Can You Really Make Money Posting Ads on Facebook?

can you make money posting ads on facebook

Are you working from home and looking for a way to reach out to your audience? Facebook is filled with many different advertisements.

Wondering if the people behind the ads are actually making a profit? It’s actually a very simple and effective way to make money. Interested? To learn how to make money posting ads on facebook, keep reading!


Make Money Posting Ads on Facebook

Facebook allows advertisers to produce advertisements and target them towards specific audiences. Plus, with the various kinds of ads that are available, advertising on Facebook is an easy and effective way to make money!


Benefits of Using Facebook Ads

Facebook Advertising has many different benefits for businesses. I mean, with over 1.13 billion users active every day, the potential audience is enormous!



The average person is spending around 50 minutes a day on social media, meaning your ad will almost definitely get to the targeted audience, gaining their attention while they are going about their daily routines!

50 minutes may not seem like a lot in the grand scheme of things, but think about how much time you spend on a website, any website. Much less than 50 minutes right?

Using Facebook is a sure-fire way to get your advertisements into the hands of your audience. Plus, with the targeting options Facebook provides, businesses and marketers would be dumb not to take advantage and make money posting ads on Facebook!


Targeting Options

Facebook’s knowledge of your life is leaning a bit towards the scary side. But they collect this information so that you marketers and businesses looking to reach out, can reach out!

Thanks to this, Facebook has provided advertisers with some amazing options to create target audiences. Use them!

Businesses can put their advertisements directly into the hands of their target audience, without bothering or paying for anyone else to see them. Some of the options for targeting audiences are listed and detailed below.


Facebook offers the option to target audiences based on their geographic locations. All you need to do is choose how you wish to define your audience–

  • Target everyone in a certain location – determined by the address on their profile and the connection information of people traveling in a certain location. Good for sporting events or locals events soon to take place.
  • Target those who live in a certain location – determined by the location people have selected on their profile. Advertise any local business or service to this group.
  • Target those recently at a certain location – this is determined by device and connection details obtained by Facebook. This can include people traveling and living in a certain location. Useful for time sensitive sales – a sporting event or show.
  • Target people traveling within a location – again determined by the connection information for people more than 125 miles from their home. Good for things like car rentals or travel deals.

After that, you simply add the location, fine tune the radius and, if desired add another one!

Using Age, Gender, and Language

Pretty self-explanatory. Using this option you can make money posting ads on Facebook by detailing the target audience’s age, their gender, and their language. Of course, language can be left blank, unless you are targeting an audience speaking a different language than those in chosen locations.

Targeting Interests and Behaviors

This option gives a business the chance to easily earn money using ads on Facebook since it is the most detailed section. You can target a very specific group of people, to help guarantee your advertisement’s success.

Say you wanted to create an advertisement for your rock band’s performance, you can target those specifically interested in rock music. This level of targeting allows for your advertisement to more than likely be successful, plus you aren’t wasting money advertising to people who aren’t interested in rock music.

Utilizing Connections

Another category allows you to target your advertisement towards those who have or have not, interacted with your Facebook page, app, or event. This can be helpful for those who are looking to grow your audiences or track down a certain, familiar audience.

Custom Audiences

The final targeting option that Facebook provides is for custom audiences. This allows you to serve your advertisements directly to an audience of your creating. Pretty cool right?

There a are few different types of custom audiences:

  • A customer list – if you have a list of emails or telephone numbers, Facebook can match them up with its users.
  • Your website audience – you can insert a tracking pixel on your website, then target your ad to your site’s visitors over a certain period of time.
  • App activity audience – if you have an app associated with your website then you can create an audience based on what actions they take when they use your app.
  • Engagement audiences – create an audience from people who engage with certain ads or your page.
  • Lookalike audiences – you choose a source audience, for example, this could be a list of existing customers. Then Facebook will identify common qualities, such as age, gender, or interests, with people in their database. You can choose the size of your audience but by keeping it smaller you will have a closer match with your original source audience.


Other Benefits

Use of Images and videos

Using images and videos is an easy way to capture the interest of anyone scrolling through Facebook. Luckily, Facebook has created their advertisement options with this idea in mind.


Thankfully, Facebook seems to know that not everyone is a tech-marketer-wizard who knows all of the ins and outs of both marketing and technology. The simple set up provides a great way for anyone to make money posting ads on Facebook and get their advertisements out there!

Alright, now that we have gone through the targeting and other benefits of Facebook advertisements, time to move on to the actual ads that Facebook offers businesses and marketers.


Types of Ads facebook ads like share follow

There are 11 different kinds of ads that can be used. The variety allows for versatile and effective campaigns that target specific audiences. The different kinds of ads include:

  1. Boost your posts
  2. Page promotion
  3. Send people to your website
  4. Increasing conversions on your website
  5. Getting people to install your app
  6. Increasing engagement in your app
  7. Raising attendance for an event
  8. Getting views for a video
  9. Collecting leads
  10. Reaching out to those near your business
  11. Getting people to claim an offer

Each one will offer different benefits, so be sure you choose the type of ad that will help you accomplish your goals and fulfill your needs!


Desktop or Mobile?

It may be tempting to avoid mobile marketing due to complications, but make sure you do some research. According to a study, 60% of time spent on digital media has been found to be on mobile devices. In fact, app usage alone has become the majority for total digital engagement at a whopping 52%.

Just make sure you monitor your audience, their time on Facebook with mobiles versus being on a desktop. After all, just because one audience uses mobile devices to access Facebook a majority of the time does not mean that all audiences will have the same results!


Spending on Ads

Luckily, Facebook will allow you to create adjustable budgets for your advertisements!

Plus, you won’t have to worry about doing any of the tedious math to figure out how much you’ll spend! Facebook will do the math and tell you the max amount that you will end up spending on the ad!


Scheduling Your Ads

Tell Facebook when you would like your ads to run. It’s not bad to want your ads to only be shown during certain times of the day or week. In fact, the best times for Facebook may be after 9 a.m., since that is when traffic begins to build, and only until 4 p.m.

By scheduling your advertisements to run only during these hours on weekdays, there is a better chance for you to profit! You won’t be wasting money supporting an advertisement that will not likely be seen, but your advertisement will still be available during the hours that are most important!


Bonus: Tips to Successfully Make Money Posting Ads on Facebook

Here are a few tips to help you successfully make money posting ads on Facebook! Check ’em out!


Considering the URL

When you’re creating your ad, be sure you think about the URL. Placing it above the image/video and in the section of text is a great way to draw attention to it. And by drawing attention to it, you’re more likely to get the audience to click it!


Double Down

If you find an advertisement to be successful, invest in it!

There is no need to wait to increase the spending on a good advertisement, especially since, in the future, it may not work as well–or at all! After all, you’re looking to make money posting ads on Facebook, right?


Set Clear Goals

Define some goals for yourself and your ads. With goals, you are more likely to be successful in everything you do, that includes advertising! It’s always nice to have something to look forward to and work towards!


Don’t Target Fans

Your fans already know you and your amazing business! Target the people who don’t know you but would be interested in what you have to offer!


Choose a Good Landing Page

Choosing an awesome landing page is very important, it’s the first thing your potential customers will see about your business!

A landing page that offers a “Free Trial” button or some kind of discount is more likely to get the customers to stay on your page and even buy your content! I mean, think about it. Would you explore a page that offers nothing? I wouldn’t.


Track Your Ad

Don’t lose sight of your advertisement’s progress! Although it may be tempting to leave an ad alone if t is doing well, don’t!

You never know when things may change and the ad becomes ineffective. At that point, you need to take the ad down before you invest all your profits into keeping it alive!


Don’t Use Suggested Bid

Facebook will suggest a bid for your advertisement, do not feel obligated to accept it! For some reason, Facebook likes to suggest bids that are outrageously high, but it’s a simple fix!

Just change the bid suggestion to whatever price you are willing to pay and presto! Your ad is cheaper and giving you more profit.



It is, indeed, possible to make money posting ads on Facebook. In fact, it’s not only possible, it’s recommended.

As an entrepreneur, it is your job to ensure that your business is given every chance to flourish and grow, and utilizing Facebook advertising is one simple, yet effective way to do it!

While Facebook ads can be an economic way to get traffic to your website, I feel when starting it’s good to get free traffic from the search engines.

This is also known as organic traffic and is achieved by having the content of your posts optimized for the search engines.

Need more help or information on working from home? I learned about building an online business at an online training platform where they teach you the basics of how to set up your website and carry on through the different steps including SEO and Facebook ads. You can read more and check them out by clicking the link below!


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