Arise Work From Home Review – Is This A Legitimate Business Opportunity?

Arise Work From Home ReviewYou’re probably checking out my Arise Work From Home review because you’re searching for work you can do from home.

You’ve might have considered starting your own blog, doing surveys, data entry work, becoming a transcriptionist or even mystery shopping.  Arise offers a completely different type of job opportunity.

They are a well-known company often mentioned in the media as providing legitimate work from home jobs.

There are some upfront costs when you register to work with Arise. Having to pay to work from home is often associated with scams. And indeed there are some claims that this is a scam.

In this review, we’ll see if you should consider this home business opportunity and also see why some people call it a scam.

Arise Review


Pros: Work from home, some scope to set your own schedule, training, clients supplied, Arise tell you about the costs you will encounter
Cons: Have to pay for training and be available to follow the courses which can last for up to 8 weeks, may need to buy equipment, recurring monthly fees, you have to pay to incorporate your company, only available to workers in the US, Canada and the UK
Owner: Arise Virtual Solutions Inc
Price: Free to join but there are fees to pay before you start earning
My opinion: A legitimate work from home opportunity but you have to pay fees and spend time training before you start working. Only complete the registration if you’re sure this will work for you.

What is Arise?

Arise Virtual Solutions aka Arise Work From Home are based in Florida and have been around for a number of years.

They originally started in 1994 as a technology company and quickly saw there was an opportunity in customer care.

The inbound call center platform was started in 1997.

This is a platform that provides virtual call center technology. Connecting registered call center companies and their agents with companies that need call centers to deal with tasks like customer service, tech support or sales.

What is a virtual call center?

A virtual call center provides a phone support solution where a company’s representatives are located in different geographical areas, rather than all being situated in the same building. Virtual call center employees may be situated in small groups but most often they work from their own homes.

Advantages for the clients

The organizations that choose to use a virtual call center save on: office space, equipment costs, number of employees needed and training.

In addition, it’s easier to scale virtual call centers for any busy periods an organization might have, such as seasonal rushes or marketing campaigns.

Security was sometimes a problem when companies used overseas call centers. Background checks are standard for companies like Arise, resulting in a decrease in fraud.

There are advantages for companies changing from their own domestic call centers or for companies bringing back their operations to the US.

This explains the success of companies offering virtual call center technology and the reason Arise are looking for people to start their own micro call center businesses.

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Who Is This For?

If you want the freedom to work from your own home and choose your own hours then this could be what you’re looking for.

The most important point about this opportunity is that you will not be an Arise employee. You can choose to either be an independent contractor or to work for a virtual call center company that is already set up with Arise.

Arise offers 2 choices start a call center or work for someone else

Whatever you choose, you have to complete the entire registration process.

They then provide the training, the software required, they tell what you need to set up your call center, bring you the clients, collect payments from your clients and pay you.

There are some fees involved when you join Arise, so you will need some money available to pursue this path.

This may put many people off and it’s understandable. However, I think this is a legitimate opportunity.

But having to pay for something like incorporating a business before you start, without really knowing if you can do the work and will enjoy it is a little off-putting, to say the least.

You can sign up to Arise if you live in the US, Canada or the UK. Although, they don’t accept people residing in California, Connecticut, Maryland, Massachusetts, New York, Oregon, or Wisconsin.


How Much Will It Cost To Start?

To set up your customer service business there are several start-up costs. While you may not like paying to get work, here you’re paying to set up your own company. Arise is completely honest about these costs.

Here’s a breakdown of the costs:

  • Incorporation fee for your new business, this varies depending on your state from $100 – $350, plus there will be yearly recurring costs
  • Headset and microphone $35
  • Initial client certification course $50 – $250
  • High-speed internet approx $60 per month
  • Phone line $18 – $35 per month
  • Platform fee $39.50 per month – this is for the infrastructure they provide, technical support and scheduling system

You might already have some of these items like high-speed internet and perhaps a headset. That will reduce the costs a little but you will still be left with the incorporation fee and the certification course.

You could save the incorporation fee by working for another call center company and registering as an agent.

You will also need your own computer. Arise recommends you use a desktop with a separate monitor. They also have some specifications for the PC that you need to meet  – CPU speed, operating system, RAM, space on your hard drive…


How Much Can You Earn?

Depending on the client program you choose, the pay ranges from $9 to $14+ per hour. This is the mount Arise will pay to the call center company.

If you are an agent with a company you arrange your compensation with the company you work for. Arise only pays companies, so you will be paid by your employer.

Only the owners of the call center companies can see the rates of pay offered by the different opportunities.

If you set up your own call center, Arise will pay your company’s service revenues directly into your bank account twice a month.


The Registration Process

The registration process involves a few different steps depending on whether you register as a company or an agent working for a company. Both start with completing your profile.

Registering as an Agent

Find a company

If you haven’t already decided on the company you’ll be working for the first step is to find a company that’s looking for agents.

Arise has a list of companies but this doesn’t mean they endorse any of these companies. You are responsible for checking out any company to see what are their expectations and conditions.

You should remember these companies are owned by individuals. You will be paid by these call center companies and not Arise. Verify the background of any company that interests you.

Once you have found a company to work for, you will need to submit their Federal Employer Identification Number (FEIN). Then sign a non-disclosure agreement to access the client opportunities available.

Choose a client program

Discuss with your employer the different choices and once agreed, choose the client you would like to service. As an agent, your remuneration is decided by your employer. You will not be able to see the service fees paid for any client programs.

Once you have picked a company you are happy to work for, the registration can start.

  1. Create a profile
  2. Sign a non-disclosure document. This will give you access to client names and details.
  3. Enter the FEIN of the call center you will be working for.
  4. Background check. You will have to pay a third-party vendor to complete a background check.
  5. As mentioned above – you will have to choose a client program or programs you would like to service. Then complete the relevant certification course(s) as detailed below.

Certification course

The last part of the registration process is the certification course. Each client offers a training course with an instructor. The training will provide you with information about the client’s system and also information about the client program.

The course should reflect what you can expect when you are working. So at the end of the course, you will be ready to start your work with confidence.

The duration of the course can range from 14 days to 8 weeks and is unpaid. As mentioned above the cost can vary from $50 – $250. With such time and cost commitments, this needs to be given some careful consideration.

Many people don’t like paying for the training and this is one of the complaints you often see. But if you want to become an affiliate marketer or a successful blogger you would probably be willing to pay for training.

The unknown here is how long will you be working for the company? If it’s long term then it’s fine, if not your time and money could be wasted.

Registering as a Call Center Company

When registering as a call center company the formalities are similar. The main difference is Arise requires you to become a Virtual Service Corporation which means you have to become incorporated.

  • Create your profile
  • Sign the non-disclosure statement
  • Enter your company’s Employer Identification Number (EIN). To do this you need to register as a small business, choose a company name and obtain a Certificate of Incorporation. The Small Business Administration (SBA) has an article that takes you through the different steps.
  • Select a client opportunity that will work for you. There are client opportunity announcements that give details about the client, the types of calls, any extra equipment required, the revenue you can expect, the peak hours and details of the certification course. Check carefully before deciding which clients to work for.

If you have any questions about the registration process Arise has info webinars with a Q & A session and also a live chat on certain days. You can see the dates and times here.


Pros and Cons


  • Work from home
  • Some scope to set your own schedule. This will depend on your clients. Most require a minimum number of hours per week and some require work on the weekends or at peak hours.
  • Good training
  • Arise supplies the clients
  • You can choose the clients you want to work with
  • Arise has a good reputation
  • They are upfront about the costs you will encounter


  • Have to pay for training and be available to follow the courses which can be quite long
  • May need to buy additional equipment
  • Monthly fees
  • Registering may seem complicated and costly but you are setting up your own company!
  • Low pay to start with
  • You may need to work evenings and weekends
  • Only available in the US (some states are excluded), Canada or the UK
  • Arise always seems to be hiring which could mean more competition for you!


What People Are Saying About Arise Work From Home 

Overall most of the opinions seem to be positive. However, there are some complaints about technical issues, having to pay for training and the other ongoing costs.

You can check out some reviews on Glassdoor or Indeed. Before investing your money it’s good to get other people’s experiences.


The Bottom Line – Should You Join Arise?

Arise is a legitimate work at home opportunity, although I do have some reservations about registering.

There are a lot of fees to pay upfront and you will spend a considerable amount of time on training.

Now, if you’re committed to finding a work from home job:

  • that you will be doing long-term
  • you have the money to set up
  • you like working in customer service
  • you’re ready to own your own company and except all the constraints that come with it

Then setting up a micro call center with Arise could be ideal for you.

But what if you don’t like the work or your work isn’t up to standard and your account is closed? You’ve wasted your time and lost your money!

Only go into this if you can afford the costs and you think it will be a good fit for you. Read the reviews or even better speak to someone who runs their own micro call center.

You can either set up as your own boss or work for someone else. To gain experience, save on some of the initial fees and to see if you like the work, I think it’s a good idea to work for someone else. Then later you can start your own company.

If you’ve had any experience with Arise Work From Home let us know how you got on. Your comments may help others decide if this is a good fit for them.

If you’re looking for a cheaper alternative to start your own business, the link below will take you to a review of an online internet marketing training program.

Arise Virtual Solutions



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