No Cost Income Stream Review 2014. Is this legit or another scam?

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No Cost Income Stream Review

Product: No Cost Income Stream 2.0no cost income stream 2 review
Overall Ranking: 75 points out of 100 or 3.75 stars
Price: $37.00
Owners: Jeff Wellman, Eric Holmlund, and Paul Counts


What is No Cost Income Stream 2.0?

The No Cost Income Stream 2.0 is a product by Eric Holmlund, Jeff Wellman, and Paul Counts. These respected internet marketers have put together this program that they say will show you how to make money online and with very little or no investment from you.

The No Cost Income Stream 2.0 is about leveraging the internet along with free tools and free web traffic strategies to generate an income without spending any money.

As this sounded wonderful I decided to try the product firsthand.


Who is this program for?no cost income stream 2.0 review - this is for everyone

No Cost Income Stream 2.0 is aimed at newbies who want to make money online. The traffic strategies are also for people who already have an internet business.

The program is especially for people who have no money or very little money to invest. You will have to pay the price of $37 to have access to the program, but after that everything is free.

The package is very good for learning the basics of an online business, but you will have to put in a lot of hard work.


Pros & Cons

The videos are very good, the course is aimed at beginners, they keep it simple.
Good information
60-day money-back guarantee.

Don’t expect to make money in your first or second month.
The upsells after buying the course are a little annoying, I had the impression the video would never end. The upsells are entirely optional and if you are new to internet business I wouldn’t take them up.


The training and tools

The training is made up of 89 step-by-step training videos to teach you 5 money-making online business strategies. The videos are simple to follow, below you can see the 5 business strategies and also some of what you will learn.

No Cost Product Launch

  • Learn how to launch your own digital product.
  • You will learn every step of the process from niche selection to product creation
  • Instruction on how to recruit affiliates and the basics of sales copy.
  • Every method covered is a free way to launch your product.

No Cost Freelancing –Basics of Freelancing

  • Freelancing is when you are paid to do work for someone else.
  • Many successful entrepreneurs do this full time.
  • You can make a very good income as a freelancer.
  • You will learn how to launch your own freelancing business for free.

No Cost Video Marketing –Overview

  • Find a niche with hungry buyers.
  • Create several short videos helping your target market.
  • Answer their biggest questions, offer practical solutions.
  • Give them a resource to resolve their problems.

No Cost List Building: Overview

  • Post a free offer on a free website or blog.
  • Setup automated follow-ups for an affiliate offer or your product.
  • Send all traffic possible to the opt-in page to generate subscribers.
  • Scale-up with paid solutions after some income has been made.

No Cost Affiliate Marketing: Overview

  • You will learn to find the perfect products to promote as an affiliate.
  • With Affiliate marketing, you promote other people’s products. You earn a commission when someone makes a purchase after following your recommendation.
  • Learn the free powerful web editor used to create hot looking affiliate sites in minutes!
  • Digital information products have higher commissions.

No Cost Traffic Strategies

  • Without traffic, you can’t generate any results online. Just because you built something doesn’t mean they will visit it.
  • 16 proven free traffic methods in your business to see real results
  • These traffic methods work with start-up sites or large companies.
  • You will get a quick overview of each method.

The videos are clear and easy to follow.


Help and support

No Cost Income Stream is sold as complete and as such is self-sufficient, there is no formal support.


How much is the program?no cost income stream try risk free

The complete program is available for a price of $37.

This is a Clickbank product – if you are not happy with your purchase you can get a refund within 60 days from the date of purchase.

In addition to the purchase price, if you create your own website, which is recommended for most businesses, you might need to pay for hosting and a domain name.

It’s possible to get cheap hosting for $6 or $7 per month and a domain name for $13 per year. There are also free options for creating a website, (Wix, Weebly) and to use free subdomains.


My final opinion

No Cost Income Stream 2.0 is totally LEGIT.

If you are new to the internet business scene and have a very limited budget, then-No Cost Income Stream 2.0 is a very good program to learn how to start an online business. You will learn enough to get up and running and after a certain time, you should start to earn some money.

This is not a get rich quick scheme, you must be prepared to put in a lot of hard work and effort.


The No Cost Income Stream 2.0 in brief.
  • No Cost Income Stream 2.0


Description: No Cost Income Stream 2.0 is a video training course aimed at people who want to make money online. The program is especially for people who have no money any or a very tight budget.

Owners: Jeff Wellman, Eric Holmlund, and Paul Counts

Price: One payment of $37

My opinion: No Cost Income Stream is a legitimate program. If you have no or very little money this is a good way to start.

Website: No Cost Income Stream 2.0

My preferred program for learning online business is Wealthy Affiliate, it’s $0 to join and you can also build 2 websites for free but to create a successful business you will probably need to upgrade. Take a look at my Wealthy Affiliate review.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any comments or if you have any personal experience with No Cost Income Stream. I would love your feedback!



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