SEO Review – Is this a scam or legit?

Product: SEO Clerks seo clerks com scam review logo
Overall Ranking: 60 out of 100 or 3/5 stars
Price: Free to join
Owner: Jordan Delozier


SEO Clerks is a company a little like Fiverr, offering website services for a small price. In this review, I will try to determine if this could be a good way of earning money online and if the services could be good for your website.



SEO Clerks was started in 2011, to provide a marketplace where people could buy SEO services. The idea was to create a safe and secure platform where the money was held by a third party until the buyer was happy with his order.

Jordan Delozier is the person who created and still owns the company. SEO Clerks was transferred to Ionicware Inc which includes a group of companies: Listing Dock, Code Clerks, Word Clerks, and Pixel Clerks.

The companies are all either marketplaces for small tasks or platforms for asking or replying to questions about freelancing or micro jobs.

Today the SEOClerks has more than 700,000 members, more than 370,000 services advertised and has processed more than 4,000,000 orders.


What is SEO Clerks?

This is an online marketplace offering search engine optimization services and other small jobs for a fee. If you don’t find what you’re looking for, you can request the service you need.

The platform connects freelancers who are offering a service to customers who are in search of affordable SEO or other services associated with a website.


Who is it for?

SEO Clerks is for anyone who wants to propose a service (gig) to earn money. There is no limit on the price a seller can charge and there is a very wide range of micro jobs you can propose.

This could also be for you if you want to improve certain SEO aspects of your site or if you want to outsource some of your tasks. Here are just a few of the services that are available.

  • Translationsgraphic design
  • Article writing
  • Voiceovers
  • Place or design banner ads
  • Create backlinks
  • Resolve WordPress issues
  • Create a WordPress site
  • Graphic design
  • Guest Posts
  • Manage social media accounts

As you can see, you can obtain almost any service related to a website.


How it works

For a seller – how to create a new service

If you want to set up a new offer you can choose from the following categories:

  • sell a service
  • sell an article
  • sell tweets
  • sell blog reviews
  • sell an ebook
  • sell software
  • sell a theme

For example, if you choose to sell blog reviews you will have to:

  • decide on a title and price
  • fix the limitations of what you are willing to blog about
  • choose a category that matches your offer
  • add tags that match your listing
  • decide if you want to offer a guarantee, etc

you could sell blog reviews on seo clerks
If you can’t think of any service you want to sell, you can bid on a Want to Buy (WTB) post. The WTB section is for people who need a custom task performed and this is open to bids which you can accept or refuse.

For example, I found this request:

WTB request

and these were the bids:

WTB bids

This looks very cheap to me. Buying a large number of visitors to your site for a few dollars probably means you will be getting low-quality bot traffic. This may make your stats look good, but is of no real value. As always you only get what you pay for!

Once you have delivered your service the buyer can rate your work, so you should always deliver good quality work and on time. If you deliver the service after the date specified and you have not communicated with the buyer, they are free to cancel their order.

Any dispute should be solved between the buyer and seller where possible. If no agreement is reached you can contact the SEO Clerks support.

As a service provider, you also get the chance to rate the buyer. When a service is ordered, the buyer pays the agreed price and the money is held by SEO Clerks. The money is only paid to the seller after the buyer has accepted the work.

SEO Clerks take a 20% commission on all transactions.

For a buyer – how to find a service

Find a service in a category or sub-category that interests you. For example, in the category programming, there are four sub-categories: seo sub categories

If you can’t find the service you are searching for, you can post in the Want to Buy section and receive multiple bids for your demand.

There is also a Want to Trade section where you can trade a service in return for a service offered by others.
You can communicate with the seller by the way of an email/instant chat styled system. From your management panel, you can manage your orders, post reviews and accept or refuse the completed work.

There are different options to pay for the service: PayPal, Payza or Bitcoins.

Different levels

There are six different levels for the members, you move up a level when you complete a certain number of services, purchases or affiliate sales.

A very brief outline of the different levels:

  • 1. everyone starts at level 1
  • 2. must have completed 10 orders/purchases/affiliate sales on time and have a 90% satisfaction rating or higher
  • 3. must have completed 25 orders/purchases/affiliate sales on time and have a 90% satisfaction rating or higher
  • 4. must be an affiliate, have completed 100 orders/purchases on time and have a 95% satisfaction rating or higher and have completed 50 affiliate sales
  • 5. must be an affiliate, have completed 250 orders/purchases on time and have a 97% satisfaction rating or higher and have completed 100 affiliate sales
  • X. this level is selected by the SEO Clerks staff, must be level 3 or above and an affiliate

There are more criteria for the levels, but this gives you an idea. It is obviously important to pay attention to the different levels and the comments from other buyers when ordering a service.

The higher the level the better the chance of having your work carried out to your satisfaction or finding a buyer who is genuine.


SEO Clerks Affiliate Program

Another way of making money with this program is by becoming an affiliate. Every time you refer someone to the site and they buy a service you earn 10% of every purchase they make for life.


Pros and Cons


  • Free to join
  • Gigs start at $1
  • You can sell or buy anything relating to a website
  • You can easily see the ratings, orders in progress, expected delivery, etc of the sellers or buyers



  • Many scammers
  • Services that are not recommended – buying backlinks, Facebook likes, comments, etc
  • Quality services can be expensive
  • Finding consistent quality might be a problem


Customer Feedback

Although SEO Clerks seem to be a legitimate site, there are many positive and also many negative reviews/comments claiming that it’s a scam. This is because the gigs are performed by freelancers who are sometimes very good, while others are not always very honest or provide low-quality services.

A genuine company, but choosing a good seller is the problem.

seo clerks customer comments

seoc comments positive

The seller receives and delivers order, the buyer then cancels the order for no reason.

seoc comments buyer cancels order

You also find negative reviews from freelancers who have been banned from the site for breaking the rules.


My Final Opinion

I quite like the idea of SEO Clerks and think it is a legitimate site. However, having seen some of the comments about some of the sellers, services and buyers I recommend the site but use with caution.

There are without a doubt, many sellers who provide excellent services and buyers who are in the great majority genuine. Nevertheless, there are other freelancers who are there to scam the buyers and others that propose services that will not help your website – buying backlinks, social media likes or followers, etc.

Another unfavorable point, I don’t think the review system is completely honest. I saw comments from someone who was hassled after giving a negative review. The person wouldn’t remove the review so the seller contacted SEO Clerks admin and had the service canceled. Meaning the review was removed.

What’s the point in having reviews if there is a way to remove the adverse reviews?

It’s not only the sellers who create the problems. I have also read that some buyers canceled their payment after receiving their order. It’s a shame that there is a minority that spoils the image of this site.

Something else to consider is that some of the services being sold are not recommended by Google. Things like: buying backlinks, buying Facebook likes, buying Twitter followers or retweets and buying blog comments could hurt your search engine rankings.

Other services, as mentioned above, may seem very cheap, in fact too cheap to bring any real value to your site. Therefore, always be very selective when choosing a service.

Consequently, if you do use this service, carefully select the seller and only order a service that is not considered black hat by the search engines.

One good thing, with gigs on offer for a little as $1 you can give it a try for a very low risk.

If you’re using the site to make money, you will have to work your way up through the different levels to achieve a good reputation. There are people who seem to earn some decent money with SEO Clerks, they provide good services and deliver on time.

If you’re a freelancer, have you thought about starting your own online business? If you have a skill or a passion, you could build a real online business. Either on a platform like SEOClerks or alternatively, learn how to build your own website and sell your own services or other peoples goods and services.

I recommend an online training platform where they teach you, with simple step by step lessons, how to build your internet marketing business. As it’s free to join, why not check it out.

If you have any experience with SEOClerks, please leave your comments below. I would love to know what you think of this platform.


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