What Is MMM Returns? – Is This Another Sergey Mavrodi Ponzi Scheme?

What is MMM Returns

I was surprised when I came across MMM Returns, the latest of the MMM schemes. I reviewed MMM BTC a while ago, and after all their other failures, I hoped it would be the last we saw of MMM.

Well, it looks like they’re back with yet another scheme! In this review, you will find out if this is any better than their previous programs.

Product: MMM Returns
Overall Ranking: 20 out of 100 or 1/5 stars
Price: minimum investment of 0.05 to a maximum of 1 BTC (Bitcoin)
Owner: Sergey Mavrodi
Website: mmmreturns.com


MMM Returns was started in February 2017, and apparently, after just one month, they are already active in 46 countries. Another scheme with more promises from Sergey Mavrodi, a convicted fraudster, promising to set you free financially.

He also says that this scheme will keep going until at least 10 years or perhaps until 2030.

I operated MMM Global for 5 years successfully; now MMMReturns will be for the next 10 years vision 2030, I promise you mark my words: Sergey Mavrodi

After all his other Ponzi schemes that have come and gone can you really believe him?

I don’t think Mr. Mavrodi can say how long MMM Returns will keep going. It all depends on governments tolerating the scheme and most of all, whether they keep attracting new members.

For more information on Sergey Mavrodi and another MMM scheme, read this post.

Previous MMM schemes have failed in all countries due to governments taking action or issuing warnings and the number of new members drying up. When these schemes were going well, you could get paid within a few days. But then, as there were fewer new members, the period was extended to 10 or 14 days, and so on, until the schemes collapsed.

According to Sergey Mavrodi, 90% of people who joined MMM in the past made money, and 10% did not. On the face of it, you may think this sounds okay, but the figures aren’t verifiable.

Imagine that you were one of the 10%. You had invested money you couldn’t afford to lose, how would you feel? With some of the earlier MMM Ponzis, people committed suicide after losing their money. Does it still sound reasonable?

What Is MMM Returns?

As with the other MMM schemes, there is no product or service. You deposit bitcoins into your account, and then you get paid 3% daily profit for 50 days (150%).

In addition, there is also a compensation plan so it pays you to sign up referrals.

Who Is This For? 

This isn’t something that I recommend getting involved with. If you do want to give this a try, you should only invest money you can afford to lose. You can join this scheme from anywhere in the world, but you should be aware that Ponzi schemes are illegal in many countries.

If you actively promote the scheme to entice new members, although you probably won’t get prosecuted, it doesn’t make you much better than the owners.

How This Scheme Works

You sign up, providing your personal details and your Bitcoin account address. Then you make your deposit from a minimum of 0.05 BTC to a maximum of 1 BTC.

To start earning the daily income, you have to complete your daily task. You can also take part in the referral program once you have active deposits.

You can withdraw your earnings every day. There is a minimum withdrawal limit of 0.01 BTC and no maximum limit.

The video below is meant to be a “how to start” video. There’s lots of hype, lots of Sergey Mavrodi but very little about how to start!

YouTube video

MMM Returns Compensation Plan

There are 4 ways of earning with MMM Returns:

1. 3% daily
After making your deposit to receive the 3% daily, you have to complete a simple task. This takes a few seconds; you will have to post a link to MMM Returns on your Facebook page. The idea is that this will help grow the community, so there are always new members coming in.

You earn the 3% daily for 50 days.

2. 50 upline members income
You can earn 0.5% of the income from 50 members who joined before you. The more they earn, the more you will get paid.

One point to note when you join, you get 10 members assigned to your upline. Then when you introduce your first referral, you get another 15, making 25. You introduce another referral, and you get the other 25.

So to get the full benefit of this, you will have to introduce 2 referrals. If you don’t want to refer anyone, you will still receive 0.5% income from 10 members.

3. Referral commissions
You can earn commission on your own referrals (level 1).

If your level 1 affiliates recruit new members, they are placed on level 2. Then the level 2 affiliates recruit new members, they are placed on level 3, etcetera to an infinite number of levels.

You receive commissions based on the different levels, as you can see.

4. 5% binary matching income 
A binary structure places the affiliate at the top.  This article explains the binary compensation planins and outs of a binary compensation plan. The first level is split into left and right.

Subsequently, 2 members are placed under each member, and there is no limit on the number of levels.

MMM adds the total of newly invested bitcoins on both legs of the binary plan. A 5% commission is paid on the matched investment.

For example, if the left side of the binary plan invests 10 BTCs and the right side invests 20 BTCs, you will only receive 5% of 10 BTCs or 0.5 BTC.

The amount you can earn from referral commissions and matched income is capped at 5 Bitcoins.

My Final Opinion

It’s still early days for MMM Returns, but it’s clear that this isn’t sustainable. The 3% interest on your investment and the other affiliate commissions are all funded by the new members.

Mr. Mavrodi says the scheme will be running for the next 10 years or even until 2030. We’ll see how long it lasts, but I think it will stop operating long before that.

It’s surprising people are still ready to join any schemes that have the name MMM after the failed MMM programs and the bad publicity surrounding Sergey Mavrodi.

There is some conjecture as to whether Mavrodi is really behind this scheme or if some scammers are trying to profit from using his name and reputation. Either way, it doesn’t really matter. You shouldn’t invest in this scheme!

The worst part of this program is that people are ready and encouraged to promote this scheme. They make it sound like a surefire winner, although they know the truth. They’re ready to sign up people who really need the money they invest.

Yes, some may make money if they get in early, while many others will lose their hard-earned cash. But the biggest winner will probably be Sergey Mavrodi, although he claims otherwise.

According to Sergey, MMM Global collapsed because of hackers who stole accounts and created panic.

I did not close MMM Global I wanted to continue it for some more time, but hackers created panic and lot of accounts were stolen, so I was forced to shut down MMM Global.

These are just lame excuses; he’s not owning up to the fact that he knew the scheme wasn’t sustainable from the beginning.

Verdict: Not Recommended

I hope you found my MMM Returns review useful. If you want to earn money online, you need to learn how to do it and then put in the work.

Forget about investing in these high-interest, high-risk schemes that will have you worrying if you will ever see your investment again.

Learn how to build your own legitimate business and take your destiny in hand. You will find this review of Wealthy Affiliate, my #1 recommended online training platform useful.

If you have any questions or perhaps some experience with MMM you’d like to share, please leave them in the comments section below.

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