How to find your niche. What should you choose?

what is a niche

Finding your niche

Many people are worried when it comes to choosing their niche. The choice of niche is important for several reasons, it is the foundation of your website, it needs to be something that people are going to search for and you will be writing about this subject for a long time.

Little wonder that people might have difficulty and apprehension when choosing, however, there is no such thing as the perfect niche. In this article, I will be looking at the process of how to choose your niche.


What is a niche?

A niche is a very specific topic of a larger market, it shouldn’t be too broad.

For example

  • if your subject is weight loss you need to find a smaller sub-section
    • weight loss after giving up smoking
    • weight loss after pregnancy
    • weight loss after the menopause
  • if your subject is power tools your niche could be
    • cordless drills
    • reconditioned power tools
    • power tool accessories

A niche is really an audience or a group of people who are looking for something specific. You should remember that there are billions of people searching the internet, so even what may seem to be a very small niche has the potential to interest many people. I said small, but what I really mean is specialized.


How to choose your niche

The most common advice when choosing a niche is to choose something that you like or are passionate about. This could be a hobby or a pastime.

This is good because you already have some knowledge and as it is something that you like you won’t get bored with the subject after just a few weeks. With any niche, you choose you must bear in mind that you will be creating a site around this topic and writing about it for a long time.

Another idea is to choose a niche where you have some expertise perhaps from your profession. Although before going down this road make sure that you have enough enthusiasm to keep working on the subject in the evenings and weekends in addition maybe to your daytime job.

Otherwise, you could choose something that you would like to do, a new hobby or occupation. This can be good because you have to research, find resources and find the solutions to the problems you encounter. You are in many ways in the same position as your target market.

Ideally, your niche will have demand and will interest others, but it is perhaps more important that the niche is suited to you. Of course, it is possible to create a niche because you think the subject will be lucrative, but if you’re not really interested you will struggle to create content.

Take a look at the video below where Kyle of Wealthy Affiliate takes you through the process of choosing your niche.

video choose your


Is the choice definitive?

It’s true choosing the correct niche is important, however, don’t worry about finding the perfect niche. Selecting your niche is a lasting choice, nevertheless, if it doesn’t work for you it’s always possible to start again. This time with the knowledge that you have gained so you won’t have worked for nothing.


A few tips to help you in your choice

You should remember it is possible to make money in more or less any niche. Your topic should be something that feels right for you, something that you will be able to write about. It is feasible to create a niche website for almost anything as long as you are passionate about the subject.

As we mentioned before it is possible to change your niche, just work on your site and see what works, then if you do decide to change niche you will at least have some knowledge. So find something that interests you and start building your website.

It is not necessary to have something that is totally unique in order to succeed. In fact, with all the sites on the internet, it would be very hard to find something totally new. You can see what competition there is in your niche and try to do something better. There is no niche that is too competitive.

How do you make a better niche site? Basically research (read reviews, comments, forums, articles, try products yourself) anything to do with your niche and see how you could improve on the information already available.

Specialize – pick a subject or market that interests you and then you are going to have to choose a subsection of that market. To do this you can visit or some of the top sites that are based on your subject and go down the menus looking at the different categories until you find one where you can create an expert site.


Why you need a niche

  • the more specialized you get the less competition there is, hence it is easier to be found in the search engines. It’s better to be ranked on the first page of Google for your niche keywords and get some traffic than on the tenth page for a broad keyword with no traffic.
  • you become known as an expert
  • it is easier to sell your products if you are considered an expert
  • you build a specific audience who are likely to have the same interests as you


How to earn money from your niche website

There are several ways to earn money from a niche website, here a just a few.

  • affiliate links – see below
  • AdSense links – you get paid when people click on the ad links, but to earn anything substantial you need to have steady traffic.
  • direct product sales – you can sell your own products or if you don’t want to have too much money tied up in stock you could try drop shipping where there are no inventory costs at all.

The way that I make money is by having affiliate links on my site – affiliate marketing. Put very simply it works like this:

  • you have a website
  • you find a product in your niche sold by someone else
  • you get an affiliate link for that product and add it to your site
  • a visitor to your site clicks on your link and buys the product
  • you receive your commission

Although this may sound simple, in reality, to get traffic and people to buy your products, this takes a great deal of work and time.


What you should do now

The most important thing for you to do now is to choose your niche. Take action, even if you are not 100% sure about your niche, it’s better to get started. Once you start writing content and adding to your site you will be learning and that can only be beneficial even if you decide to change your niche further down the road.

When writing remember you are writing for your readers, don’t worry about the search engines. They will eventually decide where your site should be. It will take several months probably before you start ranking well on Google and even longer before you start earning some money.

Consequently, don’t get disheartened and most importantly don’t give up. Keep in mind this is a long-term project, not something where you will get rich overnight.

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I hope this article has helped you in picking your niche, if you have any questions or comments on the subject of niches please leave them below. I will be delighted to have your feedback.






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