Wake Up Now Scam or Legitimate?

Wake Up Now Review

Product: Wake Up Nowwake up now logo
Overall Ranking:  20 points out of 100
Price: different subscription prices $24.95, $64.95, $99.95
Owners: Jason Elrod, Kirby Cochran and Phil Polich
Website: https://www.wakeupnow.com/


What is Wake Up Now (WUN)?

WakeUpNow was founded with the idea of helping people save, manage, and make money.

WUN offers discounts on certain products and also offers some software products to help you keep track of your finances. They say they can offer these great deals by cutting out the publicity costs.
WakeUpNow is also a company that pays commissions for sharing its products and services with others.
All commissions are dependent on the sale of products and services to end consumers — that is to customers who purchase WakeUpNow products for their personal use, but to be eligible for commissions you have to pay a monthly subscription.
It is also possible to sign up other members and earn commissions when these members or their customers buy goods from the Wake Up Now Hub.


Who is Wake Up Now for?

I would say that WUN is for anyone, over 18, who wants to pay a monthly fee to shop online or for anyone who wants to try to make money by signing up others who in turn will sign-up some more members.

WUN is only available in the United States, Canada, Spain, Brazil, Columbia, Chile, Mexico and Peru.


Pros and Cons


  • All the deals are centralized in one place.
  • WUN are honest in the fact that they disclose the incomes you can expect. In the majority of cases this is $0.


  • Paying a subscription to save money. Can spending money to save money make sense?
  • Buying products you would probably not otherwise buy.
  • People join this scheme to make money, but the vast majority don’t make a cent, in fact it costs them money.
  • Convincing others to join this system to make money is nothing more than misleading these people. Is this something you want to do?


The training and tools.

WUN has a training site which basically explains how their system works.
There is also the WUN blog which also has some tutorials.


Help and support.

For any help or support you can send an email or there is also a live chat.


How much to join Wake Up Now?

They have three subscription levels $24.95, $64.95 and $99.95.

You can see what is included in the table below.

wake up now


How the system works.

If you pay the monthly subscription you have access to the hub to find the deals that may interest you, as you can see above the more you pay the more services you have access to.

To qualify for payouts,  you must first achieve 90 PV (personal volume) This can be done through personal purchases, or sales to preferred or retail customers, but the easiest way to do this is to buy a Platinum Package and recruit three others who then buy a Platinum Package. If you succeed in doing this you cover the cost of your monthly membership fee. Now if your new members then enroll three new members, you can earn $600 per month.

In multilevel marketing (MLM) the majority of people that are signed up in any scheme never recruit their first person, and so don’t earn any commission. But a much higher percentage do recruit one or two. In WakeUpNow, if you sponsor just  two people and one or both build substantial groups, you are paid nothing.

As you can see from the table below 82% of the members of WakeUpNow don’t earn anything. 14% earn $1200 per year, 4% earn $7600 per year and just 1% earn more than $28,000 per year.

Wake Up Now income disclosure

My final opinion

Wake Up Now is a tool, like a search engine for finding bargains. The question is do you need to pay to find these deals? I don’t think so, you can use an ordinary search engine to find probably much the same deals for free.

Most people who join Wake Up Now are looking to make money not spend money. To do this, you need to buy a platinum subscription for $99 per month and then you will need to recruit your own team. So, you will be asking your friends and maybe family to join your team.

Would you enjoy doing that? I certainly wouldn’t. How can you ask people you know to join a scheme that for the vast majority just doesn’t work.

Remember WUN is a network marketing scheme where only 1% of the members make any real money.


My verdict: Wake Up Now not recommended


Wake Up Now ceased all network marketing operations in the US in February 2015.

WUN out of business

If you’re looking for a legitimate business opportunity see my n°1 recommendation here.

Wake Up Now in brief
  • Wake UP Now Review


Description: Wake Up Now (WUN) allows you to find and purchase great deals on everything from groceries to travel. WUN pays Independent Business Owners (IBOs) a commission when they sell WakeUpNow products.

Owners: Jason Elrod, Kirby Cochran and Phil Polich

Price: different subscription prices $24.95, $64.95, $99.95

My opinion: Wake Up Now is a program for finding online bargains, but you have to pay a monthly fee to do this. It is possible to find more or less the same prices by using the search engines for free. As most people who join WUN are looking to make money they have to sign up other people into the system. How can you ask other people to join a program that for the majority just doesn’t work? My advice do not join Wake Up Now.

Website: https://www.wakeupnow.com/

If you have had any experience with Wake Up Now either positive or negative I would love your views.


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