Just Cash Group – The Push Button Cash System Review

the push button cash systemProduct: The Push Button Cash System
Overall Ranking: 5 out of 100 or 0.25/5 stars
Price: $500 – $10000
Owner: no one admits to owning this, wonder why?
Website: http://www.justcashgroup.com/

The Push Button Cash System is advertised as being the only program where members generate cash by never speaking to anyone. In my review, I will try to understand what this really means and determine if it is possible.

Just Cash Group (JCG) seems to go by several names. The site’s URL is justcashgroup.com, the product they are marketing is The Push Button Cash System and then the copyright at the bottom of the page is SimplyCashGroup.com. However, there is no site for SimplyCashGroup, a Google search takes you to the JCG site.

What is Just Cash Group or The Push Button Cash System?

This is a cash gifting program or cash leveraging scheme. This means that when you join and pay the membership fee, you are effectively making a gift to another person. There are no goods, products or investments involved.

Just Cash Group and The Push Button Cash System (TPBCS) are the same programs. The site is Just Cash Group and the system they are promoting is TPBCS, I will refer to them both in this article.

What is cash gifting and is this legal?

In short cash gifting, is simply a gift of cash to another person. The cash is given freely without anything in return. The cash is given by individuals, there is no company or business involved.

On the JustCashgroup site, they state they are not a company.

Is this a company

Many cash gifting programs have been called pyramid schemes.

pyramid scheme def
To me, this looks like cash gifting is a pyramid scheme. Although TPBCS may not be a traditional pyramid scheme they do retain 50% of any gift you earn and this goes to people higher up in the hierarchy.

The cash gifting programs nearly always mention that the IRS allows you to receive gifts of up to $14,000 per year without being liable for tax. They do this to make the programs seem legitimate, although this isn’t the issue. The tax code doesn’t set the regulations regarding income opportunities.

TPBCS also claims that they are delivering a product. This is just to make the program look legal.

we are delivering a product

Do you want to be involved in an illegal program? Try something 100% legitimate. Learn how to build a sustainable online business.


Who is this for?

This could be the program you have been waiting for, if:

  • you are ready to lose at least $500
  • you are ready to take part in a system that is probably illegal
  • you have no qualms about helping to enroll other people in a system that is unethical
  • you are over 18 years old

TPBCS apparently has members in over 40 different countries.


How The Push Button Cash System Works

When you see an ad or receive a postcard from someone promoting TPBCS, you’re directed to the Just Cash Group website and presented a video acclaiming the advantages of the program.

As usual for this type of program, lots of hype and they tell you how easy to make money on autopilot.

If you are interested you ask for further details and you are sent an email, saying they will contact you by phone or you can contact them by telephone. This is exactly what will happen when your leads go to the JCG website.

To obtain leads you will send out postcards and letters that are prepared for you or post ads. You just include your ID number.

Apparently, you are supplied with a turn-key advertising package. No details are provided on this, but I assume you will have to pay to place the ads. Anyway, the goal is to get people to the Cash System promotion page.

Once your leads contact TPBCS, the team leaders deal with signing up your prospects and answering any questions they may have. You are paid when the team leader closes a deal with one of your referrals.

Cost and Payments

There are five participation levels – $500, $1500, $3500, $6500 and $10000. You can join at any level you like, however, you will only receive rewards at the level you have paid for.

 cash group different levels of entry
As you can see, you are only paid 50% of any deal a team leader completes. The other 50% is shared between the team leader and TPBCS.

The team leader is paid for the time he spends converting your leads and TPBCS receives money because they maintain the tracking and databases of the program.

Now, you may be wondering what happens if you have joined at the $500 level and one of your leads joins at the $3500 level. In this case, you will earn $250, TPBCS and the team leader $1750, and someone in your inviter’s line, who has paid at the $3500 level, will be paid $1500.

How they decide which person in your inviter’s line is not clear, but this is clearly something that is open to fraud.

Therefore, we can see the team leaders and the people behind TPBCS do quite well in converting your leads. They don’t need many new members per week to earn a good living. Although this might not be a traditional pyramid scheme there are some members who earn a lot more than others.


Pros and Cons


  • you don’t have to do much work, just send out postcards or post ads



  • expensive
  • could be illegal
  • you will be involved in getting others to sign up to an unethical scheme
  • lots of hype


Tools, Training, and Support

There are no tools or training, although to send a few postcards you don’t really need anything. If you have any problems, the only form of contact you have is the telephone number of the team leader. The address given in the email after signing up appears to be a mailbox.

Start-Up Funds

I was surprised that Push Button Cash Systems even propose a page where they include different money lending companies. This is to encourage people to fund their investments with loans if they haven’t the funds necessary. When I saw this I thought that they were perhaps an affiliate for these companies, however, they are not affiliated in any way.

As you can see below, they also give suggestions for other strategies of raising money for their cash gifting scheme.fund raising ideas

My advice would be to only take part in this scheme if you can afford to lose your money, borrowing money, refinancing your home or some of the other suggestions above are definitely very bad ideas.

My final opinion

Getting involved in any cash gifting scheme, The Push Button Cash System, or another program like Too Damn Easy or Crowd Rising is not a good idea. You may lose your money or perhaps even earn money, nevertheless, you still run the risk of being prosecuted.

Add to that, you will be responsible for recruiting new members into a scheme that is immoral and not sustainable. One day there will be no new members and the last people to join will lose their money.

I find it particularly despicable that they suggest borrowing money and other unpleasant ideas for people to raise the necessary entry fee.

Verdict: Not recommended

Below is a comparison chart between an honest online business opportunity, Wealthy Affiliate, and The Push Button Cash System. On the Wealthy Affiliate, internet marketing training platform, you will learn how to build a real online business. It’s a lot of hard work and certainly doesn’t operate on autopilot. However, it is legal and gives you the chance of making money by helping people.

Have you had any experience with cash gifting or The Push Button Cash System? I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.


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