Earn Cash Yearly Review – The Shocking Truth

Earn Cash Yearly Internet Secrets scam review

In my Earn Cash Yearly Review, you will see this is a program that has been around for a number of years under different names. Normally when a program changes name regularly or is known by different names it’s a sure sign of a scam. Let’s see what this make money with Google and Clickbank scheme is all about.Jean of Earn Cash Yearly with Google and Clickbank


Product: Earn Cash Yearly
Overall Ranking: 0 out of 100 or  0/5 stars
Price: Trial $2.95 then your credit card will be charged $49.50 after a week and another $49.50 15 days later.
Owner: Jean Shonowo
Website: http://www.earncashyearly.com/



Before getting started with the review, I think it’s worth looking at the many programs, that are very similar to this one, that Jean has been involved with. In fact, in the early days, the programs were promoted by a couple (mother and son apparently) Jean Shonowo and Randy Jett.

Here are a few of the programs:

  • the7daytest.com
  • 7daycashtest.com
  • 7daycashmoney.com
  • upgradeyourcash.com
  • 3500weekly.com
  • youwillgetpaid.com
  • myhelpisfree.com
  • bigchecksinthemail.com
  • Internet Secrets
  • withdrawlcash.com
  • wemakeyoucash.com
  • cbaffiliatesales.com
  • paypalchecks.com
  • and many others

Many of the sales pages from the above programs are an exact copy of the Earn Cash Yearly sales page, on others, just some of the dates of the fictitious earnings and a testimonial photo have been changed. There might be other slight differences on the sales pages, but basically, they’re all the same setup.

This has been going on for a number of years at least since 2008 and perhaps longer.


What is Earn Cash Yearly?

This is meant to be a training program that will teach you how to earn money from Google via Adsense and also from Clickbank. Jean says that now she knows how to make a good income from Google and Clickbank she wants to teach others. The icing on the cake, you will only have to work an hour a day just to check your statistics!


Who is this for?

They would have you believe you will make money from this program or should I say all these programs, so I could say this is for anyone that wants to earn money online. However, the truth about this program is that they are only after your money. You won’t learn anything, you will pay for a useless website.


How does this work?

Earn Cash Yearly say they show you how to earn money with Google Adsense and Clickbank. What you actually get if you decide to join the program is a website with over 300 pages. You will have to create an account with AdSense which is free to join. Your referral code for Google AdSense will then be embedded in the pages of the website and when someone clicks on one of the ads you will earn some money.

At the same time, you will also have banners from Clickbank on all the pages of the website. So you will also need a Clickbank account, to obtain your referral link. Your referral links will be included in the banners, so when someone clicks on the banners and continues to make a purchase you will receive a commission.

All you have to do with this system is open accounts with Google AdSense and Clickbank, the website is made for you with content already installed.

To make even a modest income, you will need many thousands of visitors per month because only a very few will click on the adverts. Although Jean tells you it’s possible to earn good money in a few months, judging from some of the complaints some people haven’t earned anything after a number of months.


What about the websites?

Even though it’s possible to earn money both with AdSense and Clickbank, the problem with Earn Cash Yearly (and all the other programs from Jean) is that the websites they build, will probably never be ranked in the search engines.

Why? Because there is a big problem with duplicate content. I checked a site made by them that is mentioned on their sales page (1expert-clicks-home.info) for plagiarism. This is a site that has supposedly been created recently, the result 0% of unique content. I also checked to see if it was indexed by Google and it wasn’t!

The site has probably been removed from the index for violation of Google webmaster guidelines. This is a site that is allegedly earning over $18,000 monthly.

false earnings stock photo

If you join this program you’ll receive a site that has content copied from other websites. Perhaps all the sites they create for their clients are identical or perhaps they have a few different models, I don’t know. However, you should be aware that Google doesn’t appreciate duplicate content, it will affect your site’s ranking or might lead to your site being removed from Google’s index. You might also have your AdSense account suspended.

Seemingly you will not have to market your website because they have a secret linking strategy that links your web pages to hundreds of other sites. So you would expect the home page of the site I checked above to have many inbound links I found just 10.

Apart from that, the sites are very plain, mass-produced and the only way to navigate to the different pages of your domain is via the site map. The sites are hosted on Jean’s private servers, although this means you don’t have to pay for hosting, you don’t have control over your sites. They might decide to remove your site without notice or shut down their servers.

All this means that you may get your site with 300 pages but after that, you probably won’t receive any traffic. Your site may be indexed in the search engines for a very short time, nonetheless not in a position to have people clicking on your links. In other words, this is a big waste of money.


Pros and Cons


  • 60 day Clickbank guarantee
  • It is possible to make money from AdSense and Clickbank



  • Lots of similar programs from the same people online
  • Unclear pricing for trial offer
  • Not clear who the owner is
  • Duplicate content on websites
  • Promised links don’t seem to be in place
  • Web sites may not be indexed in search engines
  • No traffic which means no revenue

The red flags in the sales page

If you haven’t already been put off this program here are a few more signs that this is a scam.

as seen in Small Business Opportunities Magazine

A claim that they were featured in the Small Business Opportunities Magazine, I searched the site but didn’t find any mention of Earn Cash Yearly.


The so-called earning proofs are completely false. In the 2 screenshots below you can see the Adsense earning reports for dates 2013 and 2015. Strange the same earnings to the nearest cent! If that’s not enough, the start button in the bottom left of the photos is the start button that was used Windows XP. Would they still be using XP in 2015?

AdSense report July 2013 and 2015

They also show alleged Clickbank earnings which are also really very easy to falsify.

The photos used in the testimonials are all stock photos and they are used on all the different sites. This isn’t unusual for many of the low-quality sites that I review. I only mention it this time, as they say, they ask for a picture of their clients.

Testimonials a nice picture of clients

The wording in the testimonials never refers to any particular program but have general terms like: “thanks for the information”, “your package was unbelievable” or “thanks for changing my life”. Everything is kept unspecific so it can be used on multiple sites.



Earn Cash Yearly has a special offer special offerfor a 7 day trial for $2.95. The truth is you pay $2.95 when you sign up and then 7 days later your credit card will be debited $49.50 and then 15 days later another $49.50.

This is a very misleading way to sell this program. Also, they have PayPal shown as an option for payment, but when you check out you have only one choice – credit card.

For 1 domain you will pay $101.95. If this was for a site with 300 pages of original content this wouldn’t be expensive, however, here you are paying for a site filled with duplicate content, in effect a worthless site.

The 7-day trial is a load of nonsense:

  • Google AdSense may take a 1 – 5 days to approve new members (sometimes it can be as long as 2 weeks)
  • Then you have to contact Earn Cash Yearly with your AdSense code
  • They normally take 48 hours to reply to you
  • Finally, it will take them 3 – 5 days to complete your site

If everything goes perfectly this will take 6 days, but then there are the weekends when apparently they don’t work. Therefore, you can see it’s more or less impossible to have any idea of what you’ll be getting in the 7 day trial period.

The other price option $185 is for 10 domains and more than 3000 pages.

As the product is brought through Clickbank there is always the 60-day Clickbank guarantee to fall back on, but after signing up, it will take a few days to receive your domain and then you will be told it will take a few months before you see any earnings. Of course, by this time your guarantee will have expired!


Complaints and customer feedback

Although I didn’t find any complaints about Earn Cash Yearly, there are complaints about many of the other programs that I mentioned at the beginning of the article. As these programs are exactly the same as Earn Cash Yearly you can expect the same problems.

As you can see the biggest problem is people just don’t make any money and when people complain they say they will relink the sites. The sites aren’t linked in the first place as promised and not after the customers complain. After a few months, the sites are probably no longer indexed by the search engines.



There are complaints about the different companies that Jean and Randy are involved with on Ripoff Report and BBB, these are links to just 2 complaints there are many more.


My final opinion

Earn Cash Yearly and all the other programs produced by Jean are scams and you should keep well away. You will be paying for sites that are filled with duplicate content that will be blacklisted by Google and the other search engines very rapidly.

Verdict: Scam

It is possible to earn money with AdSense and by promoting products from Clickbank. To be successful, you will need to build a site with unique content that will attract visitors. This is something that takes time and effort. You must forget these get rich quick schemes, they never work.

These programs aren’t out to help you or to teach you anything they are just after your money. If you want to be taught how to build a legitimate business, I suggest you look at my #1 recommendation.

They taught me how to build an affiliate marketing business and if you have the desire and dedication you can do it too. You can check it out for free you don’t even need your credit card!

Below is a chart that shows you all Wealthy Affiliate has to offer compared to Earn Cash Yearly.


Have you had experience with any of Jean’s programs? If so I would love to hear if you made any money or about the problems you may have encountered. Any question or comments let me know below.



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