The Super Funnel 2.0 Review – The truth about Alex Jeffreys program

The Super Funnel 2.0 is the latest release of a product that was originally launched in April 2015. This product was created based on the experience of Alex Jeffreys, a well known internet marketer, and shows you how to create a funnel for a product in a very short time. The ultimate aim of the training provided is to show you how to build your email list.

The program is directed to different levels of marketers, from beginners upwards. In my review you will see if this is a program you should consider for building your list.

Product: The Super Funnel 2.0super funnel review logo-min
Overall Ranking: 40 out of 100 or  2/5 stars
Price: $4.95 + upsells
Owner: Alex Jeffreys


Who is Alex Jeffreys?

Alex Jeffreys is an internet marketing coach and apparently he is known as:

The guy who’s helped more startup entrepreneurs succeed than anyone else in internet marketing history.

He started his first business selling motorbikes on eBay at the age of 24. Pushing on from this success, he built an educational program teaching others to sell on eBay. He then published a book teaching the methods he had used to create his first two successful companies.

In 2008 he created his coaching business, Inc, which is now very successful.  He has produced several programs such as the:

  • Inner Circle Coaching Program
  • Marketing With Alex
  • List building with Alex
  • Easy Profit Auctions
  • Video Profit System
  • The Traffic Rush System
  • and many others

Alex says he tries to release a new product every 6 to 8 weeks. The problem with releasing products as regularly as this, is that they aren’t top quality, they are often rehashed versions of older programs. In this review you will see the reason behind these many releases.


What is The Super Funnel?

This is a program that teaches you how to build a list, but in a slightly different way. You are shown how to make a cheap product, attract affiliates to promote your product and then when people actually purchase your product their names are added to your email marketing list.

Once you have your list, you will promote other products to your list and this is where you will make your money.


Who is this for?you dont need to be

This could be for you if you want to create an email marketing list or grow your own existing list. Suitable for beginners or more experienced marketers you are shown how to create a product sales funnel without having to create a product yourself or even without writing the sales letters.


How this works

This Super Funnel system is a result of Alex’s experience with sales funnels, starting with the 50%, 50% model and then progressing with different commissions as you can see below until he arrived at the Super Sales Funnel where he gives 100% commissions to his affiliates on both the main product and on the upsells.

  • Sales Funnel 1.0 50% 50% commission split with affiliates
  • Sales Funnel 2.0 100% commission of front-end offer for affiliates
  • Sales Funnel 3.0 100% commission of front-end offer for affiliates + 50% of upsells
  • Super Funnel 100% commission of front-end offer for affiliates + 100% of upsells

Alex does this to make his products look more attractive to attract more affiliates. The Super Funnel program, I am reviewing here, is the same, affiliates receive 100% commission on the basic training and on the upsells. I’m sure you’re thinking he’s mad giving all the money away to his affiliates, however his only goal is to get new members on his email list.


Pros and Cons


  • Cheap product
  • System could be useful for building a list
  • Thorough training
  • Relatively easy and rapid to set up your Super Funnel


  • Upsells
  • Creating a product from a PLR article means a product that’s not unique and might be of doubtful value
  • You are taught to provide upsells with your product, not something appreciated by many customers
  • Methods taught could harm your online reputation
  • No training on creating a site
  • Relies solely on making sales from affiliates


The trainingeverything you get

The training is presented in 3 forms: video, audio or transcript. On the sales page you are told that there are 4 different modules, although what you actually get is one 90 minute video. After explaining the principle of the Super Funnel, Alex then goes into a little detail of how you can get started.

Your niche

First, you need to pick a niche. Alex recommends choosing one of the following three niches, which will allow you to get started quickly.

  • Health
  • Wealth
  • Relationships

Actually, this funnel should work for any niche, but to stop people getting stuck it’s just easier to choose one of these three.

Then you pick some sub niches to make the niche more focused. Alex talks about going two deep or three deep, for example:

  • in the wealth niche you could choose “real estate” which is two deep and then “Miami” which is three deep. Giving a niche of “How to earn money from real estate in Miami”
  • in the relationship niche, level two could be “how to date girls” and level three “in a bar”. Giving you a niche of “How to date girls in a bar”
  • in the health niche, level two could be “knee pain” and level three “natural remedies”. Giving a niche of “Natural remedies for knee pain”

This is a slightly different approach to the way I normally select a niche but the result is much the same.

The products

You will need some products to sell and for this he recommends PLR products. Private Label Rights are products that someone else has produced and then sold the rights. This means you can buy the product and use it as your own, change or edit it as you like.

Alex started with this type of product. Personally, I don’t really like the idea, as you really need something that will be useful and provide value to your customers. If you are selling a product that provides little or no value you are going to harm not only your own reputation, but also that of your affiliates.

With due respect, Alex does say that it needs to be a really good PLR product and you need to check that people are searching for the info provided. Nevertheless, a PLR product will never be unique.

Another way to get a product is to have someone write your product for you. This will be more expensive and take more time, but will have the advantage of being unique.


Once you have your product, you need to give it some credibility. This can be achieved by getting some reviews. To receive some reviews you need to give your product (ebook, video…) to a few people and ask them to give you feedback.

Finding products for your upsells

The advantages of having upsells is explained and how it works in relation to the affiliate’s page, a sales page and a download page or affiliate’s page, a sales page, upsell and then the download page.

affiliate sales download upsells page 1


Now what product should you use for an upsell. Alex gives a few examples:

  • If your product for your offer is a PLR ebook you could record a video or audio version and sell this as an upsell
  • You could find another PLR product related to your offer and sell this as an upsell
  • Or you could produce your own product – training course, how to’s

As far as I can see, the the first example won’t really give much additional value to your customers. The principal concern when you sell a product should be providing satisfaction to your customer.

Personally, I hate upsells, so I don’t know if creating upsells is a good way of building a loyal following. Yes, I can see the advantages to the internet marketer or affiliate, but I don’t think it’s in the best interest of the customer.

The tools you need

There are only a few tools you need to start and you are given the following recommendations.

  • Domain name –
  • Hosting Account –
  • Autorespondeur – GetResponse
  • Affiliate Program to put your product in front of other affiliates

You can use anyone you like for the domain name and hosting, but for the autoresponder GetResponse is recommended because they integrate with JVZoo, this means that all people who buy your product are added to your list automatically.


You are given some templates for creating a website, but no training on how to do so.

Making moneythe super funnel check list

Alex finally gets to the making money part and gives some brief explanations about setting up your autoresponder to send out emails to your list. He then goes on to explain where you can find offers to send to your list and suggests Clickbank, JVZoo, Warrior Plus and even suggests his own marketing hub Here you will find all his products, with their sales letters to add to your autoresponder and the 100% or more commissions.

This program is another good way for Alex Jeffreys to find new affiliates.

Alex says he emails his list every day, to me that is much too often. I don’t know about you, but when I receive emails everyday from the same person I don’t bother opening them, they go straight into the bin or the spam folder. Since I signed up for this program I receive at least 2 emails a day.

Traffic – Find Affiliates

The traffic will come from the affiliates who promote your product and you pay them 100% commission. Alex also talks briefly about paid traffic, but comes back to explain how you can attract affiliates. This is via the JVZoo network and also by being proactive, going out to contact the affiliates directly and tell them about your Super Funnel and the 100% commissions you pay.

Sales Letter

You are given an idea of some information to include in sales letters, such as telling a story about the product and why you produced the product. There are also links to other resources to help you in writing your sales copy.


That’s about it for the training. All in all it’s quite thorough and Alex makes it clear how a Super Funnel works and how to set it up. One piece of information that is missing is training for creating your website. If you don’t know how to do this, you are recommended to have your site set up for you, which means an additional expense.

How much will it cost to set up your super funnel

Domain about $10 per year
Hosting about $8 per month
Autoresponder $15 per month for a list of up to 1000 subscribers
PLR products are available from $3 upwards

This means your recurring costs would be about $25 per month and a reasonable PLR product and 1 or 2 upsells about $25.



In addition, there are some free bonuses including:

  • Affiliate sniper where Alex discusses in more detail affiliate recruiting strategies
  • Digital Product Machine – a guide to creating your own digital product
  • Facebook Training -a guide to Facebook ads

All this information makes the product look like great value for money, but these are old programs. Don’t forget Alex is just after your email address. Once he’s got it you will start receiving 1 or 2 emails a day. Spamming people like this isn’t a way I like to create an internet business.


Free gift

The Five Pillars of Instant Internet Success

free training

This is something that isn’t advertised and is a 4 video course. The five pillars he mentions are traffic, offer, follow-up, upsell and backend. Alex explains:

  • traffic – your potential clients
  • offer – your main product
  • follow-up – your prospects who don’t buy, you capture their email address and then market to them later
  • upsell
  • backend – the idea with this is you offer your clients something more than your product and upsells. Alex offers some training where you will receive coaching from him directly. The price for this sort of product is usually quite expensive, this could be a monthly fee or one large payment.

The fourth video is a promotion for the Inner Circle program where you get some exclusive training from Alex Jeffreys. This is part of his 5 pillar system, this is the backend we talked about above for The Super Funnel program.

So, this isn’t really a free gift as we are led to believe, but part and parcel of his system. Just another way to get us to sign up for some more training.



After signing up for the program you have to go through 3 upsells before you get access to the program.

  1. Digital Millionaire Mastermind $17
  2. Membership Coaching $47
  3. Advanced Quad System $27

This is not really surprising as you are in the Alex Jeffreys Super Funnel and as you have seen, this is how the system works. Nonetheless, going through these upsells is very annoying.


Cost of the program.

The program cost $4.95 with a 30 day money back guarantee if you’re not satisfied.


My final opinion

This is a cheap product that provides a lot of information on one way to build an email marketing list. The training covers most of the things you need, although it’s a shame there is no training on setting up the simple website. Overall the program isn’t bad and someone looking for a method to build a list quickly or someone who doesn’t have a blog or website, could find this useful.

This program is designed to persuade affiliates to sell your product with upsells to earn 100% commissions. This enables you to get an email address every time a purchase is completed. Whether or not your customers are receiving a product that will be useful and provides value seems to be of secondary importance.

If you complete the training, create a product for your offer and create a product for the upsells you could probably build a list from this system and then market to your list to earn some money.

Having brought the program for just $5, you do get value for your money and if you can produce a really good quality product to sell, this system is okay. If not, you risk damaging your reputation. The Super Funnel is a legitimate program, but I don’t recommend it, because there is a danger of having unsatisfied customers and damaging your reputation with low quality products and upsells.

Verdict: Legitimate


What should you do now?

You could buy this program, it’s very cheap, and then build a business selling cheap products via affiliates. At the same time you build your list and then market to your list. This is a business model that could work.

But would you be happy selling products created by others, that are probably available elsewhere online for free. It’s easy to fall into the trap of making money at all costs without thinking about your customers. Users who feel they haven’t been given the value expected, probably won’t stay members of your list for long.

I chose another route, an online business training platform where they teach you everything you need to know about setting up an online business. They have 1000’s of webinars, training classes and videos that take you step by step through the process of setting up your business. You get all this with no upsells and there is even a free trial.

Take a look at the comparison chart below to see the many differences between my #1 recommendation, Wealthy Affiliate and Alex Jeffreys The Super Funnel. If you’re interested in building a legitimate online business, it’s worth checking out Wealthy Affiliate or read my review here.

If you have tried The Super Funnel did it work for you? I look forward to hearing about your experience or any other comments below.

Thanks for reading,


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