Simple Sites Big Profits Review – legit or scam?

Product: Simple Sites Big Profitssimple sites big profits logo
Overall Ranking: 50 out of 100 or  2.5/5 stars
Price: $297 or 3 payments of $127
Owner: Marcus Campbell


Simple Sites Big Profits by Marcus Campbell (SSBP) claims it’s possible to make money from small websites and all this from sites created in about one hour. The sales video lasts about 90 minutes, which is way too long for me.

Marcus Campbell talks too much about how he got to his current position with a fair amount on how much he has made along the way which is something I hate. What I want to hear is how his system works and for that, you have to wait way too long.

In this review, we will see if this is a legitimate program


Who is Marcus Campbell?

Marcus Campbell worked as a magician, computer salesman, website designer and as an SEO expert getting traffic for established sites. In 2002 he decided to create his own site and was soon making some good money. Since that time he has been creating sites and managing his business.

He created this site supposedly to give people the help that he never had. He of course profits from the sign-up fee and he gets a commission if his students use his advertisers.

In 2014, Marcus suffered a mental breakdown and alcoholism, he even spent a month in rehab and almost a year behind the scenes in his business. Now he’s back with the 2015 version of Simple Sites.


What is Simple Sites Big Profits?

Simple Sites Big Profits is a product that teaches you how to create small 1-5 page websites rapidly. They claim that it is possible to create a good cash flow from these simple sites.


Who is this for?

Simple Sites could be for anyone, a newbie or a more experienced internet marketer. A newbie to internet marketing is shown how to build a site and get traffic with pay per click advertising. Sure, this will get some traffic to your site quickly although, for someone starting an internet business I think it’s better to start by learning how to obtain free organic traffic.


How it works

Simple Sites is a course that explains how to create mini sites by choosing a niche or subject where there is not much competition, but many people searching.

For example, you could create a site around “problems sleeping”, this could be “sleep remedies”, “snoring”, “can’t sleep” or “back pain”. You place ads or affiliate links for a relevant product on your page and get ranked in the search engines or use pay per click. You will be paid when someone clicks on your ad link, purchases the product or completes an action (CPA).

You can find the companies that offer deals per click, in the software you obtain from SSBP. In the example Marcus uses, you can buy clicks for “can’t sleep” for 10-15 cents and place an ad for “sleep number beds” who pay $12 or more per click according to Marcus. Consequently, if this is true, despite the fact that not everyone will click on the ad you still have a fair chance of making some money.

how simple sites work

This is the explanation Marcus gives on how SSBP works.


Pros & Cons


  • possible to earn money with this system
  • some useful info


  • no money back guarantee or free trial
  • too expensive
  • too much hype “set up your site today start making money tomorrow”
  • many complain that the course is not complete
  • support inexistent or takes days to reply


Tools and training

The Simple Sites Big Profits training program provides you with reading matter on the following topics:

  • how to find profitable keywords

    simplesitesbigprofits software

    Simple Sites software

  • how to set up PPC and other traffic generation methods
  • how to evaluate different affiliate programs
  • where to find the best offers
  • how to start building your site
  • how to write ads
  • how to make money with Adsense
  • there is much more information to read but for me these are the most important subjects

There are also video courses on:

  • how to find profitable niches
  • finding the right keywords
  • how to find the best affiliate offers for your niche
  • building your site
  • ad writing tips
  • starting your site with little or no money (note: you still have to pay $297 to see this)
  • building your list
  • the secrets of getting traffic

The training is quite thorough and there are some useful tools that will help you to get started quickly.



You can contact Marcus or his support team by email, telephone or live chat. However, I have read reports from people saying they couldn’t get any help and didn’t receive a reply to their queries.


How much does it cost?

You can gain access to Simple Sites for one payment of $297 or three payments of $127. Marcus says because he gives you his personal support and commitment the payment is not refundable.

For me, having the support and commitment from the owner of a program that you pay for is normal. After reading some of the comments online of people not receiving the program I would want a guarantee before signing up or a free trial would be even better.

There is no hosting included with the package so you will have to add this to the price.


My final opinion

Simple Sites Big Profits explains a concept that is widely known and practiced by internet marketers everywhere. That is creating a site around a niche. Where SSBP differs is that Marcus Campbell promotes a system for creating mini sites with just a few pages and to get traffic quickly you will have to pay to get visitors.

This method can work, however, every niche chosen probably won’t make a profit so there could be some trial and error. In the sales video and on the sales page Marcus says it only takes about an hour to set up a site and then the site starts to make money almost immediately.

Another point to consider, mini sites like this don’t rank so well in the search engines these days. Most internet marketers recommend creating large niche sites or authority sites.

In my experience building a site, even of a few pages, would take longer than an hour and with PPC you might start to make money quite rapidly although if you haven’t focused on the right keyword phrase you will struggle.

What I don’t like about this program is the constant reference to making money fast that you see in all the videos Marcus has made. There is no free trial and no money back guarantee which is something I would definitely require before investing nearly $300.

There are a few complaints to be found online (mainly from people unable to get support or not receiving the program) although for the length of time the program has been available they aren’t very numerous. Nonetheless, I don’t recommend this program as I think there are better training platforms that offer a free trial.

Updates: I have received several comments from people who have not been sent the course they purchased and not had any reply to their support tickets. They had to fight to obtain a refund or had to do a chargeback on their credit card. Beware!

 As you can see below, Marcus left a comment stating that it is possible to try the software for free before signing up. This could be worth doing if you’re interested in this program, but you have to give your email address, so you will be on Marcus’s email list and will receive an email most days. He often does webinars that you will be able to watch and take advantage of the information he gives. The link is

Verdict: Not recommended

Below is a comparison chart so you can see what my #1 has to offer compared to SSBP.

If you have any experience with Simple Sites Big Profits or have any questions or comments I would love your feedback.

Simple Sites At A Glance


Description: This is a product that aims to teach you how to build 1 – 5 page websites in a very short time. You are then taught how to monetize these sites.

Price: $297 or 3 payments of $127

My opinion: Based on a system that is known to work, mini niche sites, that are monetized through PPC. The program provides some good information, but I don’t think this is the best way to start for a newbie. Shame there is no money back guarantee however there is a free trial for the software.



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