Countdown To Profits Review – Is This Another Scam?

Is Countdown To Profits a scam?

If you’re thinking about joining Countdown To Profits, it’s a good job you did a little research. This is yet another scheme that promises easy money without giving you any information on what you will be doing.

Is it really possible to earn money as quickly and as easily as they tell us? In my opinion, it isn’t. If you become a member of this program, the only people who will become any richer are the owners of the program.

Read on to see why in my opinion, I think this is a scam.

Product: Countdown To Profitscountdown to profits review logo
Overall Ranking: 0 out of 100 or 0/5 stars
Price: $97 with downsell to $77
Owner: Richard Paul??

Paid $500 to Watch the Video!

When you give Countdown to Profits (CTP) your email address, you are taken to a video presentation. You’re told the video is 500 seconds long, and for every second you watch, you are going to get a dollar. If you don’t follow till the end, you won’t get anything. Sounds like a good deal!

Of course, after you have watched the entire video, you learn that you will only get your $500 if you pay and try the system. Then if you don’t make any commissions in 30 days, they will pay you.

The bottom line, they just want your money; you will never see the $500 when you don’t make any sales!

Who is Richard Paul? richard_paul

Apparently, the owner of this program is Richard Paul. This is the same name associated with a couple of binary options scams, Stark Trading System and Profit Stackers System. I don’t know if Mr. Paul really exists, but the same person appears in all 3 videos, so it’s almost certainly an actor.

They use the same screenshots to justify the earnings in all 3 programs. Also, some of the same photos in the testimonials.

To cap it all, in the CTP video, Richard even refers to using Profit Stackers to make the money he shows us on his bank statement.

For me, this is enough to say this is a scam. However, I will have a deeper look to see what other red flags are included in the program.  This might help you to avoid other scams in the future!

What is Countdown To Profits?mystery_algorithm

After watching the sales video, you have no idea of how you will earn money.

Richard tells you the story of how one of his childhood friends has come across an algorithm that allows him to make lots of commissions.go_through_the_training

You hear plenty about how much money you can make, but nothing about what you need to do to make money.

When you join, you’re going to get some training, payment processing, software, and advertising. That’s all you know!

In addition, you will also have access to what Richard calls a “millionaire mentor”. This is someone who is meant to coach you to make sure you receive your first commission within 30 days. But in reality, will be trying to get as much money out of you as possible, by selling you other products or training.

Richard does make allusions to paying a tiny hosting fee. But it’s impossible to know if you will be required to set up a website or not.

It’s only in the terms of service (ToS) that you finally get some idea of what you may be doing.


So, depending on your membership level, it looks like you will be:

It would be much better if this was made clear in the video and if they gave some examples of their training. If this is a legitimate opportunity, what have they got to hide?

To be successful with either of these businesses will require a lot of work, and you won’t earn anything on autopilot. You will need to take massive action, and then you might earn something in a few months.

The truth is, this is a funnel to another make-money online program MOBE (My Online Business Empire), a program that sells high-ticket memberships. To earn money, you will have to sell these expensive memberships to others.

To make money promoting these memberships, you will first have to invest in the different membership levels. This could end up costing you many thousands of dollars!

Different Membership Levels

There are 3 different memberships which suggests there will be extra costs later. Although, you qualify as a Gold member by paying the membership fee of $97 and the Platinum level if you include your telephone number. To become a Platinum Plus member, there are probably upsells after you have paid your initial membership fee.

30-Day Money Back Guarantee500-is-waiting-for-you

You are given the impression that there is a solid 30-day guarantee with Countdown To Profits.

In the video, Richards says if you follow the training and don’t make a commission in 30 days, they will pay you the $500 you earned for watching the video!

However, take a look at the conditions in the purchase agreement below, and you will see getting your $500 will be very difficult or near impossible.


Including conditions like this means they have no intention of paying you the $500. They will always find a reason not to pay you.

12 Red Flags or Reasons Not To Get Involved With CTP:

  1. You have no idea of what you are paying for or what you will be doing
  2. The “owner,” Richard Paul, is the same person associated with 2 other scams. One of these binary options scams is mentioned in the CTP video, by accident due to an error in editing.
  3. Programs that offer individual coaches like the “millionaire mentors” are usually after more details on your financial situation, in order to sell some more useless training. This should certainly not be considered an advantage but something that could cost you dearly.
  4. Probably upsells after you have paid. In the ToS, they mention subscription payments and additional product purchases. This means there are probably upsells for products with recurring payments.
  5. The TOS explains that they are not offering a business opportunity. Strange, I must have got the wrong idea from the video!
  6. Nothing but hype in the sales video, yet in their earnings disclaimer, they insist they don’t do hype!ctp-income-disclaimer
  7. The income disclaimer above is in total contradiction to everything that is implied in the video.
  8. Photos associated with testimonials can be found on many other sites. countdown to profits testimonial photosThis photo is found on more than 20 sites, so is clearly a stock photo.
  9. Countdown To Profits are even stupid enough to use the same photo twice on their site but with different names.
  10. Pressure tactics, there are only a few places available in your region. only-12-spots
  11. Dishonest sales tactics, a promise of $500 if you try the system and follow the steps. CTP will always find reasons not to pay you. On the other hand, you will probably have to fork out more money to follow the training and build your site or store.
  12. Price $97 with a downsell to $77 when you click to leave the payment page. This will probably just be your first payment. By the time you have your site online, you have no idea how much the total cost might be. Not a good idea to join any program without knowing how much money you are expected to cough up. CTP should make this clear!

My Final Opinion

After seeing all the reasons not to get involved with Countdown To Profits, obviously, I don’t recommend this program. They may offer some training, but unless you really dig into their Terms of Service, you will have no idea of what you’re signing up for, and even then, everything is very vague. This is enough to say you should avoid this program.

They promise you will earn commissions on autopilot. Earning money online, from a website or store, is hard work and requires time and determination. Make sure you know what you’re buying before you get out your credit card!

In this case, you will be joining MOBE, a program where you risk losing thousands!

Don’t believe the hype from Countdown To Profits. If you want an online business, there are much better training programs.

Programs that:

  • Will teach you how to build an online business
  • Give you a free trial, so you can see what you will be doing
  • Won’t give you any hype. Building a business is down to you. Work hard with persistence, and you will be successful
  • Have excellent 24/7 support
  • Have a monthly fee that includes everything you need, so there are no surprises

If you were tricked into trying Countdown To Profits, please tell us about your experience. Did they honor the guarantee? Did they pay the $500 after you didn’t make a sale? How much did it cost to get everything set up?

I know you might feel stupid, but you are not the only one. Many of us have been caught by scams much like this. Sharing with others might help stop other people from making the same mistake.


Don’t get caught up in the HYPE!

Learn how to build a REAL online business



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