What Is TubeLoom? Is It This Easy To Make Money With YouTube?

Is TubeLoom legit?

When I came across the strange title of this program I wondered, what is TubeLoom?

TubeLoom is a program that promises that you can earn $300 – $500 per day by making videos and posting them on YouTube.

In fact, in the sales video, Charlotte White the supposed owner, claims to make up to $1000 a day for only a couple of hours work a day!

Get the feeling this sounds too good to be true? Seeing claims like this always sets the alarm bells ringing. So I thought I’d dig a little deeper to see if Charlotte is promoting a legitimate product.


Product: TubeLoomWhat Is TubeLoom
Overall Ranking: 20 out of 100 or 1.0/5 stars
Price: $39.95 with downsell to $19.95
Owner: Charlotte White seems to be a false name, the company that owns TubeLoom is Success Vantage Pte Ltd from Singapore
Website: tubeloom.com


The TubeLoom Sales Video

As so often, the sales video is another hard luck story and full of hype with unrealistic earnings claims.

Statements like:hype made to sound easy making money from YouTube

…give the impression it’s easy to make a lot of money online simply by posting a few YouTube videos. This is not true!

The video also includes screenshots of earnings and many testimonials with stock photos. These tactics are often utilized in online scams.


What Is TubeLoom?

TubeLoom is a program that teaches you how to make short videos and place them on YouTube. You include an affiliate link in the video. Then when someone follows through and makes a purchase after clicking your link you make a commission.

Most of the training provided is about optimizing the videos so they are found at the top of the search results.


Who Is It For?

In the sales video, Charlotte recommends this for stay at home moms or dads but anyone with a little spare time could do this.

The videos are quite easy to make. If you have an internet connection, a computer with a microphone you can do this. You will have to download some screencasting software and you’re ready to start


What You GetTubeLoom review what's included

All the information in the program is presented both in video and in PDF format. I’ll quickly go through the different modules below so you get a good idea of the contents.

The video is presented by Dean Henry who was also behind Easy Tube Commissions, in fact, the videos still have the name Easy Tube Commissions in the intros.

TubeLoom is just a relaunched version of Easy Tube Commissions. After some bad reviews, they changed the name of the program and couldn’t even be bothered to change the introductions to the videos.

Not a good first impression!


The Course

Commissions Overview

This is a short introduction explaining exactly how you will be earning with this program.

TubeLoom is all about launch jacking.

Launch jacking is taking advantage of the “excitement” surrounding a new product launch This can be a good way to earn affiliate commissions as long as you only promote products that are legit and will provide value to your readers.

The problem with most of these product launches is that the products are usually rubbish. They are often produced by “serial launchers” that produce a few products every year.

If you do this you will be promoting products that you know nothing about. You can’t even research to find what the users think of them as they are new. Would you be happy earning money this way?

I hope you say no! Because you should think about your readers and their reactions.

You see too many internet marketers ready to promote anything to make a few bucks. These marketers won’t build any trust or relationships with their readers and probably won’t be around for long.

Let’s look at the training.

Module 1: Picking the Product

Picking the right product is an important step. They recommend you go to muncheye.com, jvnotifypro.com or warriorjv.com. Then to find a product to promote there are 2 criteria:

  1. There has to be a video
  2. There should be a demo sales page

Nothing about the actual product, whether it’s legit or will it help the people who watch your video. These would be my first concerns!

Module 2: The Review Video

You need to install Camtasia or Screencast software. Then you record your video.

There are 3 types of video you can create.

  1. A walkthrough video  – when you are given a copy of the program to review
  2. If you don’t have access to the product you use the sales page as the background to your review. The sales pages are often full of false earnings and testimonials, so this isn’t a good way to create a review video.
  3. Extract videos from the JV page, after obtaining the owner’s permission. You can’t trust most of the sales videos you find, so this again isn’t a good idea, at least if you value your customers.

Module 3A: Video Optimization

Once you have made you video you need to optimize it before uploading to YouTube.

  • Rename the file on your computer using the keywords. Normally this would be the name of the program + review
  • Then fill in the properties by right clicking the file again, usually, you would use the name of the program for most fields
  • Upload to YouTube but make sure it’s set to private first.

Module 3B: Video Optimization

Once your video is uploaded to YouTube it needs to be optimized.

  • Optimize your title
  • Make a keyword rich description
  • Etc, etc…

Module 3C: Video Optimization

The last part of the optimization process is to:

  • Include your affiliate link in the description
  • Paste your YouTube link in the description
  • Build a playlist and include your video in the playlist
  • Change the settings to Public and save

Module 4: Outsourcing YouTube SEO

This the longest video in the series, lasting 16 minutes, and you are also told it’s the most important. Firstly you are recommended to share the video on social media.

Then there are a few factors that Google likes to see to rank a video higher. The more of the following you have the better:

  • Views on YouTube
  • Embeds
  • Likes and shares on social media

To get some good figures in all these areas TubeLoom recommends Fiverr. Check out the top sellers for these categories and buy views, embeds, and social media likes. There are a few other sites that are suggested but these are black hat tactics that I don’t endorse.

Conclusion Video

Dean says he makes $300 from every product launch he promotes but he also says you can promote any product with video, which is true.

If you want to earn money from videos, firstly make sure the products or services are worthy of your recommendation.


Pros and Cons


  • Possible to make money from launch jacking
  • YouTube videos are a good way to promote products or services
  • Some training included
  • ClickBank guarantee


  • Program consists of information you can find online for free
  • Lots of hype in the sales video
  • Not as easy as TubeLoom state
  • A renamed program that previously had many poor reviews
  • Launch Jacking involves promoting programs you know nothing about
  • Buying views, embeds, likes, and shares isn’t a good idea
  • Upsells and downsells


Do You Have To Pay For This Information

To be honest you can find lots of free guides for optimizing YouTube videos and also for launch jacking. So you shouldn’t pay for this info!

Here some links to some articles on launch jacking and optimizing videos for YouTube:


Cost Of TubeLoom

The program costs $39.95 but click to leave the site and the price comes down to $19.95. Once you have paid there are a couple of upsells/ downsells to negotiate before you have access to the program.

The first upsell is for TubeLoom Step By Step To Riches which claims you can make a 6 figure income in 14 days.

The second upsell is for Easy Cash Campaigns

Promoting programs with stupid income claims like this is a sure sign that this program provides little value.

There is a 60-day ClickBank guarantee.


A Few YouTube Statistics

YouTube is the second largest search engine and as such provides lots of great opportunities. Which means it should really be in your marketing plans.

If you need any further convincing here are a few statistics from 2016: source statisticbrain.com

  • Total number of people who use YouTube                                              1,325,000,000
  • Hours of video uploaded to YouTube every minute                              300 hours
  • Number of videos viewed on YouTube everyday                                   4,950,000,000
  • Number of unique visits to YouTube every month                                900,000,000
  • Total number of hours of video watched on YouTube each month    3.25 billion hours


My Final Opinion

I wouldn’t say this is a complete scam but you are paying for information that is widely available online for free. YouTube is definitely a good way to promote products online and as you can see above many, many people use YouTube.

Launch jacking is used by many affiliate marketers to earn commissions but to me is largely unethical. You will be promoting products you know nothing about!

If you want to optimize your videos to promote products search for “how to optimize YouTube videos” or something similar in the search engines. You will find plenty of articles with more complete and up to date information that is completely free.

If you want to try launch jacking, I would say only promote products if you can get your hands on a demo. Try the product first and see if it’s worth recommending to your readers.

With TubeLoom we’re once again in the realms of “making money online is fast and easy”. The programs that make such promises are not genuine. Don’t get caught up in their hype!

Verdict: Not recommended


If you’re looking to build a business online and take advantage of organic free traffic there are better alternatives. Get yourself some complete internet marketing training.

My #1 recommendation teaches you everything about setting up a business from building your website onwards. They have some training on making videos and recently they had some live training on optimizing videos for YouTube.

Learn How To Build A Real Online Business. Read More Here!

If you have had any experience with TubeLoom or success with YouTube videos let us know in the comments area below.


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