Home Job Stop Review – Is this the place to find a job?

find work at home jobs with HomeJobStop job bankFinding a legitimate job from home isn’t easy, so perhaps the job board at HomeJobStop.com could help you. They say you will find a selection of freelance and contract job opportunities.

However, after my last few reviews of sites that promise jobs online and don’t offer any real work, I am a little wary, to say the least.

Having seen both positive reviews and negative reviews about this site, I thought I would take a look to see what they really offer. So I signed up to give you a complete review.


Product: Home Job Stophomejobstop review logo
Overall Ranking: 70 out of 100 or 3.5/5 stars
Price: Special of $18 when I signed up, the normal price is $59
Owner: Rita Farrow
Website: https://www.homejobstop.com/


What is Home Job Stop?

This an online job board featuring telecommuting and work from home jobs. They have been online since 2000. The jobs available can be full-time or part-time, contract, or freelance and these are real job opportunities.

This could save you time and money, not having to invest in lots of so-called job opportunities and the associated hype that we have seen from companies like MyFlexJob.com or Home Job Group.

Rita Farrow decided to start Home Job Stop after buying a course online that was meant to teach her how to make money from home. The course came with the familiar promises that it would be easy but turned out to be a scam.

Rita continued searching for work from jobs but was disappointed with what she found. So she created a new job site with only screened jobs and no scams.

Home Job Stop was created and has been in business for 19 years, which is a good testimonial in itself. There aren’t many websites that stay around that long.


Who is this for?

This is for anyone searching for genuine work at home jobs, you won’t find any get rich quick schemes here, which makes a pleasant change. Although the jobs may be home-based some might involve a lot of traveling. Most of the jobs are based in the US but there are a few opportunities in other countries such as Canada and Europe.


What sort of jobs are available?

There is a wide range of jobs available in 12 categories, as you can see below.

job categories

Many of the jobs require some form of qualification or experience, but not all.

For example, if you enjoy writing, there are many jobs available that don’t require any qualifications. If you are passionate and knowledgeable about a certain subject there are openings, if you are capable of correcting and condensing articles there are jobs available or there are jobs writing product reviews. In the writing category, there were 101 jobs available.

The advertisements give you the job title, job description, requirements, job term, location, and contact details.

All in all, there is a good choice of jobs, there’s one thing you will need for all of the jobs, that is a high-speed internet connection. Apart from that, the requirements for each job are different, you will need to go through the list.


Searching for a job

You can search for a job by going through the opportunities in the different categories or you can search by job title, job description, or US state. This could save you a lot of time going through all the job listings, especially if you are searching for a particular sort of job or you know where you will be based.


Are the jobs current?

One of the problems with online job boards is that they often advertise jobs that are no longer available and I have seen some reviews accusing HomeJob Stop of this. The jobs are listed in each category by date, the most recent show up first.

I joined the site in December 2015 and checked out the dates when the jobs were added. There were some from December, many from November, and quite a lot from the months preceding this, some even going back to 2014. Although many of the job adverts were maybe a few months old, they still seem to be current. I clicked on the link to the company that posted the ad to check.

Nonetheless, I did find some adverts dating from 2014 that were no longer current, although even some of these links take you to a page where they had job opportunities.

I was surprised to find that the jobs dating from a year were still current, some of these jobs were for translators, tutors, mystery shoppers, or career coaches. I suppose they have a quick turnover for these types of positions, so they are always recruiting new employees. At the same time, it makes you wonder if the people doing these jobs are happy or if they are being exploited and give up relatively quickly.

While it’s a shame that not 100% of the ads are still current, overall I was quite impressed.


Pros and Cons


  • No outrageous claims that you will make lots of money
  • You can work from home
  • Get rich quick schemes with lots of hype are not allowed
  • No paid ads on their job board
  • Lots of real jobs, often with well-known companies
  • A small one-time membership fee
  • If you don’t like it you can get a refund
  • It will save you time, no need to search the internet for job opportunities, find job listings in one place


  • You have to pay to find work
  • Some jobs may no longer be available
  • Jobs are mainly for the USA with some in Canada and Europe



There is no real-time support if you have a problem you have to send HomeJobStop an email via the contact button. But then again any problem you have will probably be between you and the advertiser.

As a member, you also have the option to download an ebook, which could help you in writing resumes, preparing for an interview, or negotiating your salary.



The price when I was on the site was $18, which apparently is a limited time offer, with a regular price of $36. There is a 60-day Clickbank guarantee.

I like the fact that this is a one-off payment for a lifetime membership. With a reliable guarantee, you can see if the site might provide value to you with no risk.


What Home Job Stop members are saying

Although some other reviews said there were many complaints about Home Job Stop, I only found a few. I searched for the term HomeJobStop complaints, scam, and a few others but came up with relatively little for a company that has been online for 19 years.

It’s perfectly normal for totally legitimate and useful programs to have their detractors. I didn’t find many positive comments either. Are the members of this site particularly discreet?

Anyway here is a selection of what I found:

Negative comments

complaints 1

“Most listings are expired” – I found some listings that were out of date, but certainly nothing on the scale of this complaint.

complaints 4

“Site down for 2 months” – I find this very surprising, why would a site that is very simple have so much downtime. I haven’t experienced any problems logging in.

Not being able to find a job in 4 years, could be worrying, but of course, this will depend on what sort of work you’re looking for and where you’re located. I would recommend checking it out to see if there are any jobs that might interest you if not, use the guarantee to get your money back.

Positive comments

Some comments from people who have found the site useful, even if one person was disappointed with the number of current jobs.

complaints 2

complaints 5

complaints 3

On the HomeJobStop site, there are some glowing testimonials, however, while they may be genuine I am always a little skeptical of these sorts of endorsements.


My final opinion

I was pleasantly surprised with HomeJobStop, but one thing many don’t like is having to pay to find work. This could be one reason why some sites refer to Home Job Stop as a scam. Rest assured this is legit!

The site is ad-free, they don’t charge the companies to place adverts, and they verify all jobs in their job bank – so it’s normal for them to cover their costs and to make their money somewhere.

The advantage of allowing companies to place free ads is they have a larger selection of jobs and also they can eliminate any low quality or scam sites that they might be tempted to publish if they were receiving their money.

If you’re struggling to find a job this site is worth a look. The price to join is very reasonable and if you don’t find anything that suits you, there is the guarantee to fall back on. Most jobs are in the US, if you are from a different part of the world you may not find many job offers.

Verdict: Recommended

An alternative

If you really can’t find a job, have you ever considered starting your own business? I recommend affiliate marketing, you can see how to get started in my post affiliate marketing for beginners. You will not earn money straight away and you will have to put in a lot of work, but the rewards can certainly make it worthwhile.

If you have had any experience with HomeJobStop job bank, I would love to hear what you thought and whether they helped you find a job or not. Just leave a comment below.



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