True Cash Network Review. Is this legit or another MLM scam?

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True Cash Network is another affiliate/MLM scheme. In this review, you will discover if this program is worthy of your time.

As it’s free to join, this could be popular, however, things are not as good as they appear. In this post, I will try and give you an idea of what to expect.



True Cash Network (TCN) is owned by a communications company that is supposedly owned by The Johnson Group. For some strange reason, they don’t give us the name of the mysterious communications company.

In fact, this is like many things on this site. Not many exact details, everything is a little general. If they can’t even give the real owners name, should we have confidence in this company?

TCN, previously known as Text Cash Network, was launched in December 2011. There are some sites promoting TCN with links that still point to the Text Cash Network site. Although when you click on these links you arrive on the site of True Cash NetWork.

Text Cash Network was a company used to recruit people to receive text messages (SMS) advertising different companies. A multi-level marketing system where you were paid for signing other members.

As usual, when a company changes its name this raises questions as to why this was necessary. In this case, it was to try to distance itself from the bad publicity of the former company.


Text Cash Network logo


What exactly was Text Cash Network?

They were a company trying to copy companies like Groupon or Living Social in sending special deals to mobile phones via text messages.

You were meant to get paid for giving your mobile number to advertisers and receiving their text message advertisements, coupons or special offers. The advertisers hoped that you would follow through and make a purchase.

Then to earn more you recruited other people to give up their mobile phone numbers. If these people, then recruited other people to do the same thing and you earned even more. A typical MLM scheme.

Unfortunately, this system was flawed, the main reason being that people who had signed up to make money online with Text Cash Network were not interested in spending money.

A major red flag was that the company was associated with Phil Piccolo, who has been described as the “one-man Internet crime wave” or “serial MLM scammer.” As TCN don’t make it clear who is behind the company today it’s best to be prudent.

That was a brief explanation of how Text Cash Network was supposed to work, now on to True Cash Network.


What is True Cash Network?

TCN is a multi-level marketing company that has five different products to promote. To be able to earn anything you can sell the products and to increase your earning you can sign up new members.

At the moment they have five products that you can promote with another two in the pipeline.

They have kept one thing from the Text Cash Network days. When you sign up, you agree to receive up to five text messages per day.


Who is this for?

This could be for you if you have some experience in network marketing. Selling products isn’t easy and not for everyone. You must have an outgoing personality and be prepared to have many refusals.

Multi-Level Marketing is a way of marketing products by recruiting salespeople. The sales force is compensated not only for the sales they make directly but also on the sales made by members of the sales force they have recruited.

This is something I certainly wouldn’t recommend to a newbie. The companies promoting the MLM schemes make it sound very easy, however, the reality is the complete opposite.


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How the TCN scheme works

Signing up

If you try to sign up directly from the TCN site it is not possible. You must be referred by one of their referral agents.

TCN registration through referral

You find a referral agent, click on the join free today button and then you receive a warning that your connection isn’t private.

If you are willing to continue, you are taken to the registration form where you have to give your name, country, mobile phone number, and email address. Also, you have to create a website address type – This website will be used to promote TCN.

At the bottom of the registration form, you have to agree to receive 5 text messages a day from TCN. Personally, I was not prepared to continue with the registration for the following reasons:

  • I do not like giving my mobile number, especially when I will be spammed with offers of no interest to me.
  • a site that requires personal information that isn’t secure just isn’t serious
  • it was only on accessing, the sign-up page that they mention the text messages, I thought I would be signing up to promote products.

True Cash network agreement

How to earn with TCN

True Cash Network has five products available for you to promote:

Physical Products

  • X8 Energy Gum – a mint flavored gum that is supposed to boost energy levels to help your body reach its full potential
  • Parcman Male Enhancement – a male sexual enhancer used to treat erectile dysfunction, fabricated from natural herbs

Virtual Products

  • Networkers Magazine – online training and resources for internet marketers
  • Fantasy Golf Tour – an online golf game
  • Medical Savings Plan – for US residents a service offering medical service discounts, pharmacy discounts, dental discounts, vision services discounts and access to doctors by phone

You can sign up for TCN for free, after that you can make a sales commission by selling the products directly or build your own team to earn from your downline. The commissions vary depending on the products.

The compensation plans are too complicated, I tried to understand, but in the end, I gave up. There are even two compensation plans that are “coming soon.” In all, that would be six different plans. Why make things complicated when they could be so simple? I wonder is it just to confuse us?

The Fantasy Golf Tour commissions are paid directly by FGT and can be moved back to your TCN virtual account if you wish. The payment of the other opportunity commissions are a little complicated as you can see below.

TCN commissions

Another element of concern for me was the price of the product you are selling and the commissions are not stated. It’s very difficult to know if you might be able to sell a product when you don’t know the price. How can you make an informed decision before signing up?

You are just told that if you build a business with True Cash Network you will profit from the most lucrative compensation plan in the business.

It is not a requirement to recruit into TCN, you are free just to promote the products if you wish. You receive no commission for referring people into TCN. Your commissions will start when your referrals start making sales of the different products.

Assuming that you are interested in promoting one of these products I would become an affiliate directly with the company concerned. Why go through TCN, they will certainly take a commission on your hard work.


Pros & Cons


  • free to join


  • MLM scheme
  • questionable site security
  • no details about who is running the company even on the page entitled “executive team”
  • lots of general information on the site, very little information specific to TCN
  • complicated compensation plan
  • on the sign-up page, you must accept up to 5 text messages per day no explanation given
  • not enough details given about the prices of products and commissions


What are members or ex-members saying about True/Text Cash Network?

Here are a few of the comments I found on Text Cash Network, although the comments are about Text CN I think they are relevant to True Cash Network as it is basically the same company.

text cash network scam

text cash network scam2

text cash network scam3

How much does it cost?

True Cash Network is free to join, but with some of the products, it may be necessary to pay a fee. In general, prefer the opportunities where you are not required to make an investment.


My final opinion

My advice would be to stay well away from True Cash Network. If you are interested in promoting any of the products on their site, you will be better off becoming an affiliate directly with the company concerned.

Although there is a multi-level marketing part to this scheme, it is not absolutely necessary to recruit new members.

The initial sign up process would be enough to put me off this company and the past history of the company is worrying. However, if you do decide to join, having seen some of the comments on Text Cash Network, I would be worried about getting paid.

Promoting the products on TCN will not be that easy and if you fancy your chances of signing up new members to increase your revenue, you should know that promoting TCN will be hard work.

Verdict: Not Recommended


What do you do now?

If you decide to become an affiliate for one of the products on TCN or try affiliate marketing you will need a website and probably some training. I think affiliate marketing is a great way to earn money online and although it is hard work, it is definitely possible to build your own successful business.

Rather than promote any product you find, like on TCN, it’s much better if you promote something you are passionate about. You choose your niche and build a site around this. Your site could be about a hobby or an occupation. You then write articles that can help people or give them valuable information on your subject. At the same time, you find affiliate products that you can promote to monetize your site.

This is a system that works and I found an awesome step by step training program that takes you through all the phases. This program is free to join, to see if it suits you. Below is a comparison chart that compares this program, Wealthy Affiliate to True Cash Network.

Whatever you decide I wish you great success and if you have any experience with either Text or True Cash Network please leave a comment below.



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