The Jessica Marshall Work At Home Paycheck scam review

Product: Work At Home PaycheckWork At Home Paycheck scam
Overall Ranking:    20 out of 100 or  1/5 stars
Price: starts at  $97  then downsells to $77 and finally $4
Owner:  unknown – you are led to believe the owner is Jessica Marshall, but this is just a pen name


Work At Home Paycheck also known as WAH Paycheck is another work from home program that wants you to believe you can earn lots of money for doing very little. Does this sound familiar?

In the introduction video, you are told it’s free to join, you are told not to tell anyone else, you are also told it’s confidential and you must act quickly to secure your position in this program.

Sounds like this could be a secret opportunity for you to earn some money without risking any of your own. But wait, these programs don’t exist, so, let’s find out the truth about WAHome Paycheck.


What is WAH Paycheck?money making system for free

To be honest, it’s not easy to say what this program is all about. The sales videos concentrate mainly on how much money you will be earning and how much Jessica Marshall is earning. After a while, about 25 minutes, in the second video,  you are finally told that you will be posting links.

In fact, WAH Paycheck is free to join, and as far as I can see they don’t really provide anything. They encourage you to sign up for another company, Link Posting Partners. Of course, the two companies are probably one and the same. However, being free to join, people are more likely to sign up for WAH Paycheck. Hence, it’s a good way for them to obtain your email address and spam you with other scams later.Link Posting Partners logo link posting scam

As you have to pay to join the other program, that apparently provides the link posting software, this article could be called the Link Posting Partners scam review.


Who is this for?

This is only for people who can afford to lose their money, don’t imagine you will earn anything with this program. Avoid giving them your email or you will be spammed with other offers later. After signing up I receive one or two per day, promoting other scams and I have even received one asking to set up an interview for a $165/hour job.


The full story

As I mentioned before, this program doesn’t provide you with anything. In the first video, Jessica tells her Dont tell anyonehard-luck story. She’s pretty well down and out when luckily she bumps into a friendly guy, Mark Wilson, in a coffee shop.

He tells her how she can earn a fortune from home and as usual, he adds she mustn’t tell anyone else. The rest of the video is taken up with screenshots of Jessica’s PayPal account and her telling you how easy it is to make money from this secret system.

At the end of the first video you have to give your email address to obtain access to the Work At Home Paycheck program or if you try to leave the site you are offered a free gift worth $3997. I tried to claim my free gift but the link didn’t work and I was forwarded to the next video.

The free gift is probably a ready-made website, for which you have to pay an excessive amount for hosting.

In this second video, which goes on for about 30 minutes, you get a repeat of Jessica’s story. Even after all this time you still don’t really know what you will be doing, the video spends most of the time mentioning how much money you will be making, for very little work.

Finally, near the end, you are told you will be posting links and using the software provided by another program. As usual with these types of schemes, you are given some impressive figures of how much you can earn, $15 per link, and you are expected to believe you can earn as much as shown in this ridiculous table.

table showing possible earnings

These are the best clues you are given as to what you will be doing, but still a little vague. You are not even told where you paste the links, on your own site, on Facebook or somewhere else.

steps for posting links

All the way through the video you are led to believe that you can do this for free, but in the end, you are told you will have to pay for the membership to Link Posting Partners, whose owner happens to be Mark Wilson, who was in the coffee shop.

The price to join this link posting program is $397, but as Jessica is so nice she is going to pay $300 on your behalf. She is willing to pay this amount because she receives a commission on all the links you post. If you click to leave the price comes down to $77 and then $47. Each time Jessica tells you she is going to pay extra to Link Posting Partners, so you can get the discounted price. She really is desperate for you to join!


The Guaranteesatisfaction guarantee

There is also a guarantee, a triple satisfaction guarantee, no less! This  guarantees:

  • You a place in the link certification program
  • You will make money. If you don’t earn any money or are not making as much as you hoped, you will be refunded
  • If you ask for a refund you keep everything you have received

Consequently, it would seem that you have nothing to lose. Unfortunately, the members who have tried to claim their money back wouldn’t agree. They don’t honor the guarantee, it is worthless.

To go any further you now have to sign up and give your credit card details to Link Posting Partners, which is definitely a bad idea.


A false news site promoting WAH Paycheck

There is a false news site promoting this program. They tell the story of a single mom, Kelly Frazier, having success with this program and earning $7397 per month. This is the disclaimer at the bottom of the page:

econsumer reports how to get started

So this is just pure fiction, undoubtedly like the Jessica Marshall story.


Red flags

This program has many of the common scam signs and some particular to Work At Home Paycheck.

  • You don’t know who is the owner
  • You are not told clearly how you will be earning money
  • Proof of earnings – this can be easily fabricated
  • Nearly constant talk of how easy it is to make lots of money with this program
  • Limited places available for a limited time, to put pressure on you
  • One on one coaching – there is no real coaching, there will be a sales rep who contacts you, to encourage you to part with more of your money. This is perhaps the most dangerous part of the program.
  • Link posting is used by many other scam programs
  • They claim to offer you link posting certification – this doesn’t exist
  • Jessica Marshall is meant to be one of the leading work from home consultants in America (several other owners of scam sites make this claim). But who is Jessica Marshall? This is just a pen name. The person in the video is almost certainly an actress.
  • False claims that their program has been featured on the news channels.
  • Misleading ad from a fake news site
  • Downsells


Member complaints

Although I didn’t find any complaints about Work At Home Paycheck, probably because it’s free, there are some complaints about Link Posting Partners.

As you can see the complaints are about the quality of the training, the telephone calls from the sales reps trying to get more money from members credit cards and problems getting refunds. There are also complaints about having to pay an excessive amount for hosting the free websites.

link posting partners complaints1

lpp complaints2

lpp complaints3

lpp complaints4


My final opinion

Work At Home Paycheck is a scam that should be avoided. Posting links is a well-known scam that is used by many other sites. These sites are all similar, with lots of hype and very little detail of how you will actually be making money.

Here the long sales videos concentrate on the amount of money you can make, they devote very little time and give very limited information on what you will be doing. Don’t be influenced by the rags to riches story and the exaggerated earnings claims. A legitimate program will always explain what is involved, what they offer and they will not include the fantasy earnings.

These link posting programs exist because people are desperate and they like to believe making money online is easy. The reality is, that earning money online takes hard work and time. You won’t sign up for a program and start making money right away as Jessica Marshall would have us believe.

If you are willing to accept:

  • There are no miracle products that will produce money out of thin air
  • That you have to work hard
  • That you will probably have to spend a few months before you will earn your first income

Then you can build a successful online business. Check out my #1 recommended training program if you would like to get started. Below is a comparison table between this program and WAH Paycheck.


Have you had any experience with these link posting sites? Have you managed to make money or have you lost money like many others? Whatever your involvement I would love your feedback.


Jessica Marshall Work At Home Paycheck


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