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Overall Ranking: 10 out of 100 or 0.50/5 stars
Price: $14.95 per month or onetime fees of $49.95 or $99.95
Owner:  Ann Wilson
Website: https://www.homejobgroup.com


Home Job Group (HJG) is a membership site that gives members access to a list of online job opportunities. I am always suspicious when you have to pay to obtain a job. There are many scams involving sites that provide lists of companies requiring workers. Consequently, you have to be sure a site is legitimate before parting with your money. In this review I will be looking to see if Home Job Group is a good place to look for work online.



The company was started in 2006 after Ann Wilson was made redundant and she had trouble finding a new job. Ann eventually found an online job and after her experience she decided to create a site to help other people who might find themselves in a similar situation.


Who is Ann Wilson?

Perhaps the question should really be – does Ann Wilson really exist? There were photos of the person who is meant to be Ann Wilson on other sites. Why do they put false photos on the site, if this person really exists? I’m already wondering if this is a legitimate program.Ann Wilson HJG

What is Home Job Group?

HJG is a company that connects people looking for a job with companies who are searching for workers. The jobs offered are real jobs, you won’t be running your own online business or taking part in a get rich quick program.


Who is this for?

Home Job Group is for anyone looking a job from home. Ideally applicants should have some experience or skill in the job they are applying for, although HJG says you don’t need any specific skill. However, can you do transcription work, translation, graphic design, web design or article writing without some expertise in these fields.

The companies are supposed to be looking for workers in all countries and it doesn’t matter what language you speak.


How does HJG work?

After you have signed up and paid your fee you are sent job offers. I didn’t actually sign up with Home Job Group because I don’t think it is legitimate.

I have read reviews of people being sent:

  • jobs with links that don’t work
  • how to make money on Twitter with a product priced at $100 (not a real job)
  • no job offers
  • some jobs offers that require a skill


Other reasons to doubt this company

1. HJG has a list of current jobs and I found three photos from different dates with exactly the same number of job opportunities available. Is this just a coincidence?

HJG jobs in databasehome jobs new members offer


2. Home Jobs Group has a special new members offer. The offer is for three ebooks with a supposed value of over $350.

In reality, after a little research you can buy these ebooks online for a few dollars.


3. Apparently HJG has been reviewed by the best review sites and always been ranked #1 for finding work from home. onlinejobreviewsitesI have never heard of any of these sites, furthermore, these are sites that get hardly any traffic and they certainly aren’t authority sites. Perhaps they were created just to make Home Jobs Group look more realistic.

4. The site is not kept up to date, they make reference to an article about the growth in people working from home for the year 2009. Surely a serious site would include current information.


Pros & Cons


  •  the only positive point about this site is 60 day ClickBank guarantee


  • you need to pay to see the job opportunities
  • no assurance you will secure a job
  • you can probably find the same or more jobs by using Google or other companies for free


How much does it cost?

There are three different membership prices.

  • Basic Membership $14.95 per month – you get access to the basic home job database with hundreds of job offers.
  • Premium Membership $49.95 one-off payment – access to the premium database with more than 2000 jobs plus access to a private area where they have some “hand-picked” jobs. In addition, you will also receive any updates to the list.
  • Ultimate Placement Service Membership $99.95 – you get everything that’s included with the Premium membership and you fill out a short application form. HJG then use this form to apply for different jobs on your behalf, they then follow up with the different companies until they get a reply.

This sounds good, but unfortunately, the reality seems to be a little different. I have read about people not getting any personal help from Home Jobs Group, even after paying for the most expensive membership where they should receive a personalized service.

All three membership plans come with an 8-week guarantee.


My final opinion

I can’t recommend Home Job Group, as we have seen there are many question marks about the legitimacy of this company. Consequently, I certainly wouldn’t risk my money with HJG to find a job online. If you are really desperate and you want to try this, there is a ClickBank guarantee which is reliable.

Is it necessary to pay to find a job? No, it is possible to find jobs similar to the ones listed on Home Job Group by searching Google or the other search engines. To be perfectly honest, you will probably find more opportunities than with HJG. There are also some legitimate companies that specialize in connecting people to jobs, for example, monster.com, careerbuilder.com or simplyhired.com

As with many online programs you will find a large number of positive reviews for HJG, these are affiliate marketers who are promoting the program, so don’t believe everything you read.

Verdict: Not Recommended

If you are having trouble finding work you can do from home, here is an alternative to Home Job Group. This is not a real job, you will be creating your own business. This may sound daunting, to begin with, although once you start the training everything is explained and you will see it’s quite easy.

This program is 100% legitimate and I know from experience that it works. To achieve success you must work hard and it will probably take a few months before you see your first commission. One of the big advantages of this program is that you can check it out for free.

You can see below a comparison between my #1 recommendation and Home Job Group.



  • HJG Scam or Legit Review


Description: Home Job Group is a middleman between an employer and someone looking for work. After signing up you are given online job opportunities.

Price: 3 membership levels $14.95 per month, $49.95 or $99.95 one off payments

My opinion: There are several reason for doubting the legitimacy of HJG. My advice would be not to join this company, there are other ways to find work from home that won’t cost you any money.

Website: http://www.homejobgroup.com


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