Ad Click Xpress Review – Don’t sign up for the ACX scam

Product: Ad Click Xpress (formerly Profit Clicking, JustBeenPaid)AdClick Xpress logo
Overall Ranking: 0 out of 100 or 0/5 stars
Price: free to join, but to earn money, you need to buy ad packages at $10
Owner: Frederick Mann

AdClick Xpress (ACX) has been around for a few years under different names. It started out in 2012 as JustBeenPaid (JBP), then changed to Profit Clicking, and now ACX.

JBP did work for a time, and some people made a lot of money, but of course, a system that relies on people investing money so other people can make money isn’t sustainable.

After a while, JustBeenPaid stopped paying out, and consequently, they acquired a bad name. So with a new website and new name they started again as Profit Clicking. But guess what? More problems with payouts and thousands of people complaining.  The answer – another new website with a different name again, and that’s where we are today with AdClick Xpress.

Another reason for the name changes is a warning issued by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). Here is a link to a page from the SEC warning that JustBeenPaid, JSS Tripler (which is also part of JBP), and Profit Clicking might be scams.

The owner of JustBeenPaid and Ad Click Xpress is supposed to be Frederick Mann, although it’s not certain if he really exists.

In this review, I will show you why (if you have not already got the picture) you must not sign up with AdClick Xpress.

What is AdClick Xpress?

ACX is an online advertising platform where businesses can pay to advertise, and its many members can earn some revenue by viewing those ads.

Who is it for?

This program could be for someone who wants to advertise their business to get more traffic. Or it could be for people who want to earn some easy money online.

This is the type of program that could seem particularly appealing to someone who has no experience of making money online. You are assured a good return on your investment with very little work. Schemes that make promises like this are very often scams.

How does AdClick Xpress work?

It is free to sign up to AdClick Xpress, but in order to earn any money, you have to buy Ad packages. There are really two parts to AdClick Xpress advertising and earning money.

The advertisingAdClick Xpress advertiser packs

If you want to get new visitors to your website, it is possible to purchase a number of guaranteed views. With a $10 Business Pack, you get 600 views, and it is possible to buy as many packs as you like. ACX also has another package called Prime Advertising, in which you can choose a banner ad, text ad, or full-page ad.

As the people who are viewing your ads are doing so to get paid, this is probably not a very effective way of advertising.

Earning moneyAC Xpress affiliate membership ad packages

To earn money on AdClick Xpress, you have to purchase ad packs at $10 a pack. Once you have your ad packs, this is how things are meant to work.

  • must view ads to earn money. You need to view each ad for 12 seconds to earn your rewards.
  • each ad pack earns 2% per weekday and 1% Saturday and Sunday
  • a $10 Ad Pack is worth $15 in 88 days

Now that’s a $5 profit in nearly 90 days, it probably doesn’t sound fantastic. But what if you brought 100 ad packs which would set you back $1000? You would:

  • earn $20 per weekday and $10 at the weekend
  • at the end of the 88-day period, your $1000 would be worth $1500

There’s a limit on the  maximum number of Ad Packages you can purchase:

  • 1000 per hour
  • 5,000 per day
  • you are not allowed to have more than 25,000 Ad Packages at any given time.

AdClick Xpress says that you can withdraw cash or buy new ad packs every day. To withdraw your earnings, you must have a minimum of $20 in your account. Another alternative would be to withdraw some cash and buy some ad packs with the rest.

They use several payment processors, Solid Trust Pay, EGO Pay, Payza, Perfect Money, OK Pay, and Paytoo, to enable you to withdraw your earnings.

Affiliate Program

When you buy your Ad Packs, you also have the chance to earn referral commissions. You can earn 10% from people who are referred directly from you and 5% from people who are referred from your referrals. This is an option to earn some extra money but is not a requirement.

Sounds good, but don’t rush in.

All this sounds great, and when you go to their site, it is very easy to see why so many people have signed up in the past and will probably sign up in the future. This is a fast and easy way to make money, in theory. The problems start when you want to take your money out of the system.

You may be able to draw out small amounts. However, this may be used as a way to build your trust so that you invest more. Large amounts don’t get paid out. Consequently, your earnings are only virtual. You can see how much you have earned, but you will never see it in your bank account. This program is nothing more than a Ponzi scheme.

In the terms of service, you can see that ACX is ready to transfer, yet again, into another program. This certainly doesn’t instill any confidence in the program. Would they do this if they were a legitimate business? I think we all know the answer.

Ad Click Xpress __ Terms of Service -

Pros & Cons


  • free ad pack when you sign up


  • no large payouts
  • you lose your money

Tools and training

There is some very limited training on techniques for getting people to sign up and on marketing methods. There are also some marketing materials (banners, PowerPoint presentations, sample emails, ads for affiliate sites)

Help and Support

To get help, you are advised to see the FAQ as a first step, and if you cannot see your question there, you can submit a ticket. The waiting time when I was on the site was estimated to be 48 hours.

See what other users or ex-users of AdClick Xpress are saying.

You can find many complaints against AdClick Xpress, JustBeenPaid, and Profit Clicking; here are just a few examples.

ACX jon comment

ACX comment scamguard

I particularly liked this comment which just about sums up AdClick Xpress, JustBeenPaid, or Profit Clicking.

acx comment moneymakergroup

My final opinion

As you can see in the comments above, many people have lost a lot of money in this scheme. So don’t join this program; the only people who make any money are the owners.

I have even seen some people trying to sell their AdClick Xpress accounts, accounts that have thousands of un-withdrawable dollars. Some of these poor people are really desperate, but do accounts with un-withdrawable dollars have any value? Not in my opinion.

Remember, if a scheme seems too good to be true, it probably is. Always do your due diligence.

Verdict: Scam

What to do now

If you are looking for a legitimate way to make money online, there are some good programs that can help you. ACX just entices you into a system where you will invest time and money and never be paid.

My #1 recommendation teaches you how to build a sustainable business. A training platform ideal for beginners, it’s free to join, and you get access to 2 free websites, a getting started training course, 24/7 help and support, and a friendly online community.

Have a look at the comparison chart, and you will see some of what Wealthy Affiliate has to offer.

If you have any experience with AdClick Xpress, Just Been Paid, or Profit Clicking, your feedback would be very welcome.


AdClick Xpress Review


Description: ACX offers businesses the chance to advertise and members have the chance of earning comissions by viewing adverts.

Price: free to join, but to earn you must buy ad packs at $10

My opinion: AdClick Xpress has a history of not paying it members, do not join this program it’s a scam.



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