s really quite easy!

If you’re able to use a text editor you can do this.

The people who succeed online are the people who put in the work and take action. It’s not the most knowledgeable or the technical experts but the ones who are consistent and determined that succeed.

You will learn how to build a website in the step by step free training. At Wealthy Affiliate it’s a matter of a few clicks, give it a try!

Can I build an online business alongside my 9 to 5 job?

Yes, you can! In fact, I think it’s the best way to start.

A couple of hours a day is how I started. You can gradually build up the time you spend on your business as you progress.

That said the more time you can spend on your new business the better!

When you start don’t set excessive goals the will put you under pressure. You still have your full-time job so you’re not desperate for money.

Look at your life and see where you can make some time. It could be by cutting out the TV or eating out less.

With an online business, you can work from anywhere. If you have any short periods of free time at your work or when traveling you can use these to work on your business.

As you get going you will find ways to free up more time and increase your productivity.

How much time do I need to put in?

As much time as you can. An hour or two a day when you start is great. Over time try to build up the time you commit to your business.

More important than the time you put into your online business is your mindset. The most important thing is to keep going and never give up. Most people fail because they give up too soon!

How long will it be before I start earning money and how much can I earn?

A very common question but there is no straightforward answer.

Everything depends on you! The niche you choose, how much work you put in, whether you write good content…

For some people, it may take 6 months, others 1 year and for others 6 weeks.

As you can see there is no set time. Keep working, don’t give up and you will see some results in the future.

After you make your first income maintain your effort. You can then earn and build up your online income for years to come.

Do I need to become a Premium member to make money?

You can make money as a Free member but you stand a much better chance as a Premium member. And you get the full training which is necessary if you have little or no experience online.

The free Starter membership is a great way to make a start and see if this is something you want to do.

Is Wealthy Affiliate the best course to learn how to build an online business?

There are several other very good courses that will teach you how to build an online income and some people may find the other courses more useful. But, often these other courses may only be available for limited periods in the year and the price is often a one-off payment that many people will find too much.

Personally, I recommend WA as it’s the program that helped me succeed. I know it works! You can join anytime, the payments are monthly and reasonable.

If you’re willing to learn, take action you can be successful.

You get everything you need to start in one place (training, support, and tools) and for a monthly fee that is clear from the beginning.

How can I be sure WA isn’t another scam?

I encourage everyone to be skeptical before joining an online program. I myself was very doubtful when I joined WA, but after a couple of days, I could see it was legit.
Most of the scams you come across have some common traits:

– lots of hype – “make thousands in a few weeks with a push-button system”
– you’re not told what you will be doing to make money fake testimonials
– no support
– no free trial

At WA:
+ there are no wild income claims because it’s all down to you. Follow the lessons, put in the work and you can make money. If you’re not prepared to work then don’t bother joining.
+ you are told you will make money from affiliate marketing. Build a website – get traffic-make sales. It won’t happen overnight!
+ there are many testimonials from people that have created successful businesses. Here are some of the success stories from 2019.
+ the support is 24/7 with several different channels
+ join for FREE without any commitment. You don’t even need to give your credit card details. Stay as a free member for as long as you like, get familiar with the platform, and then decide if it’s for you.


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