Is Google AdSense Worth It?

Google AdSense Does It Work

When I started my own blog, I tried Google AdSense. I signed up and provided the details requested. I researched, studied how to put an ad on my blog, and observed day by day, week by week, the status of the ad, whether it was clicked by a visitor to my blog and if I had earned a few cents.

I also learned that your account has to reach $100 before you can withdraw your earnings. It was a few years ago but my earnings still didn’t reach $100.

Does Google AdSense work? Is Google AdSense worth it? Here are some things you should know about Google AdSense.


What is Google AdSense?

Google AdSense is a program run and owned by Google. Launched in 2003 Adsense is the largest online advertising network that pays you every time a site visitor clicks an ad displayed on your blog or website. The advertisement can be text or image.

Earning money through online advertising is a very practical way to cover costs for small websites or it can earn income for larger websites. AdSense is probably the simplest and maybe the easiest way to earn money online.

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How AdSense Works

Google AdSense and AdWords are both part of Google advertising network.

The AdWords program allows advertisers to create advertisements which appear in the search results and also on the network of their partner’s sites.

Google AdSense then pays the owners’ of these sites based on the number of times the ads were clicked. The amount of each click varies depending on how much the advertiser agreed to pay Google when they set up their advertisement in Adwords. It can vary from anything from a few cents to a few dollars.

When someone clicks on an ad you get about 68% of the revenue Google gets the rest.


Reasons to Use AdSense

Probably the easiest method of making money from a blog is with AdSense. This is a contextual ad network which means the ads displayed will be in relation to your content. Another method AdSense use is showing ads based on your visitor’s search history. This means your readers are shown targeted ads which ensures you will receive more clicks and more revenue.

Another thing to remember is that the majority of digital ad spending goes through Google, so I think we can rely on them to give you the ads that will convert the best.

A word of caution, although Adsense is a great way of making money, don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Google protects their advertisers and may close or suspend your account at any moment if they suspect click fraud. Therefore, diversify your income sources.


Does AdSense Devalue Your Content?

I know some people don’t like AdSense because they say it detracts attention from the content on your site. I think ads do distract your visitors from your copy. Here are few reasons AdSense could adversely affect your site.

  • As the ads shown on your site are contextual, your readers may see an ad that seems interesting to them and they click away from your site. Result one lost visitor!
    For example, if you have a site about lawnmowers AdSense may show adverts for lawnmowers which could encourage your visitors to click away from your site to a competitor’s site. Hence for a few cents or at best a few dollars you might lose a prospective client.
    However, you do have some editorial control over the ads appearing on your website. You can block:
    • competitor URLs
    • general categories such as real estate or dating
    • sensitive categories such as politics or religion
    • and more

    By blocking certain ads you will lower your potential earnings.

  • When people click on an ad they leave your site, the ad opens in the same window. This risks giving you a higher bounce rate.
  • Another negative point is having ads on your site you’re diluting your brand. What do people think when they see Adsense on your site? He just wants to make money he’s not really interested in helping us. Now that I’m a blogger I never think like that, I know how hard it is to monetize a site. So if someone has ads on their site and they choose to monetize that way, good luck to them!
  • If you put the Adsense ads at the beginning of a post or in the middle of your content this makes for a poor user experience and looks ugly. Although it produces a poor user experience and I don’t like to see adverts at the beginning or in the middle of an article I can’t say it makes me leave the site.

Personally, I think if you use Adsense wisely, I don’t like to see it at the beginning of an article or in the middle of your posts, then it’s fine. Utilize AdSense in moderation and don’t go overboard putting ads everywhere, then you won’t drive visitors away from your site for bad user experience. However, you may encourage some potential clients to click on ads from your competition.


How Much Can You Earn With AdSense

This question is often asked but impossible to answer. You hear stories of people making thousands of dollars per month with AdSense so you probably wonder if you can do the same.

There are a number of factors that determine your AdSense earnings.

  • Traffic is the major factor that will affect your earnings. The more people that visit your site the more likely you are to receive clicks and ad revenue.
  • The cost per click. The commission you receive will depend on how much the advertisers are paying Google for any particular ad.
  • Your niche. There are certain niches that have a higher cost per click than others, for example, health, insurance, financial loans, mortgages or hosting. The more competitive the search term the more the advertiser pays and the more you earn as a publisher.
  • The demographic of your visitors. If most of your traffic comes from the USA you will earn more per click than if your visitors come from India.Is Google Adsense worth it? Ad emplacement and sizes
  • The placement of the ads. When your ads are in a prominent position you are likely to receive more clicks.
    This is up to you, if you have important content, then you don’t want Adsense ads competing with this content. In this case, you could put the ads in the middle of your sidebar.
  • Type of ads – image or text
  • The size of your ad units. There are a number of different ad sizes you can install on your site.
  • Customization – choosing a certain style can make the ads more noticeable to attract more clicks.
    • you can make the ads blend in with your site by having the same background color
    • use the same colors as on your site but a different background
    • you can choose colors that contrast against the background of your site

You should experiment to find what: placement, type of ads, size of ads and customization works best for you.


Reasons You’re Not Making Money With Adsense

If you’re struggling to make much with AdSense there could be a few reasons.

  • The most important is traffic. If you’re only receiving a few visits per day you won’t make much with AdSense.
  • Not many relevant ads being displayed. This could be because there aren’t many ads related to your niche or it could be due to Google not being able to determine what your website is about. This is another reason to produce sufficient content to enable Google to identify the subject of your site.
  • Your site is in a low paying niche. If you have chosen a niche where the advertisers pay very little per click then you will earn very little.


Building A Website For Adsense

I have read of people building sites just to make money from AdSense. This is nearly the same process as for creating any niche website.

First, you should choose your niche, a subject you know a lot about is ideal. This means you will be able to write a lot of content. Writing content is necessary because if you choose the right keywords, you will achieve good search engine rankings and attract traffic to your site. And the more traffic you receive the more your earning potential.

If the primary goal of this site is to make money from AdSense you will need to pick a topic that is popular in countries with a high buying power like the US or the UK.

Although your main aim may be to earn with AdSense it’s always a good idea to add a few affiliate products to your marketing efforts. It’s always better to have more than one income source.

A website with just a few pages won’t make you much money. The more posts you write the better! This will give you more rankings in the search engines and will help Google to determine the subject of your website to display ads relevant to your site.


In Conclusion

There are a number of different opinions about AdSense, for some it works, for others it doesn’t. Some bloggers think it makes your site look spammy and can spoil the user experience.

One thing to remember, just because you put AdSense on your website doesn’t mean you will make money. This isn’t a scheme to get rich quick, you will have to put in the work to make money.

When using Adsense on your site you should consider:

  • Why your readers visit your site.
  • What is more important for you – your content or the ads
  • Where to place the ads to give your visitors a good experience

For most people AdSense will probably be a supplement to your websites earnings with your principal goal being to build a following of loyal visitors and creating an affiliate marketing income. If this is your case you don’t want Adsense competing with your content, so you will have to be less aggressive in the placement of the ads. You need to be clear about the primary goal of your site, affiliate income or Adsense income.

If you don’t mind having ads on your site and you’re getting enough traffic, I think AdSense is worth it. The sign-up process is quite easy, then experiment a little and see what results you get. I hope you are successful, but don’t rely on Adsense as your only source of revenue. Remember, Adsense earnings vary and your account could be suspended with no warning leaving you with no income.

AdSense combines well with affiliate marketing niche sites. To learn about affiliate marketing, getting traffic to your site and building your site I recommend an online training program that teaches all of this and much, much more. If you’re interested it’s FREE to sign-up and check out!

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Have you tried or are you going to try AdSense? Let me know about your experience in the comments below. I would love to hear from you!

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