Clixsense Review – Legit or Waste Of Time

Product: ClixSenseClixsense review scam or legit logo
Overall Ranking: 60 points out of 100  3/5 stars
Price: Standard Member is Free, Premium Member $17 per year or $30 for 2 years
Owner: Jim Grago

Welcome to my ClixSense review. In this article I’ll be looking to see if it’s possible to earn money with ClixSense, a pay to click (PTC) site with a good reputation.  ClixSense says it’s possible to earn extra cash just by clicking.

I signed up to determine if it’s really that simple to earn by clicking.


ClixSense has been around since February 2007 and was founded by Mr. Steven Grisky. The company was sold in May 2010 to Jim Grago who is the current owner.

What is ClixSense?

This is a PTC site where you are paid for performing certain online actions as you can see in the image below. ClixSense provides the advertisers with low cost advertising and its members a chance to earn some small rewards.

online cash earning activities

YouTube video

Who is this for?

ClixSense is for anyone who wants to make a little extra money online. You must be 16 years old to join and the program is open to residents of the US and international residents.


How to earn with ClixSense


View Ads

You can get paid to Click on Ads. You are paid from $0.001 to $0.02.

The micro ads for which you are paid $0.001 last for 3 seconds but before that the ads have to load. For me on average it took 15 seconds to earn $0.001 or put another way that would work out at $0.24 per hour.

There are 5 different ad types:

  • extended last for 60 seconds pay $0.02
  • standard last for 30 seconds pay $0.01
  • mini last for 15 seconds pay $0.005
  • micro last for 3 seconds pay $0.001
  • sticky last for 5 seconds pay $0.001



Taking surveys is another way to earn on ClixSense. Before starting it is a good idea to fill out your surveys profile. That way hopefully you will have a better chance to actually qualify for some surveys.

On the tabs at the top of the page you can see how many surveys you are invited to take.  Taking surveys is the highest paying task at ClixSense, but the trouble is you don’t qualify for all the surveys. The price you are paid can be as high as $5 and at the other end of the scale 60 cents.

Most of the surveys pay instantly however some of the better paying surveys only pay after 30 or 40 days.


 earn money with surveys

As you can see from the image above I was invited to take 11 surveys. I tried 7 (the grey rectangles) but wasn’t able to complete any and this was after completing my survey profile. Obviously I don’t have the right demographic profile.

So after spending a fruitless 15 minutes I gave up and went to explore elsewhere.



Completing offers is another way to earn money on ClixSense. There are different types of offers:

  • trial shopping – buy or try a product for a trial period, you will not be credited immediately
  • cash back or discount shopping – make an acquisition of a certain amount and you get some cash back or a discount and of course your ClixCents. (1 ClixCents = 1 cent)
  • surveys
  • sign ups – to get your credits you must sign up to the offer and enter all the information they require
  • downloads – you are required to download perhaps a toolbar, an ebook or something else. With some downloads such a toolbar you may be required to keep it on your computer a certain time, before you gain your credit.
  • games – get paid for playing a new game, you may have to play for a certain period to be paid.

The rewards you can obtain go from 6 ClixCents to 1350 ClixCents.

It is possible you will not be credited for all the offers you complete because you didn’t match the demographic group required.



A task is a set of instructions you must follow to complete the job. A few example of tasks

  • find a business profile on Google and record the phone number
  • find product information
  • compare two images
  • collect details about a business from a social media profile

The tasks are provided by CrowdFlower, the crowdsourcing service and can pay anything from just few cents to several dollars.

When I visited the tasks section of the site there was nothing for me, although there were some potential tasks that would have been available if I was qualified. As a newcomer you start at level 0 and the potential tasks started at level 1.

I returned a day later there was a task “help us find posts that are talking about Coca-Cola doing social good” and the reward $0.01. Needless to say for such a reward I did not carry on with this task.

However if you are serious about earning with ClixSense you will spend your valuable time doing these tasks very often for just a few cents.



ClixgridClixgrid game of chance

Clixgrid is 600 piece grid, you click on a square and a new window opens up with an ad. You watch the ad for 10 seconds and then you are told if you have won or not. It’s a game of chance and you can win from a few cents to $10.

As a free member you have 30 clicks per day, a premium member has 60 clicks per day.

The time it takes to do 30 clicks a day would probably be close to 10 minutes.

I tried my 30 clicks, but surprise, surprise – no rewards for me.


ClixSense Affiliate Program

Perhaps the best way to earn with ClixSense is with their affiliate program. As can be expected Premium members get paid more than Standard members.

You are paid commissions for referring others, you also get commissions whenever your direct referrals click on ads, invest in advertising, complete tasks and offers. Additionally when your direct referrals or their referrals upgrade to Premium you get a commission and this through 8 levels.

Nonetheless to earn a decent income you will really have to promote ClixSense and your affiliate link. Then your referrals need to be extremely active for you to earn a few cents. You will need probably thousands in your team to earn a few dollars a month.


Other features

Clixsense Games

Although you don’t earn anything with ClixSense Games it is  possible to play and compete with other ClixSense members to see who can achieve the highest scores. There are thousands of different games and new games are added  each week.


ClixAddon Browser

It is possible to install a browser extension that will display a summary of your account at ClixSense. However the principal advantage of the ClixAddon extension is that you will also be able to see any new PTC ads, surveys or tasks as soon as they are available.


The Daily Checklist

The checklist displays the details of your account, but also you can earn a bonus if you complete the list. The bonus for standard members is up to 7% of their earnings and for premium members up to 16%.



It is also possible to use ClixSense to advertise. The advertising rates may not be too expensive and you will get traffic to your ad. Nonetheless you will probably not see any conversions because people will be clicking on your ads just to earn for themselves from ClixSense.




  • free to join
  • agreeable site
  • easy
  • affiliate proram


  • working for next to nothing
  • time consuming


Getting paid

There are several ways of getting your rewards with ClixSense. If you are in the USA or Canada it is possible to be paid by check with a minimum payment of $10. Otherwise electronic payments with PayPal, PayToo or Payza, the minimum payment is $6 for premium members or $8 for standard members.

As you can see in the table below there are some fees that are applicable:

Clixsense payment fees

How much to join ClixSense

The Standard Membership is free, but it is possible to upgrade or opt for the Premium Membership which costs $17 per year or $30 for 2 years. It is possible to get a refund up to 21 days after turning Premium.

Here are some of the advantages with the Premium membership:

  • you can view more ads
  • higher referral commissions
  • more chances on the Clixgrid
  • you get paid through 8 levels for referrals who also upgrade their accounts as opposed to only 1 level for standard membership
  • greater daily checklist bonus

Basically if you don’t get any referrals  and you don’t complete the daily checklist on a regular basis, the Premium Membership will not be worth the money.


My final opinion

ClixSense is a legitimate business, but the money you get paid for the time you put in, it just isn’t worth the trouble. People join when they see it’s easy to earn a few dollars, however I am sure most finish up disappointed.

Personally I spent about an hour on the site for just 6 cents. Perhaps that is exceptionally poor because of my demographic group or maybe it’s normal. Anyway for an hour of my time 6 cents or $2 or even $3 is just insufficient. I would love to know how much other ClixSense users can earn per hour.

ClixSense is another PTC site comparable to QuickRewards Network, SwagBucks, or the survey sites. All genuine sites but with very limited earning potential.

So I won’t be recommending ClixSense. To me time is precious and there are many better ways to use your time.

Verdict: Legit but not recommended


If you want to make money online my advice would be to start a real business where you have the chance to earn a real income. To do that you will need training and support. My #1 recommendation provides these and much more. Perhaps the best part is that it’s free to sign up.

Below is a comparison chart. You will see the many advantages of Wealthy Affiliate.

Review Summary
  • Clixsense


Description: Clixsense is a site where you get paid to: click on ads, complete surveys, accomplish tasks and offers.

Owner: Jim Grago

Price: Standard Member is Free, Premium Member $17 per year or $30 for 2 years

My opinion: Clixsense is legit but you are getting paid so little for your time I would suggest using your time for something more lucrative.



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