Creating Income System Review – Is this a hosting scam?

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Overall Ranking: 5 out of 100 or 0.25/5 stars
Price: $167 for 1 years hosting, domain registration and domain name privacy
Owner: unknown
Website: and


Creating Income System is another program you are expected to join without having any idea of what you will be doing. If you have read some of my previous reviews, you will know that a program that doesn’t clearly state what is involved, should be avoided.

In my review, I will try to dig a little deeper to see what this system is all about.


What is Creating Income System?

On the sales page of this program, you are told that you can take a share of the $34 billion spent online every year. However, there is no mention of what you will really be doing, you just need basic typing skills and internet access.

After filling out the form to reserve a spot you are sent to a page with a different url. Here you are told you are going to get a free website, but before you obtain the website you will have to pay for hosting and a domain name.

You still know absolutely nothing about how you will make money from this website. Therefore, you are expected to pay for a mystery business that may or may not be something that suits you.


Who is this for?

A system that includes no details of what you will be doing cannot be recommended for anyone.


How does this scam work?what will you be doing

The Creating Income System site has no details of what you will be doing. The biggest clue you are given is in this image and even this doesn’t really help much!

To receive any further details you have to fill out the form with your name and email address.

A few other usual red flags often used in online scams are also included on the page.

  • Limited places available – used to create some urgency
  • False testimonials with stock photos
  • Logos of trusted companies – to make the page look legit
  • Promises of making money in a few minutes

When you opt-in you are directed to a page from a digital ink media groupdifferent site, There is a video that starts, telling you more about the system.

Apparently, you will get a website designed by Digital Ink Media Group, who are allegedly one of the oldest and most successful web design firms in the US.

Strange as it may seem, this web design company, doesn’t seem to have a website. How on earth can a web design company not have a website?

They are giving you the website for “free” to promote their system. A mystery system that they keep secret! The reason they are giving the sites away is to get testimonials about your “future success” with the system.

The site you will be getting for free is worth $1,895, wow! If they were proud of the website, I would at least expect a demo of the type of site, but here you get no further details at all.

They do everything for you, even add content, add affiliate advertisements and to top it all, you will get your website in one day. Consequently, you now know you are getting a site with affiliate links and it’s with these links you will make your money.

false information site hosting source2(1)You are also given some false information, as you can see above. This is just another method to obtain more money from you and of course, there is no truth in their assertion.

There is some decent information about picking a subject or niche for your website, this is probably the best part of this system.

The next step is to choose a domain name.

order summary

On the page for picking your domain name, the video from Site Hosting Source tells you to include the topic of your website in the domain name.

I still wonder what sort of content you will get and how they intend to produce this content in only one day. To know the answer you will have to pay $167, something I was not prepared to do.

I had initially thought that all the websites would be the same, but they say they make each site according to your niche. I have read some comments from people who have joined programs like this and of course, their sites aren’t unique. The sites may be in the general niche wanted but not specific.

To make money you will need your visitors to click on the affiliate links that are included on your site.

Which brings us to another question, how will you get traffic? Just having your site online doesn’t guarantee visitors or an income. To make money from the site you will need to drive traffic and to do that you will need some good training.

They claim you are getting a free website, although if you are paying for expensive hosting and domain name, I consider that you are getting a website that is costing more than most.

With the online site builders like Weebly or Wix you can have a website for free, this includes hosting.

Even with WordPress, you can have a free site at or

It’s true these free sites will not have a .com or .org domain name, but they could be a good starting point, to see if making money online is for you.

A .com domain name usually costs about $10 per year and hosting only costs a few dollars per month. Both cheaper than what is offered with Creating Income System.


Build a site yourself

Building a site these days is straightforward and fast. I would encourage anyone interested in creating an online business to start from scratch.

  • Choose your niche
  • Pick a domain name
  • Get hosting
  • Create your site
  • Start adding content

I also recommend getting an education in the correct way to carry out these steps.

The great advantage of doing all this yourself is that you build the site you want, you promote what you choose and it is cheaper.


Is Site Hosting Source a legitimate hosting company?

site hosting source site

The surprising thing about Site Hosting Source is the lack of information you find on the internet.

With a hosting company you would expect to find reviews from customers and even hosting reviewers, but with this company next to nothing. There are a few reviews from one or two affiliates, but of course, they recommend the company.

I did take a look at their facilities and took a photo tour of their center via a link on their website. Looks pretty impressive, although the only problem is that you find the same photos on lots of other sites. Can you trust a site that doesn’t use their own photos? I can’t and it makes me wonder what facilities they really have.

The way they suggest you pick a domain name is in the least a littledomain registration tip surprising “just try the first thing that comes to mind”.

When you are starting a site to make money, the first step is to decide the subject of the site or the niche. Then you choose your domain name, the name you select may be related to your niche or it could be brandable.

Ideally, it will be short, memorable, easy to type and perhaps relevant to your area. You don’t select the first idea that comes to mind, there is some thought that goes into the process.

Site Hosting Source also uses the trick of reducing the price of their hosting when you leave the site. The price comes down by:

  • 15% for 3 minutes with countdown
  • Then 20% for 3 minutes
  • Finally 35%

Perhaps this seems very enticing, although the original price isn’t made very clear and this is a method often used by online scams.

In conclusion, I am very dubious as to the quality of their hosting and if they are a legitimate hosting company.


Pros and Cons


  • The only good point is the information on selecting your niche


  • No details of what you will be doing to earn to money
  • No details about the website you are paying for
  • Little or no information on the internet about the companies you are dealing with
  • Expensive hosting
  • Hype – you are shown examples of people making $100,000’s per year
  • False information to encourage you to register for a longer period
  • Different techniques to put pressure on you – limited places, domain name reserved for ten minutes

domain reserved for 10 minutes


How much does this cost?

The price of a site with a domain name, hosting and domain privacy for 12 months is $167. However, if you try to leave the site the price comes down to $159 and a second time to $144. This is another popular trick used by online scams.

There is seemingly a 100% satisfaction guarantee, this means that you can cancel the hosting at any time and you are provided with a refund for the remaining period. You will not receive a refund for your domain name and domain name privacy.



This is a system that includes three different companies: Creating Income System, Site Hosting Source and Digital Ink Media Group.

The strange thing is you cannot find much information on the internet about any of the three, therefore, this already makes the program suspicious. In addition, there are also the many red flags that make this smell of a scam.

So what will you actually get with this system? Unfortunately, short of risking $167 or even $144, you don’t really know. I imagine you will get a website with very few pages of content.

You are told the content will be relevant to your niche, but I can’t see how they can do this in just one day, as promised unless the content isn’t unique. If this is the case, your site won’t rank well in the search engines. Even with good content, there are no promises that your site will be on the first pages of Google.

In this situation – where will your traffic come from? You will be left on your own with no support or training, just your site and probably no traffic. Consequently, you will probably give up after very little time. You should stay well away from this system.

Verdict: Not recommended


If you’re interested in starting your own online business I think it’s a much better idea to obtain some good training that takes you through the process step by step.

With my #1 recommendation you receive the training, support, hosting and all the tools you need. You can try the program for free and then decide if it’s the program you have been searching for.

One thing to remember making money online is hard work and takes time, don’t be taken in by the programs that speak of making money in a few days, it just isn’t possible. Below is a comparison chart of what Wealthy Affiliate has to offer compared to Creating Income System.

If you have any experience with Creating Income System or Site Hosting Source please tell me about it in the comments below.



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