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Writing Jobs Online writing-jobs.net

If you’re considering starting as a freelance writer, which can be a great way of earning money online, you might have considered joining a site like Writing Jobs Online. They promise a database of jobs and tutorials.

As so often, this sounds like a good plan, but unfortunately what you’re getting is not as good as it sounds. In my review, you will see why spending your money on writing-jobs.net might not be a good idea.

Product: Writing Jobs Onlinewriting jobs online scam review
Overall Ranking:  10 out of 100
Price: 7-day trial $1 then $27 per month
Owner: Glen Anderson??
Website: www.writing-jobs.net

Who is the owner?

The owner is supposedly Glenn Anderson, now I don’t know if he really exists or not, but he is also the owner of Gaming Jobs Online. The woman who presents the sales video is also the same for the 2 sites, so both programs are probably produced by the same people.

Another site that looks very similar to these two is Photography Jobs Online, again the same girl in the video, but this time, the owner is allegedly Chris Page. So, both these names are probably false, which is already a bad sign about the legitimacy of this program.

The sales pages of two of the programs are below, can you see some similarities?

photography jobs online photography-jobs.netwriting-jobs.net similar to other sites

What is Writing Jobs Online?

This is a site that allegedly provides everything you need to start getting paid for writing online. Essentially they provide a database of writing jobs, some training, tools, and software, plus other money-making ideas like surveys.

The main problem is that you have to pay a monthly fee for this info. There are many sites that give the same sort of resources and better for free!

They tell you that the average member earns $700 per month, and the top earners $5000+ per month.

Who is this for?

This could be for you if you want to start as a freelance writer but don’t know how or where to start. The problem with this site is that you have to pay to become a member.

There are other free resources that offer more training and a better database. Therefore have a good look around before signing up for any program, and remember you don’t need to pay to find work as a freelance writer.

If you’re not sure what a freelance writer is, he or she is a writer that produces text in exchange for payment. They produce whatever sort of articles are required by their clients. Usually working from their own home, they probably write for several different clients at one time. The clients may be new every day or established clients that require ongoing work.

A site like writing-jobs.net exists because freelancers look for writing jobs online, but they are only one of many sites. Some other sites may charge a percentage of your earnings, and other sites are completely free.

An example of an article that has many resources, including – links to some of the top job boards, how to create a portfolio, plus many other useful tools and tips, is 25 Freelance Writing Resources to Get Paid More and Get More Work. Definitely worth a read if you’re thinking of starting freelance writing.

Pros and Cons


  • It is possible to earn money as a freelance writer
  • Some training is provided


  • A recurring monthly fee which will be automatically debited after the 7-day trial
  • The same information and better can be found for free
  • Links that no longer work
  • Site is not kept up to date
  • Job database is just links to other sites with freelance writing job postings

What you get

At first glance, the site gives you the impression that you are getting a lot of information, but let’s go through what they offer and see if it really gives you any value. I’ll go through the different sections of the site as they are presented.

What you get

Getting Started

A selection of 4 eBooks that can be found elsewhere for free.

Writing Jobs Database

This should be the most important part of the site where you find jobs advertised. What you get is a list of writing job boards, freelance job feeds, and freelance jobs featuring sites such as indeed.com, elance.com, and CraigsList.org. Certainly nothing outstanding here, and not what I was expecting.

When I see “job database,” I expect to see some real jobs, not links to job boards that we can find ourselves.

$50 – $100 Writing Jobs

Another list of sites that might accept articles, some may pay a fee, and others may give you a link. Many of these sites are looking for experienced writers.

$100 – $200 Writing Gigs

Yet another selection of sites where it might be possible to find a writing job. You will probably have to submit some of your previously published work.

Writing and Online Magazine Writing Gigs. $250+

More websites that may be looking for writers. Not all sites will pay you, some only offer an author byline, biography, and a web link. There are a lot of sites here, so you will have to check through and find those that are looking for subjects where you have expertise. These sites seem to be listed in alphabetical order, but strangely enough, stop at the letter “j”.

Writing Tools

A list of so-called tools, many of which you will know already, such as WordPress, Gimp, Flickr, Skype or Filezilla.

Writing Software

Some tools that might be useful when writing or blogging, for example, Google Docs, WordPress, Squarespace, Blogger, Twitter, Facebook or Evernote. These tools might be great, but paying for a list like this is unnecessary.

Online Video Tutorials

In this section, there are 9 videos, I tried to have a look to see what they were like, but first, I had to install Flash Player, and even after that, they wouldn’t work. Perhaps it’s my computer, I don’t know, but judging from the rest of the site, they are probably videos that have been around for a while.

There are also a couple of guides to help you set your prices and an example of a service agreement.

Writing Jobs Online

Here you have jobs that are advertised mainly with justjobs.com and a few that are advertised on the indeed.com website. While there may be a lot of jobs offered, many are not freelance writing jobs. They are in-house jobs for positions such as editors, programmers, account managers, or researchers. As you can see, some have very little to do with writing. You will require experience and qualifications for most jobs listed here.

Writing Online News

Yet more content from another site. A list of links to articles from aboutfreelancewriting.com, The articles might be quite good, but as you go through everything that is offered with this program, you realize there is no unique content; everything comes from other sites.

Premium Surveys

I don’t know what this list of survey sites is doing here; nothing to do with writing. Just another opportunity for Writing Jobs Online to earn some money with their affiliate links.

Other Online Opportunities

I can’t believe this, yet more survey sites! Don’t they know taking online surveys is largely a waste of time!

Tips and Tricks

Some more good articles that are taken from another site. This time, the articles are made to look like they are from writing-jobs.net, but in fact, they are from another site beafreelanceblogger.com

and finally

Over $400 in sign-up bonuses!

Another list this time of survey sites that offer a sign-up bonus.

Overview of what you get

As you can see, there is a fair bit of info; however, overall, I would say there is very little here that should be paid for. There are other sites for freelance writers that are free to access and give more information, and have real up-to-date ads for writing jobs. Therefore, the most important point is that you don’t need to and shouldn’t pay to find a writing job.

Writing Jobs Online isn’t kept up to date. On the member’s page, there is a list of premium writing jobs. Although I joined the site towards the end of April, they still had the jobs from March.Premium writing jobs for March

I think this sums the program up, they want your money, but they’re not willing to do much work to give you any value.

This is another program that gives the impression that you will be working for well-known corporations and earning $1000s per month. If it’s this easy to earn money writing, why do they include the survey sites?

making money writing easy as 123

Writing-jobs.net has several of the common red flags:

  • The promise of easy money – up to $120 per hour!
  • Glowing testimonials
  • “As seen on” – these publications might have featured freelance writing as a way of earning money from home but not directly featured writing-jobs.net.as seen on
  • Pressure tactics – “3-day sale” I visited the site over several days and the “3-day sale” was always on.
  • Partnerships with “high paying corporations” – this is used to make their site look legitimate. Writing Jobs Online doesn’t have any real jobs advertised on their site so how could they have any partnerships with these companies?Partnerships with well known companies

How much does it cost?

There is a 7-day trial for $1. After that, you are charged $27 per month.  It’s not an ideal way to take a trial because it’s not made clear that you will automatically be charged if you don’t cancel, and it’s all too easy to forget to cancel your membership. This is what they are hoping! A company with nothing to hide that provides a great product would offer a free trial.

$27 per month is a lot too much to pay for a program like this. If it was a one-off payment, it would still be too expensive!

At least there is a 60-day Clickbank guarantee, so any problems go directly to Clickbank, and you will get your money back.

My final opinion

On the face of it, a site like Writing Jobs Online seems like a good idea. But having been through all they offer, you can see there is nothing unique on this site.

Job lists from other companies, articles from other websites, and lists of tools that you probably are already familiar with. There is certainly nothing that justifies the monthly membership fee.

There is an ever-increasing need for freelance writers, with different businesses all needing to have a strong online presence. As the demand for content grows, so does the competition among the writers. With more and more people looking into ways of earning money from home plus residents from third-world or developing countries ready to work for very little.

You can find some legitimate jobs advertised, but these advertisements probably mean the client is looking for a bargain. You may have to take some of these low-paying jobs when you’re getting started, but after a while, you should start to get repeat work and start cultivating relationships with your clients.

There are many sites that advertise freelance writing jobs for free, so there is absolutely no need to pay writing-jobs.net for their secondhand lists to find a writing job.

Verdict: Not Recommended

An alternative

If you’re thinking about starting as a freelance writer, have you ever thought about blogging, not for others but for yourself? You can earn money writing about subjects you enjoy. You will have the advantage of not having to meet any deadlines, and you won’t have to spend your time searching for work.

You will need a website, which these days is very easy to set up. Then you will need to decide what you want to write about.

Once you’ve decided on the topic or niche of your site, you can start writing articles. In your articles, you include affiliate links. When someone buys a product or service through your affiliate link, you receive a commission.

Online shoppers search for reviews or information on a product before buying. As a blogger, you can provide them with this information and get well paid for your work.

I’m doing just that on my site. Although I’m not recommending Writing Jobs Online, I’m warning you that if you sign up for this program, you will be wasting your money. At the same time, below you will see that I recommend another product that I feel is a much better alternative.

What I recommend is setting up your own affiliate marketing website. Getting started is the most difficult part when setting up your own affiliate marketing business. When I started, I joined an online training center called Wealthy Affiliate, where you are taught in easy to follow step-by-step lessons on how to build your online business.

You should be aware that this isn’t a get-rich-quick scheme. You will learn how to create an ethical long-term business. There are no wild promises of big earnings because, as with any business, to be successful requires effort and determination. If you put in the work and don’t give up, you can and will earn money writing for yourself!

You can see below some of what Wealthy Affiliate offers, and you can sign up for the free trial without giving your credit card details.

features watry starter membership

If you have had any experience as a freelance writer or you have tried the writing jobs online program, please let me know how you got on in the comments section below.


Writing Jobs Online aka writing-jobs.net
  • Training
  • Jobs Database
  • Help and Support


Description Writing Jobs Online also known as writing-jobs.net promises you access to a database of jobs, tutorials, tools, and support. All this so you can work from home writing and earn as much as $30 – $120 per hour!
Price: 7-day trial $1 then $27 per month
Owners: Glen Anderson??
Website: www.writing-jobs.net
My opinion: Another site that charges you a hefty monthly fee for information you can find yourself for free. Jobs database is just links to other free sites. Don’ waste your time and money!
Not recommended. Unfortunately, I can’t give less than 1 star!


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