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ClickBetter Affiliate Network

ClickBetter is an affiliate network that has been online since 2013. There are quite a few negative comments and reviews to be found, about the quality of products in their marketplace and problems with refunds. So I thought I would take a look to find out the truth.


Product: ClickBetterclickbetter_review_logo
Overall Ranking: 10 out of 100 or 0.5/5 stars
Price: Free to join
Owner: Sean Clark


What is ClickBetter?

ClickBetter is an online marketplace where product creators can sell their digital products via affiliates and affiliate marketers can find products to promote to earn commissions.

This is an affiliate network like ClickBank or ShareASale.


Who is it for?

This is for anyone who already has a website to promote affiliate products or for someone who is just starting as an affiliate marketer.

This could also be for sellers of digital products. ClickBetter has affiliate marketers looking for products to promote.


How to make money with ClickBetter

You sign up for your free account and straight away you are hit with 3 upsells that apparently will help you make more money.

  • – tools to help you track, optimize and generate more leads
  • ClickFunnels –  teach you how to build marketing funnels
  • ClickDrop – a traffic exchange

I was surprised to find upsells on an affiliate network. Is this a sign of how desperate they are?


Finding a Product to Promoteclickbetter_marketplace

If you are an affiliate marketer you will have to look through their marketplace to find a program to promote.

This is where your problems may start. You will also see why they are probably so desperate and need to make money from the upsells.

The marketplace is broken down into different categories and then further broken down into subcategories. To find a product you will have to navigate through these categories until you find what you are looking for. There is also a search bar where you can type in the keywords.

They have almost 400 products in the marketplace but the vast majority (over 200) are in the Binary Options, Foreign Exchange, Affiliate Marketing or Email Marketing categories. Just as a comparison, ClickBank has about 6300 products in their marketplace.

I searched for “work from home” in the search bar and had 2 results. One was a “404 error page not found” and the other was the program below.


After reviewing quite a few scams this resembles many and has some of the common signs of a scam (limited spots available, made to sound easy, big earnings …)

All in all, not very promising, one link that doesn’t work and a program that looks like a scam.

The binary options category seems to be mostly scams or very iffy at best.

From these two examples, you can see why they need to make money from the upsells. Genuine affiliate marketers wouldn’t want to promote these products for fear of ruining their reputations.

In the members dashboard they also have a rubric with the top 10 products:

  1. Email Syndicate – you can find many reviews citing this as a scam
  2. Profit with Jack – a binary option scam
  3. Profit with Jack website submission. Pay $97 to get your site submitted to the search engines. Can you believe it?
  4. And so it goes on …

Not caring about the quality of the products they are promoting also show they don’t care about customer satisfaction. ClickBetter has a 60-day guarantee so there are probably many refunds, but you will see more about that a little later in the review.


How to Promote Products as an Affiliate

If you manage to find a product that seems to be legitimate and relevant to your niche, you can then generate the affiliate link. You can use this link to promote the product on your website or in emails. When someone clicks on the link and follows through to make a purchase you will make your commission.


What You Need to Promote Affiliate Products

Affiliate networks like ClickBank or ClickBetter allow you to find the products to promote. However, that is a very small part of the puzzle. To earn money you will need a website and traffic.

How will you go about getting traffic and creating a website if you are just beginning? The affiliate networks, like Clickbetter, don’t provide this training. Therefore your first step should be to get some affiliate marketing training.

My recommended training platform is Wealthy Affiliate. There you get step by step training that takes you through the different stages choosing your niche, setting up your website, keyword research, writing content, SEO, calls to action, PPC and more.

When your website is up and running you can choose some products from the affiliate networks. Make sure the products are good quality and if possible try them yourself.

To attract visitors to your site you will need to write articles or reviews about the product showing how it can be beneficial to your readers. If you follow the lessons in the training program you will learn how to write posts for your website and get them ranked in the search engines.

Your initial traffic will come from these good search engine positions. Later when you are earning an income you might want to try Pay Per Click ads or Facebook ads, but initially, I would start with the free organic traffic.


Pros and Cons


  • Free to join
  • Get paid weekly
  • Possible to earn good commissions up to 80%


  • Many scams and low-quality programs listed in the marketplace
  • You risk harming your reputation by promoting scams
  • Many complaints from people unable to obtain refunds
  • Payment threshold of $250
  • Upsells after signing up
  • Don’t accept PayPal as a means of payment


Getting Paid

ClickBetter has 3 different options to pay affiliates:

  1. Check payments
  2. USD bank transfers
  3. Direct Deposit

To qualify for payments you must reach the payment threshold of $250 and also have 5 unique buyers. You can’t get paid by PayPal which is a shame, but not really a problem. ClickBank doesn’t pay its affiliates via Paypal either.



ClickBetter Support

They do have a few different channels for support: telephone, submit a ticket or live chat. Although live chat was offline every time I was on the site.

ClickBetter also has a support page with links to different sections, two of which News and Troubleshooter have no information at all. This leaves the Knowledgebase as being the only useful resource, with a few articles that may be useful to you as a buyer, affiliate or seller.


ClickBetter Customer Complaints

There are many complaints online, mainly from people who have had trouble obtaining a refund under the 60-day guarantee.

It’s true that most of these complaints seem to date from 2014/2015, but perhaps having seen the poor quality of programs they are promoting, this is because they have fewer affiliates and fewer customers today. On the other hand, it might be because they honor their guarantee now.

The has consumer complaints on its page dedicated to ClickBetter or has more complaints here 

As a potential buyer, you would want a reliable guarantee, especially when buying doubtful digital programs. Also, you should have the option to pay by PayPal which isn’t possible with ClickBetter.

That means for me:

  • I wouldn’t be prepared to buy from this platform as a customer
  • As an affiliate, I wouldn’t be happy promoting their low quality/scam products via an affiliate network that may not honor the guarantee
  • As a seller, I want to be associated with a platform that has a good reputation


My Final Opinion

After seeing what ClickBetter have to offer, I wouldn’t recommend using this platform either as a seller, an affiliate or as a buyer.

Most of the products for sale in the marketplace seems to be low quality or scams, so as an affiliate marketer you may quickly damage your reputation that you have been working so hard to build. When I promote a digital product, it has to be genuine and also have a solid guarantee. ClickBetter fails on both counts!

As an affiliate marketer, you must only promote products that are legitimate or your readers will associate you with the scammy products.

There are too many complaints from people not getting refunds to trust this program. As I mentioned in my review most of these complaints are from 2014 and 2015, so perhaps they have improved or perhaps they are less active now. Their Facebook page hasn’t been updated since November 2015!

Using a marketplace like ClickBank or ClickBetter can be a good way to find products to promote. However, as a beginner you probably won’t know where to start, that’s why I recommend choosing an affiliate marketing training platform to learn a how to build a website and get traffic.

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Thanks for reading my review on the ClickBetter affiliate network. Have you used ClickBetter? If so what was your experience? Please leave your comments and any questions below.



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