What Is Gaming Jobs Online? Get paid to play video games!

Do you want to be a video game tester? Gaming Jobs Online says you can earn good money by playing video games from your own home. This might even seem like a dream job to many, but beware they make some very outrageous promises.

They indicate that their average member makes $39,000 per year.  The earnings, in this case, seem quite reasonable. And for doing something you enjoy, it sounds good. However, they make it seem too easy, which makes me think there must be a catch. Let’s see if I’m right and what’s really involved if you become a video game tester.


Product: Gaming Jobs OnlineGaming Jobs Online scam review logo
Overall Ranking: 0 out of 100 or 0/5 stars
Price: $1 for a 7-day trial, then $27 per month
Owner: Glen Anderson??
Website: http://www.gamingjobsonline.com/


What is Gaming Jobs Online?

This is a company that has been online since 2008 and apparently has a database of companies looking for:

  • video game testers
  • people to take surveys

Yeah, it’s a bit of a surprise when you see the title of the company, but they also promote surveys as being a way to make money.


Who is this for?

This will ideally be for people who enjoy video games, nevertheless, testing video games is in no way comparable to playing video games. Therefore, you shouldn’t join a company as a video game tester and imagine you will pass your day playing games.

This is work, you will need good writing skills to communicate any problems you may find and you will probably spend hours going over the same scene dozens of times.


What you get

They provide you with a database of companies that are supposedly looking for game testers. The thing with databases like this is that they are rarely kept up to date, as in this case, and it’s possible to find better, more recent opportunities if you do your own research. In addition, do the work yourself and it’s free!

A strange thing, when I came to this site, I thought it was to test video games, but they try to entice you to join other pretty useless money-making schemes, such as online surveys and they give you some quite outrageous earnings figures. I mean when have you been given a chance to complete a survey for $5, let alone $75!

what you get

I wonder if Gaming Jobs Online are really interested in helping people find work or just eager to earn affiliate commissions from people who sign up with the survey sites via their links.

They even state in the small print at the bottom of their sales page, “that the typical purchaser doesn’t make money using their system“. While I appreciate their honesty in saying this, why do they say elsewhere “you can easily make an average of $39,000 per year” as a video game tester.

Shame they don’t make the honest earnings statement a little more prominent. This would save many people time and money.

disclaimer most people dont make money


How it works

how it works

As with all these programs that promise a lot, they make it seem too easy. This is really misleading, as testing games doesn’t work like this.

They tell you that you only have to complete the 3 steps above to start earning money. The only step that is easy, is creating your account and that is something I would not advise. Remember, you will be paying for information you can find free online.

After signing up, you take a look at their job database where you may be lucky to find one or two current jobs, other jobs that no longer exist and links that don’t work. If you are lucky enough to get a real job, you will soon understand being a video game tester is not a question of playing and getting paid. There is much more involved as you can see below.


Pros and Cons


  • Jobs as video game testers do exist


  • Make it look easy to get a job
  • Misleading description of what’s involved
  • Hype – unrealistic earnings
  • Provide information you can find free online
  • You have to give your credit card details when you take the 7-day trial, which means they will start debiting the $27 if you don’t cancel
  • Payments by PayPal not accepted
  • Complaints about refunds from the affiliate network that handles sales
  • Offer other worthless online work
  • They state most people won’t make money with their system


Red Flags

As with many other online scams they have some of the common warning signs.

  • The false “as seen on” trademarks, just to give you more confidence in the product.

as seen on

  • Recommendation from a gaming magazine, Shoot Em’ Up, however, the only reference I can find for this magazine is on the Gaming Jobs Online site.

recommendation from shoot em up

  • The calculator to get an estimate of how much you will earn
  • False partnerships with the leading video game manufacturers
  • If you click to leave, you are offered a couple of bonuses (400 Microsoft points + $60 in cash from their partners) but you have 2 minutes to take up the offer – pressure tactics


Supportlive support

Gaming Jobs Online doesn’t seem to offer much in the way of support. They have a FAQ with all of 6 questions and what is meant to be live support. The live support turns out to be email support.


How much does this cost?

The program offers a 7 day trial for $1 and then $27 per month. Although the $1 trial sounds good, you have to give your credit card details.

The affiliate network they deal through, ClickBetter, are the subject of many complaints on bbb.org mainly from people having trouble getting refunds. Another reason not to trust this program.


What’s really involved being a video game tester

Not having any experience with this sort of work I was interested to find out what was really involved in a job as video game quality assurance tester.

Where will you work and what is involved

Most jobs are in house, which means you won’t be working from the comfort of your own home. As a game tester, you should take your job seriously and be ready to meet high standards.

In fact, a lot of the work will resemble office work, attending meetings, writing reports and sending emails. Good communication skills are essential because every day you will be telling programmers and designers that something is broken. If they don’t understand what the problem is, you will be wasting everyone’s time.

Having said that a large part of your time, will, of course, be spent testing games.

Testing the video games

When you do get to play video games, you won’t be playing the same way as if you were playing for enjoyment. You will be looking to see what doesn’t work, what errors there are in the programming. This may involve going over the same scene over, over and over again. If it’s a car race you will drive into the walls, the other cars, go in the wrong direction, in short, do anything that’s not expected normally. Or if there’s a combat scene you will have to test every fighter against all the other fighters in every configuration possible and try doing silly things you wouldn’t expect someone to do. You will probably have to test games you hate as well, spending hours looking for errors.

So just because you are good at playing video games doesn’t mean you will be a good tester and you can see that this job may not be as enjoyable as you first thought.

Finding a job

Most work seems to be contract work, with the jobs lasting up to 6 months, after that if you have performed well you may be given a permanent post. Most employers are looking for experienced testers, this makes it quite hard to find your first job.

How much will you be paid

The average pay is from $14- $18 per hour for people with some experience, you may be required to work overtime and weekends when necessary. If you’re new to this business, you should be prepared to earn less.

Where to find jobs

This is where Gaming Jobs Online is charging you for information that you can find free online. I searched in Google and found several companies that have a few opportunities listed and you could easily find more.


My conclusion

If you are interested in becoming a video game tester don’t join Gaming Jobs Online. They will take your money and you will receive very little in return and judging from the complaints online you might have trouble getting a refund.

For someone just starting as a quality control tester for video games, it might be difficult to find a job, unless you know someone who works for one of the video game developers. Although, there are a few temporary opportunities, which is a good way of getting experience.

This company doesn’t care about its members, like so many others, they are just out to get your money and they even admit most people don’t earn anything from their program.

Verdict: Scam


An alternative

If you really enjoy video games and would like to earn money from your passion, it’s possible. Not by becoming a tester, but by setting up your own business and earning money from a website you create.

Although your site would be about video games you would need to narrow it down to something more specific. For example: action games, MMORPGs, car racing games or games for specific systems Nintendo 3DS, Wii U, Xbox One, etc.

To make money you would include affiliate links, when people click on your link and go on to make a purchase you will earn a commission. To be successful you will have to work hard and it will take time, but building a website around your passion, sharing your experience and knowledge is a nice way to earn some money. In addition, you can work from home and you work when you have the time.

It may sound a little daunting when suggested like that, but it’s not that hard. To create this site, I found a training platform that explained everything with step by step training. Very easy and enjoyable to follow, even setting up the website was easy. If you think this might be for you, they have a free 7-day trial, you don’t even have to give your credit card details to sign up.

If you have any experience testing video games, have any questions or comments, please let me know below.



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