Speed Wealth Commission System Review – Another Matthew Neer Product

Will you make money with Speed Wealth Commission System?

The Speed Wealth Commission System is another Matthew Neer product that promises a done-for-you system that will close sales automatically.

I suppose you’ve seen this kind of sales pitch before, and maybe you even sat through the long video, and you’re wondering if all the promises of easy money can really be true.

The name of the program, which includes the words speed and wealth, gives me a bad feeling. These words are often used in online scams that try to reel people in with the hope of making money fast.

I don’t want to judge a program by its name or even by the reputation of the person who started the program, so I took a closer look.

My review will give you all the elements you need to make a decision to buy the program or not.

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speed wealth logo
Pros: Some training. 60-day gaurantee.
Cons: Lots of hype and made to look easy. Upsells. Ads for traffic and paying for the autoresponder will add to your costs.
Owner: Matthew Neer
Price: $47 downsell to $27 then $19.95 per month
Website: https://speedwealth.net/
My opinion: Making money with this done for you system is made to look very easy. There will be additional expenses for getting traffic to the offer and for your autoresponder which in the end will make this quite expensive.
Not recommended.

Who Is Matthew Neer?

In the make-money-online niche, you see so many programs with false names or actors pretending to be the owners; it’s nice to see Matthew doesn’t stoop to these levels. I’ve seen a few of his videos, tried some of his products, and am even on his email list.

In general, his products aren’t very good, not complete scams because they do usually provide a little value. However, I always have the impression he’s only interested in making money for himself, and the people who buy his programs are of secondary importance.

When you’re on his email list, you get several emails every day promoting low-quality products. Not the way I recommend doing business!

He has produced several products over the last few years – Wealth Ascension System, Viral Cash App, 5k Formula System, Fanpage Cashflow, Income League, or The Viral Money Method, to name a few.

It’s clear that he has been successful and earned a lot of cash, but I wonder if you would be happy earning money this way?

Why does Matthew continue making these low-quality products instead of concentrating on making one quality product?

What Is Speed Wealth Commission System?

This is a done-for-you system to help you earn commissions. Matthew gives you the sales funnel and closes the sales for you. The system is great for beginners because everything is done for you.

You won’t need hosting, you can use their domain name, and you don’t need any technical skills. I suppose you are wondering what you will be promoting.

You will be promoting the same system that you have purchased or are thinking about buying – The Speed Wealth Commission System!

This is known as affiliate marketing – you promote a product and are paid a commission when someone purchases the product.

The Sales Video

Like many other sales videos, Matthew Neer shows numerous screenshots of how much he is making.Matthew Neer tells you what you won't be doing

He spends a lot of time telling you what you won’t be doing and how easy it is to make money with his system but seems to forget to tell you what you have to do to earn money.

In the end, you learn that you will be promoting the SpeedWealth Commission System.

That’s fine, but after all the hype and making money on autopilot rubbish, he doesn’t say what’s included in the program. You will need to get traffic to the sales page. So training on traffic,  paid or free, is a necessity.

How It Works

When you join Speed Wealth, you do get some limited training on setting up an autoresponder and creating a Clickbank account. The training is aimed at taking a newbie and getting them earning with list building, email marketing, and affiliate marketing.

To be proficient in these methods of earning money, you will need some more detailed training. There is some other training on getting traffic. You are recommended to buy some solo ads.

If you’re not familiar with solo ads, they work very broadly like this:

  • You find an ad for a list you’re interested in
  • You contact the list owner to buy access to their list
  • Then you buy either by the number of subscribers or the number of clicks your email will get
  • You write an email with your offer, in this case, the Speed Wealth System, and it gets sent to the list
  • With luck, people will open the email, click on your Clickbank affiliate link and make a purchase
  • You get paid your commission

If you find a good list, it is possible, perhaps, to make money this way but is very risky. Often the lists are of poor quality, and you don’t get many people clicking on your affiliate link, let alone making purchases.

The sales video gives you an example of what is perhaps possible to earn with the system, but they give you no idea of how much they spent on ads to achieve these results.

To get an idea of how much you could make or even how much Matthew Neer makes, you need to know how much he spends on getting traffic. Who knows, perhaps he spends more on ads than he makes from sales!

Pros and Cons


  • Affiliate marketing is a legit way to earn money online
  • Some limited training
  • Done-for-you system
  • 60-day Clickbank guarantee


  • Upsells
  • Not much training on getting traffic
  • Using solo ads, the recommended method for traffic will be expensive
  • Monthly recurring charge only mentioned in small print
  • Lots of hype in the sales video
  • Unrealistic earnings claims in the sales video

What Is The Cost of Speed Wealth System?

The price of the system is $47 coming down to $27 if you click to leave the sales page.

The thing to be careful about is in the small print at the bottom of the page. There will be a monthly charge of $19.95 as long as you’re a member of the system. This charge is for maintaining the system.

I find this a little strange as Matthew says there is no charge for hosting and domains. He doesn’t mention this monthly fee in the video.

After purchasing the program, you will have to navigate through the upsells:

  • Campaigns $199
  • Pages $97
  • Digital Millionaire University $197

You can see below the Speed Wealth funnel with the upsells and downsells.

Seed Wealth funnel with upsells and downsells

Is Speed Wealth Commission System A Scam?

No, I wouldn’t say this program is a complete scam but it will be hard to make money with the system. The person who will make money when you buy the program is Matthew Neer.

With the number of programs he creates, the affiliate links he includes in the members area, and the low-quality programs he promotes in his emails, it seems he is more interested in making money himself instead of helping you, the paying member.

To achieve any results at all with Speed Wealth, you will have to invest a lot of money to get traffic. And watch out for the unexpected monthly charge!

Matthew has put the accent on making money fast without having to do any hard work. Obviously, this appeals to people, but in the end, they will be disappointed when they find it isn’t as easy as they thought.

Although the program does provide a little training, to stand a better chance of earning money with Speed Wealth, you would need to buy the upsells. It would be a better program if there were fewer upsells and more value included in the basic program.

If you think this is a legitimate program and you have the necessary knowledge and skills, you could promote Speed Wealth through Clickbank without buying it yourself.

Due to the negative points above, I won’t be recommending Speed Wealth Commission System.

Making money online isn’t easy don’t believe the programs that say it is. If you’re interested in learning affiliate marketing, my top recommended program will teach you how to build your own online business, and you can promote any products that interest you or you are passionate about.

If you have purchased any of Matthew Neer’s products or the Speed Wealth System let us know your opinion in the comments below.

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Will you make money with the Speed Wealth System?

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