Point and Click Profit Review – Get Spammed Then Get The Scammed

Point and Click Profit scam review

After receiving numerous emails from Point and Click Profit (PCP) I decided to take a look and find out what they were all about.

Having been spammed for several weeks I didn’t expect to find a genuine opportunity and what I found was a little strange.

Product: Point and Click ProfitPoint and Click Profit scam review
Overall Ranking: 0 out of 100 or 0/5 stars
Price: $100 for membership of Easy1Up
Owner: Jon Meyers
Website: http://www.pointandclickprofit.com



Point and Click Profit have been around a while and I have read some reviews saying that it’s a link posting scam. However, today they have changed and their sales page leads you to believe they teach you how to make money selling goods on eBay.

The owner of this program seems to be Jon Meyers, although the sales page is fronted by Amy Jensen, which is without a doubt yet another fictitious person. Then on the Earning and Income Disclaimer, the name of Suppliers Club is in the heading.

The Suppliers Club, which is owned by Jon Meyers, runs a program exactly the same as Point and Click Profit. So they are probably the same company! The BBB has quite a few complaints about the Suppliers Club and there are more complaints found here.

Nothing seems to be very clear about this program and it gets worse!


What Is Point and Click Profit?

This program teaches you how to list and sell products on eBay. Apparently, big companies like Apple or Lego need people like you to list their products on eBay but don’t want to spend the time to train you. This is where Amy Jensen and this program come in.


Who Is This For?

This could be for you if you fancy selling products on eBay. But you don’t need to pay for this information there are many free resources online even eBay has some free training on their site.


The Sales Page

There is absolutely nothing new here, the well known hard-luck story, promises of easy money for you and the red flags we’ve seen many times before.

First, let’s deal with the hard-luck story. Amy Jensen is a single mom of twins, without a job and behind with her rent. So she goes online to find work but all she finds are loads of scams. Finally one of her friends puts her on to a woman who tells her how she is making money online. Selling goods on eBay!

So, Amy does the same, makes a fortune and then tries to help others do the same thing!

We’ve seen hard-luck stories with happy endings like this on many sites but this isn’t the only sign of a scam. Here are a few other red flags that are found here and on many other online scams.

  • At top of the page the “work at home as seen on” trick, with logos of thework at home as seen on news networks like CNN or USA Today. Point and Click Profit has never been featured on any of these sites, it’s just a way to convince you that this is a legitimate opportunity.
  • The stock photo of Amy Jensen that’s found on other sites
  • More stock photos with false claims about how much members are making from this scheme
  • False income claims, with a table, showing how much it’s possible to earn if you list a certain number of articles a daypointandclickprofit.com possible earnings
  • Pressure tactics 
  • No mention of the price
  • Lots of talk about how easy it is to earn money by listing products on eBay but no concrete explanations of what you will be doing

After all this, you get the impression that this is a scam.


Where Do You Get The Products To List

Point and Click Profit have partnered with Doba, a drop shipping company. This means you can list and sell products without having to buy inventory or deal with shipping. It works like this:

  1. You select a product from the Doba catalog
  2. You list the product on eBay
  3. Once you sell the product, you collect the payment
  4. You then order the product from Doba.
  5. Doba ships the product to your customer
  6. You repeat the process

Your profit will be the price your customer pays less the price you pay Doba less any shipping charges. To use this service you have to pay monthly fees to Doba. This sounds great but wait, let’s have a more detailed look at Doba.

I went to the BBB.org site and I found there are 141 complaints against Doba.

On the RipoffReport site, there are 173 complaints.

The complaints are mostly from people being charged after closing their accounts or being charged the monthly fee after finishing the free trial.

It seems that Doba doesn’t reply to these complaints until they are posted on the BBB. Once posted on the Better Business Bureau site they refund their clients.  Even having many complaints Doba’s rating with the BBB is A+!


Signing-Up With Point Click Profit

Even though it isn’t a good idea to sign up with these people, I continued to find out how much it would cost. After filling out the application form you are redirected to another page where you have to give your information again and make a payment of $100.

This is where it becomes even more twisted. You think you are signing up to receive training from Point Click and Profit when in effect you are signing up for another program, Easy1Up. It looks like this is a cash gifting scam, so something you should avoid.

The owners of Point and Click Profit will make $100 for each sale plus they will also earn $100 from the second sale of all their referrals.

If you visit the Easy1Up terms page, you can see you were referred by Jon Meyers, so I don’t think there is really any doubt about who owns pointandclickprofit.com.


You Might Be Wondering:

Why Aren’t You Directed To The Listing On eBay Training?

After creating a sales page for listing on eBay, why do they now direct you to Easy1Up? To be honest I don’t know but I think it’s probably because Doba doesn’t seem to have an affiliate program now. They did in the past but now I see nothing about an affiliate program on their site.

So although Point and Click Profit used to charge a membership fee, they probably now make more by referring people to Easy1Up. Rather than sending you to Doba where they don’t receive any affiliate commissions.

This just shows PCP has absolutely no interest in your training, success or providing value. They want one thing, to make the most money out of you as possible!


The Emails – It Gets Worse!

As I said earlier in my review I have been getting emails from this company for a while. Since I signed up yesterday I have received 5 in 24 hours and while most have links to the Point and Click Profit sales page others have links to another make money online scheme called Aspire which is part of the Digital Altitude program.

This is a multi-level marketing company that should be avoided. They will pay Jon Meyers commission for anyone who signs up. For you to make money you will have to recruit others into the system. If you sign up for the $1 trial they will have your contact details and even worse your credit card details.

Then you will be contacted by the coach who is assigned to you. These coaches are high-pressure salesmen, who will encourage you to upgrade, so beware!

PCP is ready to make affiliate commissions off your back any way they can!


My Final Opinion

This review started as Point and Click Profit review, but this company doesn’t provide any product or training. This may change in the future but at the moment they are just redirecting you to other companies so they can earn referral commissions.

The PCP sales page is completely worthless and misleading. However, if you find a good supplier, drop shipping can be a good way to earn money online. Rather than paying for anything offered here, a much better idea is to consult some of the free information online such as this guide by Shopify.

If you do decide to start a drop shipping business, don’t go into it thinking it will be easy. Like any business, there will be problems and difficulties, this post, “why drop shipping isn’t as easy and simple as you think” goes into some of the issues you may face.

The bottom line, beware of the companies PCP is linking to, you should not give these companies your details even if they do offer a free trial. If you receive any emails from Point and Click Profit put them directly in the trash!


Fed Up With The Scams? There Is An Alternative!

Making money legitimately, online, is possible but you should understand this will take hard work and determination.

I can show you what I consider to be the best way to get started. It’s an online training program that shows you how to build a real online business and start making real money. It worked for me, you can read my review here!


I would love to hear your opinion about Point and Click Profit or if you have any experience with this program let us now. Thanks for stopping by.


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