QuickRewards Network Review – another scam or a legitimate business?

QuickRewards Network scam or legit

Product: QuickRewards Network
Overall Ranking: 60 points out of 100  3/5 stars
Price: Free
Owner: Dmitry Beker


What is QuickRewards Network?

QuickRewards (QR) was founded back in 2002 by Dmitry Beker and is another “Get Paid To” website.  At QuickRewards you get paid to complete certain tasks such as taking surveys, visit websites, playing games, shopping, completing trial offers, and watching videos. QR does have quite a good reputation.


Who is this for?

This is for anyone who wants to make a little money online for carrying out some small relatively simple tasks. The only criteria to qualify is you must reside in the United States, Canada or the United Kingdom. However, anyone who is under the age of 18 must have their parent’s permission to join the site.




  • free to join
  • quite simple to complete tasks
  • money available at any time with no minimum threshold


  • not going to replace a full-time job
  • time-consuming
  • only for people who just want some extra cash
  • you give your email address to several different companies
  • must be a resident of USA, Canada, UK

Quick Rewards ways to earn money or points

How to earn money on QR?

The available offers are not from QuickRewards company itself but from partner companies. So, you will have to sign up with quite a few different companies to get access to the different offers.


The problem with surveys is the time it takes to complete them, too long for too little reward. Before you are in the position to actually earn some money from taking the survey you have to go through the selection process and after that, you may not qualify to take the survey. You may have passed your time for nothing.

Shop Online

Although it is possible to make some good savings, you have to spend money to achieve this. It is OK only if you really need the product you buy and would have bought it anyway.

Visit Websites

You are expected to visit some sponsored sites for which you will gain some points.

Read Paid Emails

Members are encouraged to read e-mails to be rewarded with some points. If you decide to take advantage of the offer embedded in the e-mail you have the chance to earn a little extra.

View Video Clips

There is an assortment of video clips that you can watch to earn points.

Trivia Game

If you are good at answering trivia questions you have the chance to win points with the daily trivia question.

Guess My Number Game

Play the “guess my number game” a bit of fun and you can win a few points.

Search The Web

You can also search the web with the Quick Rewards search engine to gain some points.


If you refer someone to QR you can earn 5% of what that person earns.


Cash and Point system

At QuickRewards you can either be paid in cash, in Quick Points, or for certain tasks tokens.

Cash can be earned for completing surveys, but also trial offers, replying to trivia questions, clicking ad links, and online shopping.

Quick Points are earned for visiting sites, clicking ads, or watching video clips. For a rough guide, 100 points are worth one cent.

Tokens are can be earned when you complete certain tasks, they are a sort of bonus for completing these tasks. Your tokens can be converted into prizes that are found in the QR prize catalog.


Elite Member Loyalty Program

It is possible to receive a small additional bonus if you qualify for the Elite program. To become a member of Elite you must complete 75 surveys in a quarter or make at least 5 purchases of $10 or more during a quarter.
After your fifth order you will receive a bonus:

  • $0.25 bonus for orders between $10 and $99.99
  • $0.50 bonus for orders between $100 and $499.99
  • $1.00 bonus for orders of $500 or more


Getting your cash

There are two ways of being paid.

You can cash out your earnings whenever you like and for whatever amount you like (there is no minimum). If you decide to get paid via Paypal you should receive your money within 24 hours.

Gift Cards
You can opt for gift cards – from both online and offline stores.


Help and support

Should you need any assistance or if you have a question you can either email the support team or search in the FAQ.


How much to join?

Quick Rewards is completely free to join.


My final opinion

QuickRewards is not a scam and there are many people who enjoy sites like these. They don’t make any wild claims that you are going to get rich using their program, nevertheless, for me, the big downside is the amount of time you have to spend to earn any money. Although they payout quickly and with no minimum amount required, which is rare for sites of this type, this is not a site I would recommend. You may spend a few hours just to earn a few cents.

Therefore don’t count on QR to earn a fortune or replace your normal day-to-day job. If you do want to join QuickRewards, after all, it is legitimate, use this site just to earn a little extra money.

Verdict: Legit, but not recommended


Are you looking for a real income?

Although it is possible to earn a small income from QuickRewards Network, there are of course better ways to use your time. If you devote your time learning how to develop a full-time business from home, you can earn your living online.

You could join Wealthy Affiliate, an online community, and learn how to build your own business, promoting legitimate products that you really care about.


Comparing Wealthy Affiliate and QR

Review Summary
  • QuickRewards Network


Description: At QuickRewards you get paid to complete certain actions like taking surveys, reading emails, watching videos etc.

Owner: Dmitry Beker

Price: Free

My opinion: QR is a legitimate site but not recommended simply because of the time it takes to complete these tasks, your hourly wage will be very small. I think there are better ways to use your time.

Website: https://quickrewards.net/


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