Auto Income Generator Review – Can you believe this?

Auto Income Generator reviewAuto Income Generator legit or scam

Product: Auto Income Generator
Overall ranking: 30 points out of 100
Price:$1 for 7 days then $77 per month + Upsells
Owners: William Fitzgerald


The sales video

After seeing the sales video for Auto Income Generator I was sure the product was a scam. Another of these videos that goes on forever if you don’t click the sign-up banner at the bottom of the page.

Promises of big earnings in a very short time and a system that works on auto-pilot. The sales pitch that doesn’t give any information about how you are going to make your fortune.

The program owner is supposedly William Fitzgerald, but Simon Perry who presents the program only refers to and thanks, Matthew as the person who designed the program. I don’t think he ever refers to William Fitzgerald. Another reason to be suspicious.

In the video, they say it’s free, but in the end, you have to buy it for $1. OK, $1 is not much, but you have to give your credit card details, which is something I certainly don’t like doing. Anyway, I decided to take a closer look at the program. After signing up you have to accept 3 income generator the strange rules before starting

Which I found a little strange, but here’s my review of Auto Income Generator.


What is Auto Income Generator?

Auto Income Generator is a training program that teaches you to do list building.


Who is Auto Income Generator for?

Auto Income Generator (AIG) is for everyone (according to the sales pitch) but certainly, for beginners, more experienced marketers will find the course a little basic and slow. Although beginners will struggle as there is very little support.


Pros & Cons


  • $1 trial – even a trial of only 7 days is still useful. With this program, you can easily go through most of the training in 7 days. Warning, if you don’t cancel your membership before the 7 day period is finished you will be billed $77 monthly.
  • Training is easy to understand and follow.
  • Web hosting included


  • You have to give your credit card details when you sign up.
  • $77 per month too expensive!
  • Upsells
  • You are given a false idea of earning potential.
  • Support very limited.
  • You don’t have access to all the site. Some parts of the site are accessible only if you have completed the first 2 parts of the training.


The training and tools at AIG.

The training is broken down into 3 parts + a bonus. Each part is divided into 8 or 9 steps. Most steps are made up of 2 videos. The training is provided in 48 short videos, there is also a transcript of the videos in the form of PDF files or it is possible to have just the audio file of each video.

In Part 1:training with auto income generator

There is a very brief introduction to list building, you have to choose a niche from 2 choices (E-business or dating) and you are shown how to choose a Domain Name.

You are then shown how to build your site (which is very quick as there is only 1 page), you are given a rapid course on how to use WordPress and are instructed on how to set up your autoresponder service and email address.

In Part 2:
You learn about solo ads, ad swaps, product creation, how to answer the problems people on your list might have, what form the content should be (video, email or pdf) how to gain trust, using and where to find PLR video content, where to find and how to use text content in emails and pdf’s, branding a product, products for a one-off giveaways, products for bonus offers.

In Part 3:
Writing emails – soap opera series (sos) emails and product launch emails.

There is also some other software that is included:

AIG Profit Xccelerator – includes free products to giveaway to your list as well as email templates that you can copy and paste into your autoresponder. When they add a new niche, new content will be added. At the moment there are just 2 niches E-business and dating.

Auto Traffic Multiplier –  provides the tools we need to drive lots of free traffic to our opt-in pages. This is by adding content to your blog to get better positions in the search engines. So you have to write unique content, the way AIG suggest is by rewriting existing articles.

So basically the idea is you create a one-page website (a squeeze page or capture page) to obtain the email address of your visitors. You also learn to set up an autoresponder with MailChimp.

Your traffic will come from swap ads and solo ads. Then when you have some subscribers you send them emails either for new product launches or you build confidence or trust in your readers by sending them sos emails every few days with a continuing story related to your niche and every now and then you offer them a free gift or free information always relative to your niche.

Most of the training is really for beginners, but there are a couple of things that you might find useful if you don’t know them already – the lesson on setting up an autoresponder service and the course on solo ads and ad swaps.

[thrive_2step id=’6839′]Learn how to build your own online business[/thrive_2step]


Help and support

If you ever have a question or there is something you don’t understand after going through the videos, you will have to go to the AIG support desk.

The comments area beneath the training videos have not been used/updated for more than a year.

The latest news section in the AIG community has nothing but “member spotlight” or “competition winner” and these are 2 months old. There is no news whatsoever on the AIG program.

There is a FAQ section that has 10 questions.

The AIG knowledge base in completely empty.

So there is nothing here that is kept up to date, this doesn’t inspire any confidence.


How to join AIG?AIG upsells

The initial sign up fee is $1, but be very careful because after 7 days your credit card will be deducted by $77 the monthly.

Upsell 1: Auto Traffic Multiplier starts off at $83.97 then reduced to $63.97 if you decline the first offer.

Upsell 2: Desktop Lightning Platinum Status


My final opinion

Auto Income Generator is all about list building, you are taught how to create a squeeze page, but after that to make any money you need traffic. They do show you how to do this with solo ads and ad swaps, which is probably the most useful part of the training. There is their traffic tool “Auto Traffic Multiplier” but as far as I can see this means simply adding content to your blog, you have to write the articles. There are no tools to get traffic!

The claims made by William Fitzgerald in sales video are not attainable and the price of $77 per month is very expensive considering what you get and don’t forget that to create your email list you will have to spend more money (solo ads and ad swaps). So for me, Auto Income Generator is definitely not a good product with largely exaggerated earnings potential.

Even for a newbie to internet marketing Auto Income Generator is not a good program to start with. When you are starting out you need support and in-depth training. To see where this is possible have a look at my n°1 recommendation that is both for beginners and the more experienced marketers. The link will take you to my review of Wealthy Affiliate.


My verdict: Auto Income Generator is a Scam!

  • Auto Income Generator Review


Description: This program teaches you about list building and shows you how to create a capture page which you need when list building.

Owners: William Fitzgerald

Price: $1 for 7 days then $77 per month + Upsells

My opinion: The claims made in the sales video of this program are simply not possible. The price of $77 per month is too expensive for what you get. This is not a product that I recommend.


If you have any experience of Auto Income Generator or have any comments on my review I would love to hear from you.



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