Make Working From Home Work For You

What about working from home? Can this work for you?
Working from the comfort of your own home may seem like a dream for many. However, deciding if it is truly right for you requires some honest self-examination. You can also benefit from the experience of others that have been down this road.

Some people seem to think, incorrectly, that having your own online business is an opportunity to sleep in and do a little work when the fancy takes them. I don’t want to shatter your dreams about working from home, but you must be disciplined and having a successful business takes hard work.

Consequently, if you’re looking for a way to earn some easy money, this article isn’t for you.

Even though it might seem a little intimidating at first, more people should consider this opportunity.


Start an Online Business Working from Your Own Home

Starting an online business is possible for more or less anyone, but many will fail because they give up too soon. You must be determined and passionate to succeed. If you have these attributes, there are many ways to earn money online.

Here are just a few methods you could choose:

  • Start an affiliate marketing business
  • Start an online store
  • Sell your own products or services
  • Work as a freelance – writer, photographer, graphic designer, web designer
  • Become a virtual assistant

These are some of the different ways you could earn money from home. I am sure you have your favorite.
If not, I would recommend choosing something you are passionate about, then build a website around this passion or niche and promote products through affiliate marketing. I’ll describe this in a little more detail later.


Working from home pros & cons

Assuming that you are considering starting an online business and looking to have increased flexibility and a greater earning potential, working from home could be for you. On the other hand, if you are still unsure, weighing up the pros and cons could help you reach a decision.


  • Control over your working hours to accommodate family commitments
  • Spend more time with your family
  • No more commuting
  • You don’t have to worry about unemployment
  • No more need for work clothes
  • Maybe some tax advantages – claim for utility costs and equipment
  • Flexible hours
  • Earning potential is not limited, you set your goals
  • You can make a full-time income working fewer hours
  • Cheap to get started
  • Work from your home
  • Be your own boss
  • You will benefit from the greater job satisfaction you get from running your own business
  • No more 9 to 5 routine
  • Holidays can be taken on the dates you choose
  • You could be working on one of your hobbies or passions to earn a living – you will enjoy what you do, you will be happier
  • Less stress doing something that is flexible = better health
  • You will worry less about your work which means you will sleep better
  • Having more time you will be able to prepare a proper meal instead of just getting a sandwich or snack. You will eat better
  • You will probably have more energy with a better diet and better health
  • And the last one you will live longer – with fewer worries, more sleep and a better diet your life expectancy should increase


  • Putting in too much time – if you are doing something you like you may find it hard to limit your hours
  • Could put stress on relationships
  • Easy to become a hermit and cut off your social connections
  • Lack of real human connections
  • Must always be motivated
  • You have to deal with everything even technical problems
  • Household distractions when working – kids and family
  • May have to find some sort of child care for the hours you’re working
  • No set income

As you can see the pros largely outweigh the cons, although for me the most important points are being happy in what you are doing for a job, living a more healthy life and spending more time with the family.


How to start your affiliate marketing business

As I said before my choice for starting a business from home is affiliate marketing, but before we get started I think it would be a good idea to be absolutely certain that you understand what is meant by affiliate marketing.

What Is Affiliate Marketing – A Simple Definition

Affiliate Marketing is promoting someone else’s products or services. In return, you receive a commission when you send someone from your site to the seller’s site and they buy the product or service.

the process of earning money online

The concept of Affiliate Marketing is being used by an ever-growing number of companies.

Affiliates are only paid when a sale is completed, so it’s an extremely cost-effective method of selling.

As you can see in the diagram people arrive on your website from Google, social networks, or adverts, they click on a link to a product you recommend and you earn a commission when they buy the product.

What do you need to become an affiliate marketer?

Well, of course, you will need the obvious things like a computer and an internet connection. Nevertheless, I think the two most important things are some good training and support. Without these, you will struggle!

You will also need a website, then some great unique content, and visitors who want to read your content. Add to that hard work, some knowledge about your niche, and patience.

There you have all the ingredients you require to become a successful affiliate marketer.

You may have some concerns that you might not have the skills required, but if you can use a word processor like Word or Open Office and you are familiar with using emails, you have all the skills you need.

If you are concerned about building a website, you should know that with the modern online website builders, today creating your site is very easy and rapid. This article shows how you can create a website in just 30 seconds!

I hope you are reassured that you have all it takes. If I can do this, I’m sure that you can too!

Why become an Affiliate Marketer?

Here are a few reasons why I think it’s a good idea to become an affiliate marketer.

  • Doesn’t cost much to set up your business
  • You don’t have to deal with the logistics of shipping and storage. These are taken care of by the seller
  • Marketing online gives you a worldwide marketplace
  • Customer support is taken care of by the seller
  • You can work from home

Training and support

For these two items that I mentioned earlier, you really need to get started. I had been looking around for a while and had tried a few programs either scams or programs that weren’t bad, but were just lacking something, then I found Wealthy Affiliate.

This program has everything I was looking for, in fact, I was amazed by all the information they have and the support is simply the best I have seen.

What is Wealthy Affiliate?

This is an internet marketing training platform, that teaches you how to build an online business from the ground up. One of the great advantages of this program is that you can get started without risking your cash.

getting started

Getting started course at Wealthy Affiliate

There is a free starter membership (you don’t even need to give your credit card details) that lasts for as long as you like, although you can upgrade to a premium member if you feel you want to take advantage of all the resources available.

Wealthy Affiliate really does make the process of getting started incredibly easy and they take you through the different steps.

  1. Choosing your niche
  2. Picking a domain name
  3. Building your site
  4. Creating content
  5. Earning revenue


Other options

Alternatively, you may want to do this independently and get your own domain name from a domain registrar like,  then hosting from one of the many hosting providers, for example,,, or They do have tutorials on setting up your site, but after that, you are on your own. The cost of doing it this way will be about $5 per month.

Another possible option would be to try one of the online site builders,, or You can get a good looking site and even for free. Again, they have tutorials on setting up your site, although after that you will be left more or less by yourself to continue your site. Some of the editors have limits on how many links you can have per page which could be a problem for an affiliate site.

The problem with these two methods is that although, initially it will cost you less, what will you do once your sites are set up and online? I know that I would have been lost if I didn’t have the guidance of the training at Wealthy Affiliate. There are many platforms that make building a site easy, however, only one that I know that:

  • Makes the process easy and
  • Includes training on writing content, SEO, keyword research, social media, and much more

That’s Wealthy Affiliate and you can try their Site Rubix website builder by entering a name for your website below.

Try the free trial at Wealthy Affiliate and benefit from evaluating the two free websites that are available. This way you can experience the WordPress platform, which I have found to be easy to use, very flexible, and is probably the best choice for starting an affiliate marketing business.

You will also benefit from the initial training and you will see how easy it is to build your site. Trying out the platform for free is the perfect way to assess the training and tools available. You can explore the site to see all they have to offer, you will see that it’s a wonderful community with successful internet marketers always ready to help you out.

If you decide to upgrade to a premium member, in addition to the great training and support you have hosting for up to 25 free sites and 25 premium sites, an excellent keyword tool, live weekly training classes, one on one support, and much more. Sure this has a cost, but when you pay your monthly fee of $49 per month (or $359 per year) you will have everything you need for your business and all in one place.

I have been a member for more than 15 months and I have no intention of leaving.


Affiliate marketing conclusion

Creating a successful affiliate marketing business takes time, a little money, and lots of hard work and determination. Don’t believe any program that tells you it’s easy and you will earn a fortune in a few weeks, it’s not possible. Therefore, you mustn’t give up your day job right away.

That said, there is no reason why you shouldn’t earn some money with your business. The most important thing for me is you must never give up. Be patient and keep working, the rewards will come.

I would love to hear from you if you have any experience with affiliate marketing or with any other online work from home jobs you have tried. Or if you have any questions or observations leave them below and I will get back to you as soon as I can.
Thanks for reading,


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