The Traffic Authority Review. Scam or good opportunity?

In my Traffic Authority review you’ll find out what this program, that has been online only since August 2015, has to offer. The sales video still talks about the program being in pre-launch stage, although the official launch was 19th August. Why haven’t they updated the video?

You also receive emails still talking about the pre-launch and the launch even though it was more than 3 months ago. I don’t understand why they haven’t updated everything, seems pretty unprofessional to me. As my first contact with this program I wouldn’t say it’s something that instills confidence, but let’s look a little deeper.


Product: Traffic Authoritythe traffic authority review logo
Overall Ranking: 10 out of 100 or 0.5/5 stars
Price: Several products with prices from $20 per month for a reseller license to Traffic Packages costing up to $8397
Owner: Greg Chambers, Doug Wellens and Chad Stavley (Streamlined Marketing Systems)



The company was founded by Greg Chambers, Doug Wellens and Chad Stavley, who are apparently known as traffic experts, the parent company is Streamlined Marketing Systems, Inc based in Florida.

Traffic Authority (TA) was previously known as Infinite Leverage System, an MLM company with a similar set up. Infinite Leverage was launched towards the end of 2014 and had two products Clickbrilliance, which had some of the same tools you find in TA and traffic packages.

Now its site redirects to TA. The question is, why did they restart the company under a different name and will TA go the same way in a few months?



What is Traffic Authority?

This program is all about traffic and they say TA will become your destination for internet marketing tools and training. They provide three different products all traffic related:

  • Traffic Store – you can buy traffic packages that supply a certain number of clicks to your website
  • Traffic Optimizer – different tools to help you analyze your traffic sources or to make landing pages…
  • Traffic Academy – training to become an expert in generating leads, traffic and sales

Each of the 3 parts of the program has a price, so you can buy any one part separately.

That’s the traffic part of the program, although the main part of this program seems to be recruiting new members.

Traffic Authority is also an MLM scheme and from their videos it seems that it’s this part of the program that is most important to the owners. To be eligible to sell each of the above products you have to buy it yourself. Then your downline will have to do the same: sign up, buy one or all 3 of the products. After that they are qualified to sell, which means commissions for them and for you.


Who is this for?

This could be for you if you have a website that needs traffic, you want to learn about how to obtain leads and traffic or you need some of the tools that are provided.

Then there are the business opportunities, if you are happy with the products you can earn commission promoting them. Although, the main element of the program seems to be the multi level marketing part of the program and recruiting new members. So, if you think you are capable of selling these products and obtaining new members you could give it a try, but you should know that getting sales of these products won’t be easy.


What you get

As is so often the case with these programs that constantly go on about how much you might be earning, it’s not really made that clear what is included in the products you will be buying and probably selling.

For example, I would like to know:

  • How they get their leads and if they are really good quality, all you are told is that they come from the US and Canada
  • Exactly what’s included with the Traffic Optimizer program, all you are given are very general details
  • What’s invovled in the Traffic Academy training

I think it’s reasonable to expect a company, who hopes to enlist you as a reseller, to go into some detail about the products. At the same time the lack of details doesn’t really surprise me because their main interest seems to be about getting new members.

All you are given is a general vague description of Traffic Optimizer or Traffic Academy. As for the traffic packages you just get the price of the packages and the number of clicks as you can see below. There is also the Diamond Package with 6800 – 7600 clicks for a price of $8,397

traffic packages

This traffic seems very expensive to me, I certainly wouldn’t be willing to pay $220 just to see if the traffic is quality.

I have read of people getting clicks to their websites from the traffic packages, but I don’t know if they have made sales. It’s very difficult to obtain a true picture when many comments are from members who are hoping to make their own sales.


Compensation Planinfinite leverage

As these compensation plans sometimes get a little complicated I will try to keep it as simple as possible. This plan is called Infinite Leverage and is designed to reward the person who makes the sale and also the person who referred them.

When you make a sale, there is a different commission for the 3 products. Starting at $20 a month for Traffic Optimizer, $50 a month for Traffic Academy and to up to $4,000 per sale on the traffic packages.

As Traffic Authority wants to encourage the sponsor to give more help to their referral, the commission on the first 6 sales of any product are split 50/50. Then after these 6 sales the commission reverts to 80/20, 80% for the referral and 20% for the sponsor.purchase to be qualified to sell

The big problem with this program, is that to receive commissions you need to be qualified to earn on the product. To be qualified there are 2 choices, either you buy the product which qualifies you immediately or you obtain 3 sales of each product. If you choose to sell 3 of the products, the commission from these 3 sales goes directly to your sponsor.

That’s the basics of the compensation plan, there is just one other point, to become a reseller, you first have to buy a reseller license which costs $20 per month.

TA do have an income disclaimer on their site stating that the average income for an affiliate is between $500 and $2000, some earn less and some much more. It’s always worth remembering that the vast majority of people fail with MLMs. Selling these products will be very hard work, trying to convince people to pay so much for unknown products may prove to be nearly impossible.

It looks like Traffic Authority relies on the recruitment of new members buying the unknown products, with the sole aim of qualifying to earn commissions from other recruited members who in turn do the same. I don’t think this is sustainable, when there are no more recruits they will collapse. This is probably what happened to Infinte Leverage.


Pros and Cons


  • You could possibly make money selling these products


  • Program seems to be about getting new members
  • Lots of hype
  • False looking testimonials
  • Products seem to be of secondary importance
  • No detailed description of products
  • Products are too expensive
  • Only credit card payments
  • No free trial
  • Problems with support and getting refunds


How much does this cost?

You can join Traffic Authority for free, but you don’t get much, just some very elementary training. To start selling the products you need to purchase the resellers license, which is $20 per month. This gives you the chance to start selling the products and to get paid as per the compensation plan that I described earlier in the article.

However, the problem if you do this is you won’t know much about the products you will be marketing. This is not something I would be willing to do, they might be great products or they could be a load of rubbish.traffic authority products and prices

This means you will have to buy the products to see if they are any good or not, the prices are:

  • Traffic Optimizer tools is $27 per month
  • Traffic Academy is $97 per month
  • Traffic Store packages from $220 – $8397

The next question is – will people be willing to buy these products at these prices? To me, the tools and the academy seem way over priced and they are monthly payments! If these programs are so good what have they got to lose by giving a free trial? In fact, I would say if the Optimizer tools and Academy training offer real value they could have much to gain.

Then we come to the Traffic packages, investing $220 and not knowing the quality of traffic you will be getting isn’t serious. How many people can afford this kind of money, I would rather try PPC for less and know I am receiving targeted traffic.

Paying prices like this and not knowing what you’re really buying isn’t something I would consider. Furthermore, all payments have to be made by credit card, which is another negative point.

Refund Policy

As you can see TA do offer a satisfaction guarantee. To cancel a subscription or request a refund, you will need to submit a support ticket, email support or phone the support center. There are complaints online of not getting replies from support.

refund policy


What their members are saying

It’s possible to find both positive and negative comments online, but there are not a great number of user experiences, perhaps because the program is quite new or perhaps they haven’t many members.

Anyways, most of the negative comments are about having trouble contacting support and getting refunds. Having to cancel your credit card (as below) to stop being charged is pretty bad. Personally, I am no longer prepared to give credit card details to these doubtful programs, if they don’t accept PayPal I don’t join. Complaints like this would be enough to stop me from joining.

complaints 1



Traffic Authority policies and disclosures

Can you have confidence in a company that hides its different policies and disclosures, like this.
privacy terms disclosure refunds
Hope you can just make them out. That’s how they look until you roll your cursor over them and then they get a little darker.


My final opinion

I don’t recommend Traffic Authority. You shouldn’t have to so pay much for the tools and training they are selling. They seem way overpriced and you have no idea if they are good products. The same can be said for the traffic packages, too expensive and you have no idea about the quality of traffic. Will they bring you visitors to your site and more importantly achieve some sales? The problems with obtaining a refund are another reason to keep clear.

It is possible to promote the program without buying the products, although, can you reasonably do this? Promoting something you don’t know, you are not sure to be providing something of value to your customers. You may be able to earn some money in the short-term, but you will damage your reputation and business in the long term.

Promoting products without making any purchases will still cost you $20 per month for your reseller license and you lose the commissions on the first three sales of each product. If you decide to promote the Traffic Optimizer and Traffic Academy and qualify for the commissions it will cost a staggering $144 per month including the reseller license. When you compare this to other online courses that include step by step, training, hosting, tools, and 24/7 support for a third of this price, you have to wonder how they can justify these prices and whether you will make any sales.

Success in this sort of business requires hard work, commitment and good sales skills, which means it’s certainly not something for newbies.

For me this program has too many unknowns, it’s too expensive, has too much hype and is probably not sustainable.  A company that is more interested in recruiting new members than providing products of value should be avoided.

Verdict: Not recommended


Hopefully you have decided not to join Traffic Authority, if this is the case you may be wondering what you should do now. I can guide you towards a legitimate training program that has worked for me and provides me with a monthly income. That program is Wealthy Affiliate, you can check it out for free (no credit card needed) to see if it’s right for you.

Below is a comparison chart where you can see everything Wealthy Affiliate has to offer.


If you have any experience with Traffic Authority I would really like to hear your opinion or if you have any question or comments please leave them below.


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