Instant Payday Network Review: Does this really work?

Instant Payday Network Review


Product: Instant Payday NetworkInstant Payday Network
Overall Ranking: 20 points out of 100  1/5 stars
Price: Free
Owners: Jeff Buchanan


The sales video

When you click on the link for Instant Payday Network (IPN) you are taken to a page with a sales video. Although a video is very often a scam warning this one seems to be honest. Jeff Buchanan is the creator and he also presents the product.

One nice thing there are no promises of large sums of money and you are told it is free to join. He says he created this system for normal people who are fed up of being scammed. Jeff also states that if you can just check emails and surf the internet you can make this work. The average earnings are supposed to be around $20/hour and above-average $400 – $600 per day.

What I did not like in the video – Mr. Buchanan does show some income proof where he is earning $8000 per month, perhaps he can make that much, but for us ordinary folks probably $20 or $50 is more realistic.

On the internet you will find many people promoting IPN with great reviews and videos. Of course, the reason that there are not many negative reviews is that these people are actually promoting Internet Payday Network. They make money when people join the system via their link.

Your referrals will see the same video if they click on your link.


What is Instant Payday Network?

IPN is a system where you get paid when people you have referred complete certain actions (CPA) to get credits. In turn, these people can then refer more people and so on.


Who is it for?

This is for anyone over 18 years old who lives in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, Denmark, France, Germany, New Zealand, Norway, Spain or Sweden.

You are told that you need a computer, high speed internet connection and a valid email address. Plus some very rudimentary talents – able to follow step-by-step instructions and be able to copy and paste. But will this be enough?


Pros and ConsInstant Payday Network Is this for you?


  • the first 3 steps can be done for free or for very little outlay
  • possible to make some money
  • so free tools and training in the back office


  • you will have to provide your credit card details for many offers
  • the offers will have to cancelled by the due date or your card will be debited
  • you have to give personal details (name, address, telephone number, date of birth)
  • you are not really taught how to get traffic
  • lots of competition
  • this program promotes the Empire network a pyramid scheme which can cost you a lot of money


How Instant Payday Network works.

Instant Payday Network infographic how it works

At the end of the sales video there are 4 steps to complete:

  1. Sign-up with Express.MyCashFreebies and complete offers to get 1 credit
  2. Sign up with Double.MyCashFreebies and complete offers to get 1 credit
  3. After completing steps 1 and steps 2, fill out the Create Account form and insert the personal referral numbers you received in the previous steps. You will then have access to the Instant Payday Network back office.
  4. You are encouraged to sign-up with the Empower Network

When you complete steps 1 and 2 the person who referred you is paid. You in turn will be able to send your referrals to the site where they will complete the offers and you will earn a small reward and so on.

In steps 1 and 2 each of the offers has a certain credit rating. You can see below some examples of the types of offer you will have to complete with cost and the credit value:IPN offers on

  • Apply for a credit card – cost free – 1 credit
  • Try some coffee – cost for delivery $4.95 – .25 credit
  • Get your credit score – cost free – .25 credit
  • Sign up to learn a new language – cost $9.95 – 1 credit
  • Sign up for a magazine subscription – cost $22.95 – .20 credit

Jeff Buchanan said in the video that he never asks you for any money, this is true. However, it is very likely you will have to spend a little money to try the products or services. Perhaps you will actually find something that you really need – it is possible!

You will be giving out your credit card and personal details to several companies.

Be very careful to note the dates when the trials finish (some are for 5 days, others for 14 days so it can get confusing) otherwise your credit card will be debited. They say they need your credit card details to make sure that you are a real person and not a spammer.

Why do you get paid for referring people?

Advertisers need to get consumers to try their products or services, so they offer free trials or give discounts. So, the companies that offer the trails through IPN ( are willing to pay out commissions to encourage people sign up to try their products or services.

Step 3. The back office
After completing the sign up form, you have access to the back office. In the back office you have access to stats, tracking to see where your referrals are coming from, capture pages you can use, autoresponder and a section with training videos and tutorials.

Step 4. Empower Network

You are encouraged to sign up with Empower Network. This is certainly the most negative part of this system and something you should not do.  Before you decide check out some reviews on the internet. Step 4 is not obligatory so only join if you want to.

The FTC has received more than 160 complaints about the company. You can see the complaints here, in an article about Empower Network on


How much can you earn?

You get paid when your referrals complete steps 1 and 2, $20 for step 1 and $30 for step 2 plus they also give a $5 bonus. So that’s $55 per person and that is for an unlimited number of people. In reality you will probably struggle to get anyone to join under your link because you will not have any traffic.

That’s my main concern with the Instant Payday Network and many other programs online, to be successful you need traffic. Additionally there are many sites promoting IPN so, there is a lot of competition.


Tools and trainingInstant Payday Network free Turn-Key Marketing system

You get some capture pages, an autoresponder, access to stats and tracking to see where your referrals are coming from. In the resources section you get some examples of classified ads, video training for Craigslist, YouTube, article marketing, blogging and Google ranking.

Whether you try classified ads or video marketing you will be in a very competitive marketplace so it won’t be easy.


How much to join

Instant Payday  Network is free to join, but you will probably have to pay something to complete the offers.

Empire network $25 per month and then upsells from $297 to $3500.


My final opinion

If you manage to get traffic you can make money from this system. To get traffic you will have to work hard either with classified ads, get your videos well ranked on YouTube or have your blog ranked on the first page of Google. If you want to learn how to create your own blog and get traffic, see the program I recommend.

Don’t join this system and expect to make a lot of money overnight it won’t happen and don’t forget there are many other people trying to make money from Instant Payday Network so there is strong competition.

If you do want to try it, after all it is free, then do steps 1, 2 and 3. When completing the offers be careful to note all the dates when your free trials end to avoid your credit card being charged.

Do not continue to step 4 and join Empower Network because there you risk losing a lot of money. This is the worst part of this system. Can we really have confidence in something that promotes Empower Network?

My verdict: Not recommended

See how IPN compares to my #1 recommendation.


Instant Payday Network Overview
  • Instant Payday Network


Owner: Jeff Buchanan

Price: Free

Description: IPN is a free (or nearly free) system where it is possible to make money, but there are two things that make me give the program just 1 star.


Have you tried Instant Payday Network? I would like to hear your experience.



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