Real Money Streams Review – Not a Scam But…

Real Money Streams Review - Is this a scam or legit?

I suppose you’ve ended up here after seeing the Real Money Streams (RMS) video that claims you can make $500 per week doing offline or online work.

You had the good sense to check online to learn the truth. In this review, I will give you the information you need so you can make the right decision.

This is another of these websites that give the impression making money online is easy. Unfortunately, it’s not true!

To be successful online will take time and hard work but is possible if you have the right mindset and follow some good training.

  • Real Money Streams Review


Real Money Streams
Pros: You do get some information about online and offline jobs
Cons: The suggested jobs are from websites you can find yourself no need to pay for this information
Owner: Chris Johnson
Price: $37 then upsells
My opinion: Don’t join this program. No need to pay for the very limited information you will receive. You can find everything yourself for free!


What is Real Money Streams?

This is a website that gives you some very simple information about how you can earn money doing online or offline jobs. They also have links to companies that might have some jobs.

When signing up for a program like this I always expect them to have their own list of jobs or their own ways of finding these jobs. You’re paying the fee to have some kind of service. No such luck! All they do is direct you to other well-known or lesser-known websites.


Who is this for?

Generally, the websites RMS recommend have few jobs. In addition, these jobs don’t pay much and take some time to complete.

This is when there are jobs available. With some of the websites Real Money Streams lists, the jobs are few and far between. One of the sites they link to doesn’t even exist anymore!

That’s another problem with this program, the information is not updated.

So, I would say this is for someone who has the time to wait until a job becomes available and then is ready to spend a few minutes to earn just a few cents. For the offline jobs ideally, you will live in a city to avoid travel expenses.


What sort of jobs will you be doing?

When you get to the members area the first thing you see is a video to encourage you to sign up to Aspire, another program you should avoid.

You joined Real Money Streams to earn some money, so let’s see if they have any jobs listed on their website.

Offline TasksReal Money Streams offline tasks they recommend

There are 3 companies that RMS links out to. One of the companies, EasyShift is no longer online, so that leaves GigWalk and Field Agent.

They both work in a similar way. You download the GigWalk or FieldAgent app to your phone. Then you search for gigs in your area. You can use your phone’s GPS to show gigs on a map in your locality.

The type of jobs might be to verify promotions are done correctly and on time, to check that products are displayed and priced accurately in stores in your area or to take a photo of a price tag to see if an article is priced and tagged correctly. For most jobs, your work will be documented with a photo.

This might be quite a good way of earning a few extra bucks if you live in a city and you can get to the gigs on foot. Otherwise, you will use some of your earnings getting to the store to do your gig.

There are both positive and negative comments about both these companies online. What I find a little worrying is the number of people who claim not to have been paid by both these companies.

In my opinion, you should only consider this type of work to earn a little money on the side at best.

Online TasksRMS list of online tasks

The online jobs that are mentioned may give you some ideas but the only one that caught my attention was copywriting. Freelance writing can be a great way to earn money online.

The other tasks are related to Amazon Mechanical Turk (AMT), a site where businesses, researchers or other groups can post tasks to be completed by online workers.

Some people do manage to earn some decent money with AMT. But to start with they earn very little per hour. Little by little as you complete more tasks, which are known as HITs, you can apply for the better-paying HITs.

It’s worth noting that AMT only pays out cash to workers in the US and India. Workers in other countries are paid with Amazon gift cards.

My Opinion About The Jobs Offered

As so often with these programs, all the promises turn out to offer very little. Just 3 companies are mentioned. If you live in a rural area far away from any big cities then your only alternative is Amazon Mechanical Turk.

To be honest paying $37 to have the chance of earning for completing HITs from AMT is a rip-off. However, they do offer some other products and a different training program is included, let’s take a look.


The Additional Products

Money Making Moguls

It’s surprising to see this product in the members area, Money Making Moguls training program
as it’s also one of the upsells and here it is for free!

This is a program that provides videos, guides, and e-books about making money online. Apparently, you have access to a new module every month and every module is split into 4 sections as you can see in the image.

To get an idea of the quality of the program let’s have a look at the sort of information they give.

Beginners Method

Get paid to take surveys – I don’t consider surveys as a serious way to make money online, so immediately I question whether this program is genuine.

Advanced Method

Lot’s of training here! This is probably the best part of Real Money Streams, however, the training is not up to date. Some of the websites they talk about no longer exist and some of the information is no longer relevant.

Easy Income Academy

Reports on different aspects of internet marketing. Again some dated information. Some might be relevant but overall there is so much information if you try to read all this you will become overwhelmed.

Money Making Mogul Mindset

Videos, documentaries, and interviews – with successful internet marketers, info about scams and other subjects related to the internet marketing world. Interesting and might give you a little motivation but when you’re starting the most important thing is to take action and start building your business.

Overall, Money Making Moguls provides some useful information. The main problems are the information isn’t kept up to date, it’s not presented in a step by step manner which means you would probably quickly become overwhelmed and there is no support.

If you’re serious about earning money online better to get some step by step training that’s always up to date and provides help and support. This may have a monthly cost which is more than the price of Real Money Streams but your chances of success will be much greater.

Ebooks and Videos

The other products provided by Real Money Streams are e-books and videos. These are mostly PLR (Private Label Rights) products. You can find the same products free of charge with a Google search.

Often with programs like RMS, I get the impression they include a lot of PLR products to make it look like you’re getting value for money. This isn’t the case as you can find the same products yourself for free.

You may enjoy reading these e-books or watching the videos. However, they won’t help you to make money online which is the reason you joined Real Money Streams.


How much does this cost?

The price is $37 and as it’s sold through ClickBank there is a 60-day guarantee.


After signing up you are hit with upsells which I don’t like. They try to get you to subscribe to Money Making Moguls VIP Mastermind Training.

Money Making Moguls monthly payments not made clear

What I particularly didn’t like was the underhand nature of the payment process. You think you are paying $47 for the program. But in very small print at the bottom of the page, there is a notice “after 30 days you will be billed $17 per month”.

When you quit this page the same product pops up again, this time for $17 per month. Again I decided to pass on this. I wanted to get to Real Money Streams but there is yet another offer for Money Making Moguls + bonuses. This time the price is $0 then $17 per month.

The strange thing is that you find Money Making Moguls included in the Real Money Streams members area. So, there is no reason to pay for this!


My final opinion

I wouldn’t say Real Money Streams is a scam as they do offer some information. But you don’t need to pay for anything they offer. You can find everything yourself for free!

The sales video states that you can earn $500 a week from doing the online or offline jobs they suggest. These jobs pay very small amounts and will take up most of your time to earn just a few dollars per month.

They fill the members area with articles, videos, and e-books to make it look like you are getting some great value for money. Think again! What they offer are mostly free PLR products that might be pleasant to read or watch but won’t really help you to earn an income online.

No point in paying $37 to get access to Real Money Streams. You will waste your time and probably won’t be any nearer to making money online.

Thanks for reading my review and I hope to have given you the information to help you to make the right decision. If you have any questions or have had experience with Real Money Streams please let me know in the comments area below.

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