Is Ultimate Home Profits a Scam?

The truth about the ultimate home profits scam

Ultimate Home Profits is one of the low-quality products that overwhelm the make money online niche. When you find a program that promises easy money for a few hours a week, you should be wary. Although they say it’s proven and guaranteed, you must do some research to find out the truth. I hope my review will help you!


Product: Ultimate Home ProfitsIs Ultimate Home Profits a scam - my review
Overall Ranking: 5 out of 100
Price: $97 then downsells to $77 and $47
Owner: Emily Hudson??

Who is the owner of Ultimate Home Profits?

The owner of this program is supposedly Emily Hudson, however, she is the latest of a few names that have been associated with this “income opportunity”. The others are Michelle Robinson and Amy Parker. Obviously, these are all false names and Michelle Robinson is a name that comes up regularly in several link posting schemes such as Work At Home Edu, WAH Ecademy, or Work at Home Institute.

Using a false name for the owner already gives us a good idea that this program is a scam.


What is Ultimate Home Profits?

This is a program that is going to show you how to make money from your own home working part-time. They tell you it’s a link posting program and after some simple number crunching, they give you the impression that for 60 minutes of work 5 days a week you can earn $58,500 per year.

There are other programs that were or are the same as Ultimate Home Profits, such as Excel Cash Flow and Home Career Starter. These programs all have the same sales page, promoting the same money-making scheme, they just change the name.


Who is this for?

To be perfectly honest I wouldn’t recommend anyone to join this program. Although they do provide some training in their members area, the training is incomplete and you will be encouraged to buy upsells and extra training which can cost you a lot of money. In the end, despite your expenses, you will probably not be any nearer to making money.


Pros and Cons


  • Affiliate marketing is a legitimate way of making money online
  • Some basic information is given


  • You have to pay for low-quality information
  • Upsells
  • Hype and misleading statements
  • Many similar programs that are known scams
  • 1-on-1 coaching – just another opportunity for them to sell you some useless coaching
  • Difficulties getting refund despite a guarantee


What you get

In the members area you are given information on different methods of earning money online:

  • List building and getting traffic
  • Affiliate marketing – this is what all the hype is about on their sales page, they also call this “link posting”
  • Selling on eBay
  • Dropshipping

The information or training is rather basic and most of the information you can find online for free.


Why you should avoid this program

While this program does provide some sort of training, the worst part of Ultimate Home Profits is the way they mislead you.

Different sites same story

You are given the sad story of Emily Hudson, a single mom, who lost her job just before her daughter’s birthday. To cut a long story short she met someone at the doctor’s who explained he was making money from home and he urged her to try posting links. This is a very similar story to Jessica Marshall’s story in Work At Home Paycheck.

Even more “surprising” or perhaps not, you will find the same story on another site, Home Career Starter, that is a copy of this website. Only, this time, the tale is told by Michelle Robinson. Both sites even use the same stock photo for the two women.

UHP exactly the same as Home Career Starter

Home Career Starter the sames as UHP

Different sites same photos

Although they are 2 different sites, Ultimate Home Profits and Home Career Starter, that say they have different owners these are the photos they use.



Michelle Robinson or Emily Hudson


Misleading sales page

The sales page is full of inaccuracies and deceptive statements. For example:

  • They say that you can post a link in 4 minutes or 15 per hour
  • You will be paid $15 per link. This would equate to $225 per hour.
  • Work for 5 days a week and this would add up to $4,500 per month.

Sounds great, however, the reality is a little different.

Let’s have look. Okay, you can post 15 links in an hour. After that, it gets a little tricky. You will only be paid when someone clicks on your link and follows through to make a purchase. Emily Hudson or whoever she is misses out on these important details. Posting the links is the easy part, to have people click on your links they first need to find your links.

How will people find your links? Apparently, Ultimate Home Profits provide you with a website, you can include the links on your site. People will only find your site if it is ranked on the first pages of Google, for this, you need to have content on your site. If you expect people to click on your links they need to trust you. Trust is built up over time, not overnight.

Another alternative would be to post your links on social media, on forums, and in blog comments. But these methods are generally considered as spamming and most of your links will be removed. Therefore this really only leaves you with the first alternative, posting links on your website.

So the “start making money immediately claim” is a complete lie, if you create an affiliate marketing site it will probably be a few months before people start clicking on your links.

Do they give you sufficient training to teach how to get ranked in the search engines? No, they don’t! If you are just beginning to build a site from scratch and you hope to be ranked on the first page of Google you will need some very good step-by-step training, hard work, determination, and time.


Other deceptive claims

certified program


How can you be certified for search engine link posting, this doesn’t exist!

rated no 1 work at home site


This may be rated the #1 work at home program by Ultimate Home Profits, but who else? Their members? I don’t think so, see some of the complaints below.

success advisors means danger


The trained staff seems to be more concerned with getting you to pay for some more useless training, than with helping you earn money.

program makes you money or its free


This would be nice, but sorry to disappoint you, when you find that this program doesn’t work you will also discover that getting your money back is really hard work.

Value over $2000
Do they really expect us to believe this? Look at some of the prices they quote:

  • Guaranteed placement (priceless) – Signing up for affiliate programs is free! Some may verify you have a website that has traffic, so being a member of this program will not help you at all.
  • Access to the UHP members area ($997) – they may be proud of their members area but you should remember that most of the information they provide, you can find yourself for free.
  • Lifetime email support ($497) – Any decent program will provide support for free and this is what you should expect. A good program would even provide live chat or community support which would be much more rapid.

These are just a few of the deceptive statements on the sales page, designed to persuade you to sign up. If you are interested in link posting or rather affiliate marketing, I encourage you to read this article about some legitimate training programs. You will see they don’t make any of these wild claims and several even give you a free trial.


Advertorial  with Donald Trump

Ultimate Home Profits have even produced an advertorial using Donald Trump to give credibility to their program. They want you to believe the program is endorsed by Mr. Trump who may well become the next President. A pretty powerful endorsement!

The advertorial also gives the impression that it comes from CNN as you can see below.

advertorial donald trump

Then Mr. Trump says some great things about UHPMr Trump best opportunity making money online and all the links on the page go to the Ultimate Home Profits website.

I find using advertorials like this very deceptive, even though it is marked as an advertorial and there is a disclaimer (see below) at the bottom of the page, I am sure that most readers would see neither. They would simply click the link, following what they think to be a genuine recommendation from Donald Trump.

donald trump cnn disclaimer

To me, this artful deception just shows that they are willing to go to great lengths to coax people into their program.


Watch out for the one on one coaching

Once these link posting programs have got your first few dollars they don’t stop there. When you enroll you have to give your phone number and one of the aims of these programs is for you to speak to your success advisor.

Your success advisor is nothing more than high a pressure salesperson. They have no interest in your success and probably know nothing about making money online. The only thing they want is for you to spend thousands of dollars on useless coaching programs. If you’re contacted by your success advisor it’s probably best to hang up, they will try to get more money from you however they can.


How much does this cost?

The cost of this program is advertised as being $97, but when you click to leave the site once or twice the price comes down to $77 then $47. Don’t be tempted!

There are also a couple of upsells for a VIP package and also for a coaching call. If you buy both of these it will cost you another $99, after the downsells.

The guarantee seems to be yet another misleading part of this program. You are told that if you are not making money and are not happy with the program anytime within 60 days, you can get your money back immediately. This is not true, you may be able to recuperate some of your money if you’re willing to fight or if not you will have to contact your credit card company.


What their customers are saying

It may come as no surprise that there quite a few complaints to be found online. Many complain about problems obtaining a refund and others about being hounded to buy more coaching programs. Here are a few that I found about Ultimate Home Profits and Excel Cash Flow as they are exactly the same programs:

Problems getting refunds

Complaints UHP 1

Complaints UHP 2

Problems with refunds and unexplained charges on credit cards.

Complaint Excel Cash Flow 1

Complaints Excel Cash Flow 2

Trying to sell an expensive mentoring program.

Complaints UHP 3


My Final Opinion

This is another site that promises so much and delivers very little. While they do provide some basic training this is a program that is not recommended. So much misleading information, that gives you the impression that you can make a regular income from posting links for $15 per link.

Done in the right way posting links can be quite lucrative, but by following the instructions on this site the only people who are going to be making money are the owners of the site. And they don’t want us to know who they really are.

With these types of schemes, I think the most important point is, don’t let them have your phone number. Their salespeople are well-trained and persistent. There are several stories of people losing thousands of dollars to these rogues. Your best action when you see a link posting scheme is to run!

Verdict: Scam


An alternative

If you’re still interested in posting links, but in a legitimate way, then some programs can teach all about affiliate marketing. The first thing you should take into consideration is you must put in the time and effort.

The schemes that tell you it’s easy to earn money online are telling you lies. I’ve tried these schemes, perhaps you have too, all we do is lose our money, every time.

A couple of years ago I gave up the get-rich-quick schemes and joined a training platform where they offer step-by-step training that teaches you how to set up your own business. Ideal for newbies, you can join for free and after a few days, you will have your own free website and will have probably learned more than is possible with Ultimate Home Profits.

If you’re serious about earning money online, I recommend you check out my #1 recommendation, Wealthy Affiliate.


Have you had any experience with Ultimate Home Profits? Or any questions let me know in the comments below.

Thanks for reading,


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