CB Passive Income Review – Can Patric Chan’s program really produce a passive income?

CB Passive Income Review

Product: CB Passive Income
Overall Ranking: 20 points out of 100  1/5 stars
Price: $1 for 14-day trial then one payment of $47
Owners: Patric Chan



The sales video tells us that CB Passive Income (CBPI) is yet another system to make money on auto-pilot. It was set up by Patric Chan, who has been an internet marketer since 2003.


Who is Patric Chan?

Patric Chan is a self-made internet marketing millionaire. Having built his business Patric has taught his techniques to thousands of students with books, internet courses, and live training.
He has written several books, including Wake Up Millionaire and Clicking Cash of which he is the co-author. Mr. Chan has given talks in several countries as an expert on internet marketing.


What is CB Passive Income?

The sales page tells us that all we have to do is give away a free report! After that, Patric Chan and his team will take over and do the rest.

In real language, this is an email marketing system where you promote a web page that you are given, to get subscribers. Once you have your list Patric Chan takes care of the selling to earn you a passive income.

CB stands for ClickBank because Mr.Chan promotes ClickBank products to the list that you create.


Who is ClickBank Passive Income for?

This system is aimed at newcomers to internet marketing, but could also be for more experienced marketers who are looking to add another income stream to their business.

While the system is especially for newbies (everything is done for them) except for marketing their squeeze page, they won’t learn much with this system. So, for anyone looking to create a real online business don’t sign-up for this, try a training program that teaches you legitimate internet marketing.

Here is a list from the sales page of tasks that you will not need to do:

CBPI don't need to do this

From this, you get the idea that you can earn money with this system without doing very much work. Of course, this is not true.


How it works

CB Passive Income

After you sign-up with CB Passive Income, you are given a squeeze page and it is your job to get people to opt-in to your mailing list. To entice people to sign up to your list a “valuable report” written by Mr. Chan on how to make money online is given away.

When you have some people on your list Patric Chan sends them emails with other “valuable reports” and also offers promoting Clickbank products with your affiliate link. When someone buys a product you earn some money.

Patric uses Clickbank products because he says they are legitimate good products and the commission is usually around 50%. In reality, Clickbank products are very often of poor quality.

CB Passive Income version 2.0

The major change with version 2.0 is you will be able to give away an entire internet marketing training to get subscribers. This includes software called The Offer Finder App.

With the Offer Finder App, users can search for products to promote to earn commissions. The software is designed to display products that are known to be good sellers. For you to get commissions your affiliate ID has been embedded into the software.

Changes in version 2.0 are:

  1. you have the option to give away a free report or software to build your list
  2. additional training to get traffic
  3. new promotional tools
  4. better tracking system and more…

This image shows how the system is meant to work.

Click Bank PI steps 1-3




  • $1 14 day trial
  • 60-day money-back guarantee
  • Creating a list and sending offers is a legitimate way to make money online
  • Ready-made squeeze page
  • Free hosting


  • Sales video hype  CB Passive Income too easy
  • All you have to do is give away the free report, but how will you get traffic?
  • No control of what offers are sent to the list you have created
  • No control of your squeeze page
  • Chan promotes Clickbank products which are often of poor quality
  • Upsells after signing up
  • You are not taught how to create a real sustainable business


The training and tools

There are training courses that include:

  • solo ads
  • video marketing video tutorials
  • Facebook marketing videos
  • other traffic methods – Squidoo, guest blogging, press releases, viral reports, StumbleUpon, and forum marketing
  • how to get traffic with Google+, Twitter, classified ads, and blog commenting

So there is some training, that shows you some of the ways you can promote your CB Passive Income squeeze page.


Help and support at CBPI

Possible to submit a query by email, but in general poor support.


How much to join?

It costs a one-time payment of $47 with a 14 day trial for $1.

Just after signing up and before you get access to the CBPI system, there are 2 upsells.

CB Passive Income Pro $97
This upsell adds subscribers to Patric Chan’s list and to your own list automatically. This way you will be able to promote your own products to the list. The CB Passive Income Pro upsell assumes that you have your own autoresponder, if not you will have to add on this cost as well. As an added bonus, you get Private Label Rights to Patric Chan’s next course The Media Traffic Vortex course.

Fast Cash Series $47 per month or $197 per year.
Each month you are given a new money-making idea, supported by manuals, reports, videos, tools, templates, checklists, or some other form of training material depending upon the revealed opportunity.
You will receive information and training on an allegedly undiscovered way of making money that has just been discovered by Chan.


My final opinion

Patric Chan says the system should normally cost $15,000. If it is really worth that much money why is he selling the system for just $47 even $1 for a 14-day trial?

Of course, Patric says that it is because he wants to help us. This is just the normal marketing ruse that is used to make the customer think they are getting a great deal. In this and most cases this just isn’t true.

CB Passive Income isn’t a scam, they do provide some training that could help someone just starting.

Building a list and then sending offers to your list is a legitimate way to earn online, but with this system, you have no control of what they will be sent or how often. For you to earn any money the people on the list will have to buy these low-quality ClickBank products.

The big question is – how will you drive traffic to your squeeze page? If you are a newbie it will be very hard and you will probably have to spend more money trying to get people to your page. For a system that claims that you don’t need to do anything except one simple task, you will have a fair amount of work and in the end, most people won’t make any money.

To build a successful online business don’t be tempted by these get rich quick schemes that work on auto-pilot like CB Passive Income. To make money online takes time and hard work.

My verdict: Not recommended

  • ClickBank Passive Income


Owner: Patric Chan

Price: $1 for 14 day trial then one payment of $47

Description: CBPI is sold as an easy system for newbies to earn money online. In reality you will have to work hard to send traffic to your squeeze page.

Website: http://cbpassiveincome.com/

If you have any comments, questions, or if you have any experience of CBPI I would love your feedback.

CB Passive Income


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