What is $500 Cash Club? Too Good To Be True?

$500 Cash Club Review. Scam or legit?

You’ve probably come across $500 Cash Club and you’re wondering what it’s all about. This is understandable because after watching the video you have absolutely no idea what you will be doing.

In this review, I will explain what this program is all about and why you shouldn’t consider this as an opportunity for you to make money online.

  • 500 Cash Club Review


Pros: None
Cons: You will be joining another program that may cost you $1000s just to have the chance of making sales, which will be very hard to do.
Owner: Richard Paul
Price: $97
Website: https://500cashclub.com
My opinion: Don’t join this program! This is a funnel to another program that can cost you thousands of dollars. Don’t believe the hype or the promise of $500 for watching the video.

Who Is The Owner?

Before diving into the program I always like to see who is behind these make money online opportunities.

It’s stated the owner of $500 Cash Club is Richard Paul.Richard Paul owner of $500 Cash Club, Profit Stackers and Stark Trading System

I don’t know if this is a real person but the same name has been used in several dodgy programs, such as Profit Stackers and Stark Trading System, both of which were binary options trading scams.

So Richard Paul is probably a fictional character who is represented in the video by an actor.

In another review of a program called Countdown To Profits, I again came across Richard Paul. The best part is that the 2 programs use exactly the same sales video!

Would 2 legitimate programs use the same video? I don’t think they would, so this already looks suspicious.


What Is $500 Cash Club?

will $500 cash club pay you $500 just for watching the video?

This is meant to be a program that will teach you how to make money online.

They also state that they will pay you $500 just for watching the video. Of course, no way will you receive any money from these people, it’s their trick to entice you to watch the whole video.

The sales video gives very few clues of what you will actually be doing, just lots of hype and claims such as “massive commissions on autopilot”.

Confusing video

The video even refers to Profit Stackers, one of the binary options schemes mentioned above, as being the source of the money in Richard Paul’s bank account.

This is clearly a mistake, they should have cited $500 Cash Club as being the source.

Although an error, in a way it makes sense because the video also talks about using software to make $125,000 per month hands-free! Binary options scams usually use some miraculous software to make money. From this, you can deduce at least parts of this video have been used in several programs.

Clearly, a program that uses:

  • the same video for binary options scams and other forms of making money online
  • that offers confusing information
  • doesn’t say what you will be doing to earn money

Cannot be taken seriously.

Let’s continue and look at the $500 Cash Club landing and sales pages for more signs of deception!


Avoid The Deception! Learn How To Build Your Own Online Affiliate Marketing Business.



The Landing Page

On the landing page, they ask for your email address and telephone number. I decided to give them my email address but no way would I risk giving them my telephone number.

Since giving $500 Cash Club my email address, I receive one email per day from Richard Paul with a link to the sales video.

getting started with $500 Cash Club

 $500 Profit Guaranteed

There is no way $500 Cash Club is going to pay you $500.

They talk about this in the video and say if you follow all the steps, give it a good go and don’t make a sale in 30 days they will pay you $500.

What they don’t tell you is that you will, in fact, be joining another make money online program called Aspire which is part of the Digital Altitude program.

You will pay $97 to join Aspire. Digital Altitude has other products ranging from $597 to $27997. You will also be assigned a coach who will encourage you to buy other levels of their training program.

You do get some training with Digital Altitude. But your coach will encourage you to spend more and more money and you will make money by promoting digital altitude to others.

To me, this isn’t very ethical. Take a look at some of the complaints on the Better Business Bureau website.


Limited to 50 people (top right)

An often used pressure tactic to encourage you to sign up fast.

Before signing up for any make money online program you should always take your time, check for reviews and ask friends or family what they think. When you rush into something you risk making a poor decision.

news channel logos more deception

News channel logos

This is another very often used ruse to build trust. When you look at this quickly you will think that $500 Cash Club has been featured on these news channels.

But they haven’t! Work from home opportunities have been featured but $500 Cash Club have not. They have nothing to do with these media companies. More deception!


The Sales Video

The video you are sent to after giving your email address is full of hype and no details at all of what you will be doing. In fact, it’s even confusing.

1. Mr. Paul first talks about making money using the software,

massive commissions on autopilot with $500 cash club

2. He then talks about your millionaire mentor who is going to make sales for you

personal millionaire mentor

3. Finally, he talks about paying a small fee for hosting

pay your tiny hosting fee

When you finish the video you have no idea of how you will be earning money or what you are paying for. You will have heard how easy it is, how much you will make and that’s it!

Below the video are the testimonials. No surprise here the photos, names, and comments used are the same as Countdown for Profits, except for one where for some reason they changed the name and the comment.

The sales page and video don’t make sense, with false earning claims and fake testimonials. Clearly, this is something you shouldn’t get involved with.


Earnings Disclaimer

Before winding up it’s worth taking a quick look at the $500 Cash Club earnings disclaimer because it’s quite amusing.

500 Cash Club earnings disclosure

No income claims and no hype?

They must be from a different planet, the sales video is full of hype and false income claims.


My Final Opinion

In this review, we’ve established that $500 Cash Club is a funnel to another program Aspire – Digital Altitude.

In my opinion, Digital Altitude is not a scam, they do provide a lot of training materials but the prices they charge are way too expensive. There are also several other things I don’t like about the program.

You will be assigned a coach or a “millionaire mentor” as Richard Paul likes to say. These people are salesmen who will try to get you to buy higher levels of the program which can cost you thousands of dollars. Then to make money you have to promote these products to others.

Making money online is great, but you should only promote products you believe in. There is no need to spend the sums of money Digital Altitude charges. Honestly, would you be happy recommending Digital Altitude to someone knowing there is a salesman waiting to sell them overpriced products they don’t need?

I hope you’ve made up your mind about $500 Cash Club, my advice is to steer well clear, don’t fall for their hype and false promises.


What Should You Do Now?

If you’re still interested in earning money online then you should always avoid these get rich quick schemes. They never work!

My advice would be to sign up for an online course that teaches you how to set up an online business. But when you do this, you should know to be successful takes a lot of hard work and time.

If you go into it with this mindset you have a much better chance of being successful.

My #1 recommendation is Wealthy Affiliate, they provide excellent step by step training and all the tools you need to get started.

They offer a starter membership that’s free. No credit card and no pressure.

You receive 10 lessons in which you learn to build the foundation of your business. You also get 2 free websites and support from the community.

Once you’ve gone through the free lessons you can decide if Wealthy Affiliate is a good fit for you. If it is you can sign up for their premium membership to go further in your online adventure or stay with your 2 free websites.

I hope our post has given you a better idea of what $500 Cash Club is about. If you have tried $500 Cash Club or have some experience with Digital Altitude let us know in the comments section below.

Legitimate step by step training to build a real online business with no hype or deception

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