What Is Google Sniper 3.0?

What is Google Sniper 3.0 My Review

Google Sniper is a program that’s been around since 2009 and the 3.0 is the third upgrade of the program. It shows you how to create micro niche sites and rank them in the search engines.

The sales video has several of the things I dislike when looking to buy an online money making system:

  • Hype – the earnings proofs from the owner George Brown
  • Little information about the system!
  • Although George tells you he doesn’t need your money and he’s doing this to help you. He’s still charging for the program and has some sneaky methods for trying to get more out of you.
  • You get the impression you are getting a great deal for just a small fee. George even tells you the fee is to pay for the hosting of Google Sniper and further research.
  • You have access to Sniper X, he says it’s his gift to us but if you’re not careful you end up paying a monthly fee.
  • The pressure tactics. George says the program + Sniper X won’t be available at this price much longer.
  • Confusing pricing! A 5 day trial for $1 and then the program costs you $67 instead of the $47 regular price. Does this make sense?

All in all, a run of the mill sales video that goes on for almost an hour. To be honest, although George sounds like a genuine chap, this video wouldn’t convince me to buy the program.

I hate sales videos that go on for ages saying what a great program they are selling but gives very little details of what you will be doing.

In this review we’ll see what Google Sniper 3.0 has to offer and if it could be your secret to internet marketing success.


Product: Google Sniper 3.0Google Sniper 3.0 Review
Overall Ranking: 50 out of 100 or 2.5/5 stars
Price: $47 with upsells
Owner: George Brown
Website: gsniper.com


Who Is George Montagu Brown?

George is from England and got seriously into internet marketing after giving up his job as a furniture remover.

His started his first venture at only 17, creating micro niche sites and getting them to rank using long tail keywords that typically had low competition and good search volumes. From his success doing this Google Sniper was created and George reportedly made $500,000 from the launch of GSniper.

At this young age, he also created GDMB Enterprises where he and his team create different e-courses that have reportedly helped over 100,000 people in the world. Because of this and his phenomenal success, people considered him an internet guru.

George has also created several other well-known programs such as the Predator System and Traffic Ultimatum.


What Is Google Sniper 3.0?

Google Sniper 3.0 teaches you how to build micro niche sites called “Sniper Sites” and then get them to rank well in Google. It is not a new product. The first launch was in 2009 when even bad sites with very little content could obtain first page rankings in the search engines.

In the beginning, George used keyword rich domains to achieve good rankings. I have seen examples of a keyword rich domain with no content ranking on the first page of Google.

However, the Penguin and Panda updates have changed the whole SEO process and now it is very difficult for new sites to attain a page 1 position.

Nonetheless, Google Sniper 3.0 is not dead yet, George Brown has supposedly updated his program.


What Are Sniper Sites?

The Google Sniper sites are easy to create and only have a few pages. They are built around one low competition keyword phrase, to give the site a very narrow focus.

Typically a Sniper Site would have just 5-8 pages.

  • 3 or 4 posts about or relating to the product you are selling and keyword phrase
  • An about  page
  • A contact page
  • A privacy policy

Traditional niche sites are much larger and target many different keywords. Once built, your Sniper Site is left to earn a small amount of money every month. To increase your revenue you build further Sniper Sites.


Who Is Google Sniper For?

This program could give you some basic instruction on internet marketing if you are a beginner. There is some information in the Master Manual and the Bulletproof Module PDFs that a newbie would find useful.

GSniper training modules


What You Get In Google Sniper 3.0

You get quite a lot of information in the program so let’s have a look at the different training modules.

The Master Manual & Process Maps

The main part of the program is a 108 page PDF “The Master Manual”.

You are taught to build small niche Sniper Sites and taken through the different steps.

  1.  Pick the keyword for your site, with the following criteria.
    • It should be a keyword you can monetize.
    • More than 3000 searches per month
    • A level of competition you can compete with (George’s words) a little vague. In the PDF the Google Keyword Tool that no longer exists is mentioned. However, the video that relates to keywords has been updated to the Keyword Planner.
  2.  Build your site
    • Instruction on picking your domain name
    • Installing WordPress, plugins, and themes
  3.  Conversions
    • Write a preselling story
    • Writing content
  4.  Setting up your site for Google rankings
    • Sniper site structure – basically 5 pages – home page, helpful article, about, contact and privacy policy
    • Keywords and LSI keywords
    • SEO
  5.  Affiliate links and conversions
    • Placement of links
    • Calls to actionProcess_maps
    • Cloaking links
  6.  Instruction on creating posts, pages and more on SEO.


The Process Maps

These are just 4 maps that go through the whole process of setting up your Sniper Site from finding your main keyword and product right through to cloaking your links and writing your posts. For each task, there is an approximate amount of time this should take.


There is some good information in the Master Manual that could help a beginner. Although, with the changes to the Google ranking algorithm I think a Sniper Site built today with the instructions given by George Brown would have problems ranking on the first page of Google.

In 2009 when GSniper was first released these types of Sniper Sites could get ranked pretty easily but now it’s a whole different ball game.

There are several references in the manual to GSniper 2.0. This means that much of the information hasn’t been updated for several years. I find it incredible that a program that has generated so much income isn’t kept up to date on a regular basis.


The Video Modules

There are 7 videos to support the information given in the Master Manual. George recommends reading the manual before watching the videos.


The Bulletproof  Module

A 60 page PDF with video. This module takes account that ranking Sniper Sites is really difficult. This is an add-on to the GSniper program and it is recommended to only use this module in the 3 cases below.

  1. Your site isn’t ranking in Google.
  2. Your site is doing well, you have a great niche but you want to ramp it up to earn much more than it’s currently making. This is possible by targeting other keywords and building a brand.
  3. Or you want to start a new Sniper site with the new strategies you’re taught within this guide.

George promotes Bulletproof Sniper Sites as being 10 – 30 page sites or even larger that Google loves and will always love no matter what. Really good information in this module and this is undoubtedly the best part of the program.

This is a quote from the Bulletproof module that gives the impression that authority sites or the more traditional niche sites are the way to go.

Google is literally falling head over heels in love with authority sites that target specific niches, and it’s quickly divorcing the junk sites.

After seeing this, if I had just purchased GSniper I would be confused.

What should you do? Build a Sniper Site or an authority site?

In my opinion, building a niche or authority site is the best course of action. Moreover, from going through the Bulletproof manual I get the impression that George now thinks the same.

Google aims to give people the most pertinent and helpful results whereas, Sniper Sites are only set up for one thing – to make sales. Logically it will be harder and harder to rank for this type of site as Google and the other search engines try to give their searchers the best results.

Therefore, my advice is to follow the Bulletproof module or follow an online training course where they teach you to build an authority or a real niche site.


Empire Module

This module is about outsourcing. The reason you might need to outsource work, according to George, is that Sniper Sites are small. Accordingly, they will probably only earn a few hundred to a thousand dollars maximum per site per month.

Therefore, the best way to grow your income is by creating more sites and for this, you could outsource most of the work. George takes you through the steps he uses to get work done. He does this in a series of 5 videos. This could be useful for anyone outsourcing for the first time.


Additional Training

In this section, there are several training videos on:

  • Backlinks to boost your rankings
  • Maximising conversions
  • Advanced keyword research
  • Information on using CPA (cost per action) on your Sniper Sites
  • Using social media

Some information might be useful but again a lot seems to be dated and is no longer relevant.

In addition to the above training modules you also get access to:

  • Sniper X with videos and recordings of webinars. The videos are meant to cover new techniques to make your sites more profitable. As a member, you also have the chance of signing up for one of the webinars where you can ask questions or get feedback on your site.
  • Rolodex – some resources that George Brown uses and recommends to help you with your Sniper Sites.
  • Updates – a relatively new section that’s meant to keep “Snipers” up to date with changes in the way Google ranks sites. Good to see that George is at least trying to inform his readers of the latest changes, this has been a long time coming. It’s a shame this wasn’t introduced years ago!



There is a lot of information in the Google Sniper 3.0 program. Some information is quite useful and generally well presented. The main downside for me is that it is now very difficult to get rankings for Sniper Sites. Yet, they are promoted in the sales video as being easy to set up and they can quickly make you money.

The other negative point is that the information isn’t updated very often.

George gives the impression that Bulletproof Sniper Sites, which resemble traditional niche sites, is the type of site you should be looking to build now and I agree! Therefore perhaps they should change their sales video to make this clear.

Setting up a Sniper Site takes just a few hours, creating a niche or authority site takes several months or is an ongoing process. People should be told this before joining the program.


Pros and Cons


  • Some good information in the Bulletproof module
  • Information might be helpful for beginners to affiliate marketing
  • Useful lesson on keyword research
  • 60 day Clickbank guarantee


  • Upsells and downsells after you buy the program
  • Sneaky method to get monthly payments for Google X
  • Low-quality Sniper Sites are not easy to rank, so it will be hard to make money with this program
  • References to GSniper 2.0 in the PDFs suggests the program hasn’t been updated. This is important because Google has updated the way it ranks sites
  • References to submitting posts to article directories for backlinks or using Squidoo (which no longer exists) are clearly dated. Some of these things could do more harm than good to your rankings



There is not much in the way of support. You have a glossary of internet marketing terms, a FAQ with 9 questions and you can submit a support ticket. The Sniper team try to reply within 12 – 24 hours to any questions you may have.

It’s a shame a program that has as many members as Google Sniper has no live chat or online community. Having rapid answers to your questions can be very important!

This gives me the impression that their members aren’t their primary concern.


How Much Does This Cost?

Even this isn’t straightforward. There are a few different choices that might involve some charges you weren’t expecting.

different pricing options GSniper 3.0

  1. $1 5 day trial then 1 payment of $67. I was expecting a 5-day trial and then a payment of $47, but for some reason, if you opt for the trial you pay more.
  2. 1 payment of $47 for GSniper 3.0 then $47 per month for Sniper X. When you watch the sales video there is a button underneath that you can turn on or off, to include Sniper X or not.button to purchase sniper x
  3. 1 payment of $47. With the aforementioned button turned off you pay just for Google Sniper.

Normally I would recommend the 5-day trial. But in this case, the price is more if you don’t cancel before the end of the trial period. Therefore, I would recommend the $47 option for Google Sniper only.

There is a 60-day Clickbank guarantee, so if you aren’t happy contact Clickbank and they will refund your money.



After signing up you have to negotiate a couple of upsells. All this is pretty annoying and comes complete with more videos where George Brown tries to convince you to upgrade.

  • Upsell 1: Traffic Ultimatum and Empire Module (a couple of other programs created by George) + 4 VIP coaching sessions for a price of $187. There is a downsell to $97 when you click away. This is a little dishonest as the Empire Module is already included in GSniper 3.0
  • Upsell 2: A program that shows you how to create a campaign by copying George “over his shoulder” price $97


Affiliate Program

Google Sniper is promoted through Clickbank, so you can sign-up to become an affiliate. If you’re happy promoting the program I’m sure you can earn some good money.

One thing that I found strange is that most of the affiliate links I came across in reviews, either positive or negative, took me to a page with the following message.


You have to be manually accepted first by the Google Sniper team before promoting. This means that many of the affiliates that are promoting this program are losing out on their commissions.

The reason for this may be because these affiliates use negative marketing or use the word scam. If you use either of these you risk being suspended from promoting GSniper. Or perhaps Google Sniper has changed how they let affiliates sign-up.

Anyway, out of interest, I submitted my information to sign-up and become an affiliate to GSniper. I thought they would want my website URL but they only required my email address and Clickbank ID. I was accepted to the whitelist for Google Sniper after about 10 hours and I now have an affiliate link that works.


My Final Opinion

I don’t recommend Google Sniper, although it’s not a scam. To be perfectly honest, the program was better than I expected after the horrible sales video.

Building Sniper Sites probably worked 6 or 7 years ago but after the Penguin and Panda Google updates, it is now very hard to rank for low-quality micro-niche sites. Google favors authority sites.

The Bulletproof module gives the impression that George Brown thinks this way as well. So, I would forget the Sniper Sites and concentrate all your efforts on building a niche or authority site. This isn’t a quick process and you must be ready to put in the work.

A niche or authority site is a long-term plan. In the first few months you probably won’t see any return for your efforts but over time if done correctly you can see huge returns. Other advantages with an authority site, you don’t risk having your earnings vanish overnight because Google changes their algorithm and you can include different income streams.

Therefore, if you have purchased Google Sniper 3.0 you have 2 choices:

  1. Use the Bulletproof module to build a niche or authority site
  2. Or, even better, sign-up for a complete program that will take you step by step through the process of building an authority site

If you do fancy buying Google Sniper 3.0 make sure you only pay $47 for the program. The $47 recurring monthly charge for Sniper X is way too expensive.

There are other programs online that give you up to date training, hosting, tools, webinars and different channels of nearly immediate online support for exactly the same price but with a FREE trial!

Learn How To Build An Authority Site

Get The Training and The Support You Need. Learn More Here!


If you have had any experience with Google Sniper 3.0 leave a comment below and share what you thought. Did you make money? Did you get ranked? Do you think GSniper is legit or a scam? I would love to get your feedback.



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