My Super Affiliate Mentor or Should I Say The Super Affiliate Network?

My Super Affiliate Mentor or is it The Super Affiliate Network

You’re probably reading this review as you’ve seen My Super Affiliate Mentor advertised online and wondering what it’s all about.

Well, I can understand that because it is a little puzzling!

The first confusing thing is when you click on the link to the website, there is a video for something called The Super Affiliate Success System. Confusing no?

Not exactly something that will give you confidence in this program.

Then after going through the long sales video you finally learn the there isn’t any My Super Affiliate Mentor and even The Super Affiliate Success System doesn’t exist. Both these sales pages or videos have been made with the sole intention of funneling you into a program called The Super Affiliate Network (SAN).

Looking on the bright side, my review for My Super Affiliate Mentor will also be a review of The Super Affiliate Success System and The Super Affiliate Network because in effect they are one of the same.

My Super Affiliate Mentor funnel to The Super Affiliate Network

This review will give you the information you need to decide if this system could be right for you.

  • My Super Affiliate Mentor Review


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Pros: Some good training and tools. 30-day $1 trial. 30-day gaurantee. There is a real person behind the program
Cons: Lots of hype. Upsells. Memberships levels can get expensive. Solo ads – Facebook ads will ad to your costs. You will be selling memberships to My Super Affiliate Mentor/The Super Affiliate Network
Owners: Misha Wilson
Price: $37 per month or $47 per month after $1 30-day trial
My opinion:Some good training but will get expensive if you upgrade from the basic membership. Made to look too easy to make money online in the sales video. You will be required to promote the program. Not recommended.

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What is My Super Affiliate Mentor?

My Super Affiliate Mentor is just a funnel to another online training program The Super Affiliate Network(SAN). The goal of SAN is to help you to set up an affiliate marketing business.

Affiliate marketing is a great way of making money online. However, most people fail because they don’t follow a good training program. SAN is designed to get you earning quickly.


The Sales Videos

The long sales videos for these programs are slightly different although they funnel you to the same program.

Lots of hype, with testimonials, pressure tactics and very little detail of what you will be doing. You are told that all you have to do is place ads to get leads and then the SAN team does everything to close the deals.The Super Affiliate Network scam or legit

This means you will be promoting The Super Affiliate Network.

Normally when I see a video like this I think the program is a scam.

There are a couple of things that made me question my judgment, this time:

  1. They offer a trial for $1
  2. The owner of the program, Misha Wilson, doesn’t hide behind a fake name or rest unknown.

Normally, scams don’t offer a trial and the owners are not disclosed.


Who Is Misha Wilson?Misha Wilson founder of The Super Affiliate Network

Misha Wilson is a well-known online marketer who started his first business when he was just 12 years old. His first computer/online job was building websites for others.

From there he was involved in internet and network marketing. Taking courses to slowly learn what worked and what didn’t.

During this time like most marketers, Misha lost some money and tried different programs. Yes, there is a steep learning curve when you start internet marketing alone!

In the end, Misha started earning and scaled his business to six figures just after turning 24. He now spends most of his time running The Super Affiliate Network and is involved personally helping others achieve success.


Why Did Misha Set Up The Super Affiliate Network?

Misha was a member of another program and was very successful. However, he was selling this product and the majority of his referrals were struggling. Sounds familiar!

He sold a high ticket course for $2000 and only 3% of the people who purchased the course were successful. Anyway, remorse got the better of him.

So he decided to set up a course using the very methods that brought him success. He was going to give his members – traffic campaigns, sales funnels, automated webinars, phone follow-ups, tracking… and teach them how to set these up for themselves.

All this sounds great, but I wonder what is the success rate with SAN? And are some of The Super Affiliate Network affiliates now in the same position, of feeling remorse for selling a high ticket course that won’t help most people to make money?


The Super Affiliate Network Products

There are 5 different levels of training products offered. However, there are different prices and additional products that make everything quite confusing.

Basic Membership $37 per month or $47 per month after $1 30-day trial.

This is the cornerstone training provided by the Super Affiliate Network. In 21 modules you will learn about:

  • the mindset and psychology
  • email marketing and list building
  • selling
  • automation
  • and following up

There is one on one coaching with your dedicated business coach and weekly “Inner Circle” coaching sessions.

Annual Membership generally priced at $297.

This membership provides the same training as the Basic Membership but is paid annually. The price enables members to save some money. There is extra training included “The Inner Circle Recordings”. This is access to all the recordings of the “Inner Circle coaching sessions.

Solo Ad Success Formula $97

One time upsell offered during your initial purchase. The “Solo Ad Success Formula” teaches you more advanced email marketing strategies.

Super Affiliate Monthly $47

One time – upsell offered in the check out process. A monthly video newsletter from Misha Wilson that shows members what’s working currently is his business. Allowing members to adopt the same tactics.

PRO SILVER Membership (lifetime membership) $2997

This membership gives you all the previous training plus additional advanced internet marketing training. Some of the additional modules are “Authority Hacking”, “Systematic Profits”, “Magnetic Selling Machine”, “Push Button Swipe File Collection”. There is also access to a private Facebook Group for PRO Members only. Being a PRO member you will also have free access to any new products produced by the Super Affiliate Network.

Maui Intensive $12497

This expensive membership is for an exclusive 4-day mastermind event held in Maui, Hawaii. This event is held each quarter, for a maximum of 20 people. During this period you will get personal help – building your funnels, webinar presentations, email marketing, or any other subject that’s giving you problems. The last day is taken up with an excursion.

The video below runs you through what’s included in the different membership levels and also shows the compensation you can earn depending on your membership.

YouTube video

How Does The Super Affiliate Network Actually Work?

SAN is a company that teaches you to make money with affiliate marketing.

This seems fine until you go through the training. Then you realize to make money you will need to get others to become members of The Super Affiliate Network.

You are assigned a personal coach to help you through the training hence the name My Super Affiliate Mentor. I know this sounds great but in reality, these coaches are often there to encourage you to upgrade to the next training level.

There are other similar programs around such as Digital Altitude or AWOL Academy. Digital Altitude was shut down by the FTC in February 2018. They operated a similar system to SAN but their memberships were even more expensive!

These programs promise easy riches and you are encouraged to invest in higher more expensive membership levels. Then to recoup your outlay and maybe even profit, you promote the program to others.

You get paid when you get others into the system or when your referrals make a sale.

Most people will probably lose money with this system. I have seen comments online from former members who invested a considerable amount both in training and ads only to leave the program out of pocket.

Despite the sales videos, you should always bear in mind that making money online from affiliate marketing is hard work that takes time. The automated or push button systems don’t exist.


Pros and Cons


  • $1 30-day trial. Programs that are ready to offer trials like this are confident in their product. Be careful as your credit card will be debited automatically $47 per month if you don’t cancel in your first 30-days
  • 30-day guarantee
  • Some good training, tools, and support
  • A real person, Misha Wilson, is behind the program and involved
  • You are kept up to date with what’s working now


  • Upsells
  • The solo ads, PPC, Facebook ads you are taught to use can be expensive
  • You can only earn commissions on memberships you have purchased
  • The basic membership is reasonably priced at $37 or $47 (after a $1 30-day trial) per month. But the other memberships are too expensive for most people
  • You can only progress when you have completed the previous course. This can be good for newbies, they don’t look at the courses in any order and get overwhelmed. But for more experienced marketers this would be very annoying.
  • The training is designed to sell memberships to The Super Affiliate Network (recruiting scheme)
  • Hype in the sales video


The Guarantees and the “Wasting Your Time Guarantee”

SAN offers a 30-day money-back guarantee and in addition to refunding your money, they also offer $100 for wasting your time. That’s for the basic membership.

To qualify for the $100 there are some conditions.

  • Watch all videos in the Profit Bootcamp, complete all assignments and work
  • Attend a minimum of three calls with your coach during the first 30 days
  • Complete the assignments given to you by your coach
  • Keep documentation of traffic campaigns you have used

For the PRO membership, there is also a 365-day guarantee with similar conditions. You must have made an effort during a full 365-days, to use the training and resources to make money. If you haven’t got your initial investment back or are unhappy for some reason you may qualify for a refund of the purchase price and in addition $1000 “Just For Wasting Your Time”.

For the PRO refund and the extra $1000 you must have completed the following actions:

Super Affiliate Network PRO refund conditions

No refunds are offered with the Maui Intensive membership.


Should You Join My Affiliate Super Mentor or Rather The Super Affiliate Network?

In my opinion, SAN is not a scam, they do provide some good training and support.

However, the sales video makes it seem very easy to make money which is misleading. The emphasis is on selling SAN memberships, which is fine if you’re happy with the product.

But what if you want to promote something else or you’re not happy with The Super Affiliate Network? To get your investment back you may be forced to promote a program you don’t believe in. As an affiliate marketer, this isn’t something you should do, you should only promote products you know and trust. Products that will help your audience!

Remember why Misha Wilson started this program – because he wasn’t happy that his referrals weren’t making money. Promoting The Super Affiliate Network might put you in a similar position!

Misha definitely wants you to succeed, the better you do the more he makes! It may be possible for you to make money with SAN but you will need to have some spare cash lying around. This training can get expensive and you will use ads to get leads which will cost you more money.

Affiliate marketing is a great business model but I don’t like high ticket products. I don’t think you get value for the high price. You buy into a higher level so you don’t miss commissions. I feel there are better alternatives available.

These programs give you the impression that it will be easy to make money very quickly. If this was true everyone that starts affiliate marketing would be successful, this is far from being true.

Statements like “the ultimate shortcut to making $10,000 per month from home” are very misleading.

The FTC recently shut down a couple of programs, that were similar recruiting schemes, MOBE and Digital Altitude.

Therefore I won’t be recommending My Affiliate Super Mentor, The Super Affiliate Success System or even The Super Affiliate Network.

I hope you have enjoyed my review and that you now have the information you need to make the right decision for you.

If you have any questions or comments please leave them below. Or if you have had experience with these programs I’m sure it would help others if you’re willing to share how it went.


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My Super Affiliate Mentor a funnel to The Super Affiliate Network

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