Viral Cash App Review – Legit Traffic Generating System or Scam

Viral Cash Application review

Viral Cash App (VCA) is another program that makes earning money online seem very easy. You see this type of program very often and usually, they don’t provide much value.

There are affiliates promoting VCA as a money-making opportunity and other marketers who say it’s a scam. So who’s right?

Anyway, I don’t want to prejudge this program, so I signed up to go through all they offer.

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  • Viral Cash App Review


Owner: Matthew Neer
Price: $47 with downsells to $24.95 and then $9.99
My opinion: Viral Cash App makes making money online seem very easy, too easy! Most people who join this program won’t make anything and risk losing money with the upsells and other affiliate links that you are recommended to use. The program uses viral videos to make you money from advertising. You post the videos to a website owned by Viral Cash App but the website doesn’t get much traffic meaning you won’t make any or very little money. Not recommended!


  • Not expensive if you take advantage of the downsells
  • Some training
  • 60-day guarantee


  • Lots of hype
  • Several upsells
  • Posting videos to a website over which you have no control
  • Misleading video making it seem too easy to make money
  • Additional costs for autoresponder not made clear
  • Everything is set up for the owner of Viral Cash App to make money not you

tired of scams like Viral Cash App

Who Is Behind Viral Cash Application?

The person who created this program is Matthew Neer. An internet marketer who has produced a few programs – 5k Formula, Operation 10k, Viralism, Wealth Ascension System, Weapons Of Mass Commission, Speed Wealth System, Income League and others over the last few years.

In general, most of the reviews I read of Matthew’s programs are of the opinion that you do get some useful information but he makes it sound very easy to make money, which unfortunately isn’t true.

The sales video of Viral Cash App gives the same impression so let’s see what the program offers.


The Sales Videohype and false promises with viral cash app

It’s the same sort of sales video you often see in low-quality programs, with the following red flags:

  • Hype
  • News stories about work from home jobs that don’t concern the Viral Cash App program directly
  • Screenshots of earnings
  • Made to look easy
  • Easy requirements to be accepted into the program:
    • only need to be able to copy and paste and send emails
    • you must watch and share videos online
    • you need to post a minimum of 10 posts on the VCA system
  • pressure tactics – “sign up now or you may lose the opportunity”


What is Viral Cash App?

According to the sales video, this program will teach you how to bed viral videos on a viral website and earn money.

You will make money by including adverts on the website. Sounds simple but you will need to get a lot of traffic to make money.

However, after watching the sales video, I’m not sure where you’ll be embedding the viral videos. Will you be creating a website or will you be posting to a website that exists already?

I signed up to find out more.


The Sign-Up Process

If you’re interested in this program click to leave the Viral Cash App website a couple of times. The price comes down from $47 to $24.95 and then $9.99.

After that, you have to negotiate the upsells:

  • $149 to remove the restriction of creating 10 pages per week and allows you to create unlimited pages.
  • $97 Easy Button to find the next content that will go viral.
  • $197 for a millionaire mentor get 10 of Matthew Neers best webinars

If you buy all the upsells you could end up spending nearly $500 and you won’t be any nearer to earning money online!

Viral Cash Application upsell and downsell funnel

After getting past the upsells the first thing you learn is you can get a free website. They tell you the website has a value of $1995.

If you take up this offer Matthew Neer will get an affiliate commission for the hosting that is sold with the website.

The Free Website Worth $1995

I know this sounds great but you should be aware a website doesn’t need to cost anything like this much. If you start a website from scratch you only have to pay for the hosting which is a few dollars per month.

Then you need to work hard writing unique articles that will get ranked in the search engines. This will bring traffic to your site.

It’s even possible to get a free website, although it’s not recommended if you want to start a website to make money.

Another alternative would be to buy a done-for-you website. You can buy these sites which come complete with original content for a price of under $1000.

Here the company that supplies the free website and hosting is You can check out some reviews and complaints about their service on The free website will probably be full of generic content that won’t help you to rank in the search engines which means no visitors.

I hope you can see a real money making website costs considerably less than $1995. This “free website” is just a sales tactic so you sign up for their hosting. Don’t be tempted!

The Trainingviral cash app review training what's included


Matthew produced this program because he was sharing videos on YouTube and Facebook but he wasn’t getting paid. So he developed this system, now when he shares a video he makes some money.

Here’s how Viral Cash App works:

  • Select a video from YouTube that you think will be very popular or go viral
  • Create a page in the VCA system
  • Add the video URL and a description
  • Include your affiliate links if you’re promoting a product or service or place your AdSense codes or other banners at the top of the page or in the sidebar
  • Someone sees the link to the video you have posted, clicks the link and lands on the page you have made
  • If some of your visitors then click on one of the display ads or affiliate links
  • You get paid

The training or members area also includes ads for other products both Matthew Neer’s and other Clickbank programs. Matthew is out to make money, this is more important to him than helping his members.

Where Do You Post Your Videos?

This is one of the big questions I had. As they try to give you a website I thought you would probably need your own website to post the videos and ads.

But no, you post the videos on a website owned by Viral Cash App, called (see image below).

the viral syndicator website used by viral cash app members

As this is described as a viral website I expect it to get a lot of traffic. The traffic stats from show that the site doesn’t get much traffic. Most of the traffic the website does get is direct traffic.

This means it’s probably from people who have purchased this program and they are checking to see if their video and ads are working correctly.

You can see in the image below the website rankings based on the traffic they received. They are far from being a viral website. stats for

To confirm this the latest videos posted on the website don’t have a lot of views. 10, 20 or 30 views! I checked the same videos a couple of days later and the number of views hadn’t changed much. Not exactly viral!

Another thing that surprises me is that they don’t have an SSL certificate for the site. Today if you’re serious about your website you should have an SSL certificate. It’s a ranking factor and it gives people more confidence in your website.

When you publish a post it also gets posted to the Viral Syndicator Facebook page automatically.

Apparently, you should receive a lot of traffic from Facebook. I looked through the last few days at the videos posted and found there were no comments, no likes – no interaction whatsoever!

This is a big problem. You sign up to Viral Cash App with the promise of viral traffic and it doesn’t exist.

This means you won’t make any money!

Your Viral Money List

You can also include an opt-in form on the page with your video so you can build your email list. Matthew gives some training about setting up your autoresponder.

This training is useful for someone who has never set up an email list. However, Matthew suggests sending out an email right away with an affiliate offer. In my opinion, it’s better to start by offering some value to your list before sending out affiliate offers.

Unfortunately including a form like this won’t get you many additions to your email list unless you get 1000’s of visitors to your post. And this doesn’t seem to be the case!

Also, there’s a hidden cost of $15 per month if you sign up with Matthew’s recommendation Get Response. And Mathew will make another affiliate commission!

If you’re just starting affiliate marketing there are some free solutions you could try. Why doesn’t Mathew promote these?

Of course, it’s because he wants to make his affiliate commissions.

Do you get the impression this program is made solely for Matthew Neer’s benefit?

AdSense, Amazon Associates, and Clickbank Training

The money making methods they suggest are AdSense, Amazon Associates, and Clickbank. They give you some training on setting up accounts with all 3 and including the links in your post or in the header and sidebar.

The training will give someone an introduction to these platforms but doesn’t go into much detail. If you have your own website you can find some more complete pieces of free training that will be more useful.

In general, to make money with these methods you will either need a lot of traffic or very targeted traffic.


For AdSense to work, you need a lot of traffic. The posts on the Viral Syndicator website don’t seem to get much traffic so you will only earn cents from this method. As AdSense have a payment threshold of $100 you will never get paid!

Amazon and Clickbank

Amazon Associates and Clickbank might be okay but for people to find your post you will need to be ranked in the first positions in the search engines for your keyword. This will be very hard to do with a low-quality website such as

The other way people could find your posts is on social media. With Viral Cash App your posts are shared automatically on their Facebook page which has no engagement at all, no likes, reshares or comments. Not a great source of traffic! You are not taught how to share your post on any other social media sites.

Additionally, many of the products on Clickbank are of very poor quality. If you believe in promoting quality products that will be useful to the people who visit your page then you will need to spend time checking them out.

Matthew seems ready to promote anything just to make money, in my opinion, this isn’t the way to do business online.


Pros and Cons


  • Not too expensive, especially if you click to leave a couple of times
  • Some training that could be useful
  • 60-day guarantee


  • Lots of hype
  • Made to look very easy
  • Misleading information about the videos you post becoming viral
  • You will be posting the videos on a website you don’t own which means you have no control


Will You Make Money with Viral Cash App?

Although I wouldn’t describe Viral Cash App as a scam, you will struggle to make money with the methods they teach here. The advertising they use is very misleading.

Matthew Neer does provide some limited training but to be successful you will need to get a lot of traffic to the videos you post. Unfortunately, the website that VCA uses to post your videos doesn’t get much traffic.

People are paying to join this program and Matthew doesn’t do much to get traffic to the Viral Syndicator website.

Here’s what I mean…

He uses this program to make affiliate commissions from the website/hosting offer, the link to the autoresponder and various other ads in the training area. I get the impression that as long as he’s making money he’s happy, the people who have paid to join the program don’t really matter.

What’s the bottom line?

Never believe these programs that say it’s easy to make big money or that you can make money doing next to nothing. I know we all like to imagine it is easy and that it doesn’t take much work but to be successful you need to put in the time and work.

Not recommended


A Better Way To Make Money Online

Matthew Neer uses affiliate marketing to earn money online by recommending products or services, some good and some not so good products.

Affiliate marketing is my recommended business model to earn money online. Today it’s my main income source but I don’t recommend promoting scammy products like Viral Cash App.

You can promote any products you like but they should be products that provide value to your readers. Done this way you can make a steady passive income.

If you’re ready to put in the time and hard work this is something you should consider. I recommend Wealthy Affiliate, it’s my top recommended program for you to learn affiliate marketing.

check out wealthy affiliate


Viral Cash App - does this provide viral traffic?
Viral Cash App - does this provide viral traffic?


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