My Flex Job Review – Is this a job scam?

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My Flex Job give the impression that they offer real jobs with Fortune 500 companies. Seemingly jobs for anyone looking for a solid full time or part time career online. After some research, what I found was very disappointing. There are no real jobs.

It’s strange they have chosen this name. Is it just to confuse people with a completely legitimate company FlexJobs?

In my review, you will see what this is all about and why you shouldn’t sign up.


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What is My Flex Job?

According to their publicity, they find flexible full time or part time jobs with Fortune 500 companies. The reality is a little different if you sign up for this company the only job you will be offered is trial offer processing.


Who is this for?

To become a member of My Flex Job you have to be 18 years old and live in the USA, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia or New Zealand.  Although they say it’s free to join, you will need a credit card to complete your membership. More about this later!

They are supposedly helping more than 700,00 people per year to find jobs.


What exactly is a Flex Job?

A flex job is any employment that isn’t a 9 -5 job. It could be:

  • Telecommuting (working from home)
  • Part-time work
  • Flexible schedules
  • Freelance or contract jobs
  • Short-term, temporary assignments


The sign-up process

You can become a member of MyFlexJob for free, but before you can start any trial offers you have to complete a certification process. This involves watching a video and installing some backup software (My PC Backup) on your computer and for that, you have to pay a fee.


Why do you need the backup software?

They give a few reasons for this:

  1. It’s to protect the information in the trial offers that is very valuable to them
  2. You have to pay for this software with a credit card, this is to verify that you are at least 18 years old
  3. It shows them you can follow a few simple instructions

There is a free version of the software, but MyFlexJob requires you to upgrade to a paid offer. The software has a price they say of $25 and a little later you are told you can pay monthly, which is about $8 or $9 per month. As long as you take a paying option MyFlexJob is happy.

I thought this was a little strange so I went to the My PC Backupmypcbackup affiliate payments website and I saw they had an affiliate program. My PC Backup pays $120 for a paid member and just $5 for a free member.

As MyFlexJob certainly obtains more than 20 sales a month they might be paid even more or have some other arrangement, but they will be paid for getting new members for My PC Backup.

Therefore, you can see completing the certification process is just a ruse for MyFlexJob to earn a nice commission and the software isn’t needed to complete trial offers.


Your account is credited

To offset the cost of the backup software, your MyFlexJob account is credited with 2500 points.  However, when did 2500 points have the same value as $25? You’re right, 2500 points have absolutely no value and to cash out your points you need 5000 or the equivalent of $50. Consequently, you will need to complete a few offers before you will get your cash back. This free program has already cost you money!

I didn’t actually complete the certification for the program because I refuse to download software I don’t want on to my computer. If you are interested in completing trial offers there are sites, like Clixsense or QuickRewards, that you can join for free.

Supposing that you have paid for the software and you are unhappy either with the backup software or think you have been cheated by My Flex Job, contact MyPCBackUp you might be able to get a refund from them. Once you have the refund I think it would be a good idea to try a legitimate program where you are taught how to make money online, building your own business.


How this works?

Once you are certified you can proceed to what they call the “job center” to start completing offers. In the video, you were told that you will be processing some basic data and performing email verifications. The truth is, there is more to completing trial offers than you were told.


What are trial offers?

Trial offers are generally trying something out for free. The problem is, if you’re not careful these free trials can cost you money.

For many free trials, you have to give your credit card details to qualify for the reward. In the majority of cases, you won’t want to buy the product you have tried, but you will need to take some action before the trial expires to cancel. If not, you risk receiving other products and having your credit card charged.

When you sign up to take a trial you must pay attention to the terms and conditions and make sure there are no pre-checked boxes that commit you to further charges. For more information about what you need to be aware of, read this article from the FTC

Here is an example of some free trials from and as you can see the prices paid are well below the $10 – $30 promised on My Flex Job. These are the sort of prices you should expect to be paid for most trials.

inboxdollars trial offers

When you do several of these free trials you will need to keep a record, noting carefully the dates you should cancel by. Also keep an eye on your credit card statement, if you notice any charges you didn’t agree to, contact the company to reach an agreement. If they don’t want to reimburse you, then call your credit card company and ask for a chargeback.

Merchants don’t like chargebacks, they lose a sale and they have to pay the processing fees.


Getting paidincome table

You are told you will be paid $23.75 dollars per hour, which is the average wage members of the program are earning. This correlates to being paid $10 – $30 for every trial you process and the average trial takes 20 – 30 minutes to complete. My Flex Jobs give you a table showing how much you can earn.

However, most trial offers pay much less than this, from $2 – $20, with most paying about $3 or $4.  Which means you won’t earn anything near the $23.75 that is promised. Your rewards are credited to your account in the form of points, 100 points for every $1 earned. To cash out you need 5000 points.


Pros and Cons


  • Completing trial offers is a legitimate way of earning some extra money


  • Misleading publicity promising jobs with Fortune 500 companies
  • Inflated earnings promises
  • Program not free to join as stated
  • You have to download and pay for unnecessary software
  • You must be careful when completing trial offers if you’re not prudent they might cost you money
  • Many complaints


Red Flags

stock photo and owners not named

This program has some of the common signs that can alert us to online scams:

  • The owner of the program isn’t named
  • Exaggerated earning claims
  • Stock photo for the offices
  • Testimonial videos that are clearly made by actors probably from
  • Pressure tactics – sign up now or it may be months before there will be another opportunity
  • Having to pay to install the backup software. This really is not needed to complete trial offers and is clearly just for the benefit of My Flex Job, in the way of commissions they receive.


Member complaints

There are many complaints online for:

  • having to pay for a product to obtain certification although the program is advertised as free
  • not being the sort of job that was advertised
  • not able to earn as much as promised
  • having to pay for backup software, that has nothing to do with this program





The also say this about My Flex Job comment on MyFlexJob

If this isn’t enough to put you off this program you can see more complaints on


My final opinion

MyFlexJob is a site that misleads people into believing they can find real jobs when in fact all they propose is trial offers. Yes, you can earn some money with trial offers, but not as much as you are led to believe with this program.

Before signing up and giving your credit card details you must thoroughly check out the offer and note the date you must cancel to avoid having your card charged. I wouldn’t recommend trial offers where you have to give your credit card details, if you’re not careful this could end up costing you money.

Another big negative point is that you have to subscribe to, download and install some backup software on your computer. This software has absolutely nothing to do with completing offers. The only reason for this is so My Flex Job can receive their commission.

Verdict: Not recommended


If you’re interested in completing trial offers there are sites you can join for free, nevertheless, I think there are better ways to earn money online.

How would you like to build a business around one of your passions or hobbies? It’s possible! You will need a good training program with help and support, some hard work and determination. You have to provide the hard work and my #1 recommendation will give you step by step training and support 24/7.

It’s FREE to check out. You get 10 free lessons to build the foundations of your own business and 2 free websites.

Below is a table comparing this training course with MyFlexJob.


If you have any experience, questions or comments about MyFlexJob I would love to hear from you.



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