Online Jobs Today Review – Another Link Posting Scam?

Online Jobs Today Another Link Posting Scam_

We’re all looking for ways to earn more money and when you see a job where you can make money easily it will definitely catch your attention. But don’t be fooled by catchy headlines. There are many so-called job postings which promise you easy money but turn out to be scams.

One of these such sites is Online Jobs Today which has been around for a while and under different names like Home Internet Career, Careers for You to name just a couple. This is a link posting work at home business opportunity made to sound very easy. In my review, you will see this isn’t as easy as they say.


Product: Online Jobs Todayonline jobs review logo
Overall Ranking: 0 out of 100 or 0/5 stars
Price: $97 +upsells
Owner: Unknown


Who Owns Online Jobs Today?

Apparently, Online Jobs Today used to showcase the success story of Kelly Scott, who was a fictional character. In the latest version of the sales page, there is no reference to Kelly Scott. Now, the only reference to anyone is on the Earnings Disclaimer page and there it is stated that the owner protects her identity by using a pen name, Kelly Simmons. So, no surprises here, the owner is unknown, the first red flag.


Several companies using the same website design

There are a number of companies that have identical sales pages, another red flag. Why does the same company need to have several identical sites if it’s not to confuse or mislead people? Also, they seem to have recently changed the design of their sales pages and removed a logo that was apparent on several well-known scams.

It’s surprising that they haven’t changed the name of the companies because anyone search for these programs will come across the many negative reviews. I suppose this shows just how lazy they are.

They are targeting people who are newbies to the make money online niche and are not used to carrying out research before joining a program.

Some of the companies I found with the exact same sales page are:

  • Home Jobs Today ( Jobs Today
  • Replace Your Job (
  • Careers For You (
  • Home Internet Careers (
  • Internet Careers online (
  • and there are probably others


How Does Online Jobs Today Work?

I’ve seen scams like this before and it is possible that there will be a lot more in the future. Online Jobs Today tells you, you will be posting links. Link posting is placing ad links in web pages and once these are in place you are given the impression you just wait for the money to roll in.

During sign up process, Online Jobs Today will ask you for info such as your name and e-mail address. But they don’t go into details of what you will be doing to earn the money they promise. You are just told if you have an hour a day, a computer and an internet connection you can “chart a new course”. This is surely a big red flag.


By making it seem this simple, their program is open to a wider selection of people, there are virtually no restrictions. If you have a computer this could be for you!

The sales page gives you some logical reasons why companies need people like you to post links, all the time insisting how you can start earning immediately and from your home.

However, before you start posting links you need to pay your membership fee. Then once inside Online Jobs Today there are 4 videos that explain where to place your ads or affiliate links and give you some tips on getting traffic. They make it seem ultra simple to earn money this way.

Steps 1 2 3

Unfortunately earning money this way isn’t as easy as they say. Yes, you may earn some money but you need to put in some work. This business model is called affiliate marketing and is a great way of earning money online. With Online Jobs Today, you are given the impression that it’s just a question of posting links perhaps on the social media sites, on forums, in comments you leave on other blogs or on sites like Craigslist.

By posting links in this way you will soon be known as a spammer and your links will be removed and you may even be banned from some of these sites. This clearly isn’t the way to proceed.

To do this properly you will need a website. If you’re interested in earning money this way I recommend you get some real training. My recommended educational site, Wealthy Affiliate, teaches you everything you need to know about setting up an online affiliate marketing business. And they have 100’s of videos and awesome step by step training.

This is very different to just the 4 videos you get at Online Jobs Today. Can you imagine getting started with just 4 videos, when a legitimate training platform has hundreds of videos, support whenever you need it and the different tools you will need?

Clearly, when you compare the 2 you can see you are getting very little value for money at Online Jobs Today. In addition, you will struggle to earn any money with the methods you are taught here.

See what a real training program offers

Pros and Cons


  • Difficult to come up with any pros, except that you can earn money from posting links when it is done correctly


  • Expensive program with little information
  • Worthless guarantee
  • Given unrealistic expectations – this isn’t as easy as they say and it takes time to earn money
  • Telephone calls from your “advisor” to convince you to part with more money


The “Rock Solid” Guarantee

This product comes with what looks like a 60-day guarantee, but when you look at the terms and conditions this isn’t as clear cut as you would imagine.


Who decides if you have made an honest effort? The people behind Online Jobs Today of course and will they judge in your favor? I’m very doubtful! In my opinion, this guarantee is more or less worthless.

In addition saying you will make money in the first 30-days is also deceptive. Normally it will take several months before you start earning with affiliate marketing.


The Price

The cost of this program is a one-time charge of $97.

When you pay you have to give your address and phone number. I don’t know why they need your phone number if it’s not to try and sell you some other useless training. You risk being contacted by your “advisor” who will try and find out how much money you have and if you don’t any cash they will see how much credit you can get. If they contact you best to hang up, you don’t want to talk to these people.



I couldn’t find any complaints about Online Jobs Today, perhaps because it’s quite recent, the domain was registered in August 2015. But I did find complaints about Home Internet Careers. I have posted just one here as it shows what I consider the worst part of these programs.

They phone you and ask you about your financial situation, to see whether you can put any more debt on your credit cards and then they hit you with more training at outrageous prices.


The Better Business Bureau (BBB) has severals complaints about,


The Final Word

Online Jobs Today is out to get your money, their sole intention is to mislead people into thinking they provide some magical system for earning money.

Whilst it is possible to earn money by posting affiliate links you should learn how to do this in a legitimate way that won’t see you spamming other sites. Their guarantee gives you little chance of getting your money back and if you suffer a telephone call from your “advisor” who is nothing more than a salesman, then this could turn out to be a very expensive mistake.

If you have been scammed by one of these companies, please share your experience with others and signal the fact to the different authorities, for example, the Attorney General’s office for your state, FTC and BBB among others. The more complaints they receive the more likely they are to take action.

It is frustrating that many people believe these schemes and become its victims without doing the necessary research to avoid the scams.

If you’re still interested in making money from posting links but in the form of affiliate marketing, there are some good training platforms online. Where you are taught how to build an affiliate marketing business from the foundation upwards.

Learn How To Build An Affiliate Marketing Business?

Get The Training and The Support You Need. Learn More Here!

If you have had any experience with Online Jobs Today or any of these programs please let me know in the comments below.

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