Get Paid Taking Pictures Review – Is it really this easy to earn money from selling photos?

Product: Get Paid Taking PicturesGet Paid Taking Pictures logo
Overall Ranking:  20 out of 100 or 1/5 stars
Price: starts at $77 downsells to $27 and then $19 
Owner: unknown – Michael Davis is just a pen name


Get Paid Taking Pictures (GPTP) has been online since early 2014. The owner is unknown, although on the publicity it is stated that the owner is Michael Davis, this is just a pen name used by the author.

The background to the program is a story, about Michael Davis, who was employed by Wallmart. He was asked by a customer to take a photo. This customer told Michael he was paid by websites to upload his photos, any old photos of everyday scenes. Anyway, he gave Michael the address of one of the websites and of course, Michael uploaded some of his own photos and made lots of money, $3647 in a week!

So now Michael is paying it forward and showing us how we too can make a good living taking pictures. Sounds good! Can it really be that simple? We’ll see in my review.


What is Get Paid Taking Pictures?

This is a program that shows you how to make money by uploading your own photos to different sites on the internet.

The reasoning behind the program is that with the ever-growing demand for photos on the internet, from people who are searching for photos for their websites or blogs, more or less every picture of quality has a certain value. This program shows you how to take advantage of this situation and by selling your photos to the people searching via the stock photo sites.


Who is this for?

This program is aimed at people with little or no experience in photography, but who want to make a little extra money online selling their photos. For this, they will need to pay for the list of websites and tips provided by this program.

For someone who is capable of searching online, this information can be found for free. It should also be noted that earning money online, from selling photos or any other method, is not as easy as this program suggests.


What’s included

There are three parts to the product:

GPTP step 1 how it works

In the manual, you are shown how to make money from your photos. The information is pretty elementary, here are some of the subjects that are treated:

  • Why people will pay for your pictures
  • The equipment do you need
  • How to take pictures that will earn money.
  • The subjects of your photos
  • Upload your pictures to the photo sites
  • A few phone apps are also mentioned. There are a few picture apps that are relevant and also some shopping apps like Swagbucks that have nothing to do with making money from photos.


GPTP step 2 what pictures to use

Here the content is really self-explanatory, however, some of the tips for taking better pictures are very basic, for example, clean the camera lens or stand still when taking a photo. Having said that, some of the tips might help someone just starting to take photos, but if you have any experience with photography you don’t need to read this.

The list of 111 things to photograph might give you some ideas that could be useful.


GPTP step3 where to upload your photos

This is really what this program is all about, a list of sites where you can upload your photos. In reality, you are given a list of just six sites that you could find easily for yourself. In fact, I just checked on Google and I found at least 15 sites to sell photos. This was just on the first page! So for me, this list is almost worthless.

In addition to these three steps, you are also given three bonuses.

  1. Secret Images List – a list of some of the most profitable images sold on the internet and the amount of money they have made for the person who uploaded the photo. This is pure hype to make you think it might be possible to achieve earnings like this.
  2. Outsourcing or Hiring Others To Do The Work For You – there is a link to download an eBook on outsourcing which will explain outsourcing in detail. Again this information is easily found online and if you want someone to do some work for you, try Fiverr, SEOClerks or other similar sites.
  3. Smartphone Apps – here you find the same phone apps that were included in the manual. Once installed on your phone, you can upload your photos directly or they will show you what people are searching for in your area. Other money-making apps are also included -you can get paid to shop, take surveys or other reward sites. I don’t recommend any of these money making ideas and after all, I came to this site to earn money from photos.


Pros and Cons


  • Some tips might be useful to someone starting to take photos
  • No experience as a photographer needed
  • 60 day money back guarantee
  • Possible to make some money selling photos


  • Making money selling photos is made to sound easy
  • No real training
  • You are told you can start taking photos with your phone, this won’t give you the quality photos required
  • Same information and more, available for free online
  • Hype in promotionel video
  • Testimonial videos don’t look real
  • Give the impression you will make money quickly
  • Pressure tactics – discount for today only
  • After joining you are recommended to join another program, nothing to do with photography. This program, Millionaire Mentor, looks like a scam.
  • Emails from Michael Davis promoting other scammy programs and giving other false information as below

emails more pictures needed


Tools and Training

As we have already seen, there is some very limited training that is only useful for novices to photography. You are given a few elementary tips for taking photos, some ideas of subject matter and some sites you can upload your photos to. That’s about the content of the program.



GPTP has a knowledge base with just eight questions, but if you need more help you can submit an email.


How much does this cost?

The price of GPTP is $77 with downsells to $27 and then $19. As I have said in previous reviews downsells like these are often a sign that a program has very little value or might be a scam. In this case the program has very little value and you can find the same information for yourself for free.

There were no upsells, just a recommendation to join My Millionaire Mentor, a program that Michael Davis is using to make $2000 per day. Whatever you do, don’t join this program, you will lose your money and Michael Davis will make his affiliate commission.

start today $27


The truth about selling photos online

If you have hundreds or thousands of photos on your computer, it is possible to earn some extra cash by selling the best of these photos on the stock photo websites. Although you should be warned, selling photos online these days is a competitive market and you may need to upload thousands of photos to stand a chance of making some money.

Often, sites like or istockphoto will check a sample of your work for quality. Therefore, your photos must meet their guides for quality and be of a subject they need. Below is a list of subjects that iStock is looking for.

images needed istock

If you intend making money from selling stock photos here are a few points you should consider:

  • You need to enjoy photography because you will be spending a lot of time taking and editing your photos
  • Your photos should be of good quality which means you will need decent equipment
  • You will need software to edit your photos
  • You will only make a small amount per sale often under $1, but over time you may sell the same photo many times
  • This is not a way to get rich quick, you need to be determined and put in the time

Consequently, I don’t think making money from selling stock photos is as easy as Get Paid Taking Pictures would have us believe and the claims of making $3647 in one week sound pretty far fetched.



I don’t think GPTP is a scam, it is possible to make money selling stock photos, but I don’t recommend this program. The information included in the program is very basic and can be found free online. Making money from photos isn’t as easy as they make out and additionally, a program that promotes others scams, as does GPTP, doesn’t merit our support or trust.

If you are interested in selling your photos online there are some sites dedicated to explaining the process, for example:, a site created by two photographers who sell stock photos. You can also find tutorials like this one on wikihow or the stock photo sites have some guides. There are plenty of free and detailed resources, you just have to search a little.

Don’t pay for the information offered with GPTP there are free alternatives that will provide good advice, without making it sound easy and also without the hype.


An alternative

If you still want to earn money online, but are unsure about selling photos, you could start your own affiliate marketing business. However, I think it’s important that you should be under no illusions, this will take hard work, time, patience and determination. Earning money online is never as easy as suggested in Get Paid Taking Pictures.

It’s a good idea to start with some good honest training, that will teach you the right way to start your business. Wealthy Affiliate is where I learned about building a website with WordPress, blogging or making money online from home. If you’re interested you can sign up for a free membership and have a look around.


If you have any experience of selling photos online or you have purchased the Get Paid Taking Pictures program, I would love your feedback.



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