Motor Club of America Review. Is MCA a scam or legit?


Motor Club of America review

Motor Club of America (MCA) has been around a long time selling roadside services.

Have you ever been stuck on the roadside, your car broken down with no help, been locked out of your car or run out of petrol?

It has happened to me and it’s very annoying. Motor Club of America provides roadside assistance packages to deal with these situations.

To cover your costs of buying one of these packages and to even earn some money you can become an associate. You will then sell these packages to other people and earn commissions.

In this Motor Club of America review, I will determine if this is a genuine business opportunity or another scam.

What is Motor Club of America?


Product: Motor Club of America
Overall Ranking: 40 out of 100 or 2/5 stars
Price: Free to join but recommended to buy a plan from $9.95 per month
Owner: Virgil Coffee
Websites:,, and



Motor Club of America (MCA) was founded back in 1926 by William W. Green, who was CEO of the company until 1986. Then sold a couple of times before the current parent company, TVC Marketing took control.

The owner and founder of TVC in 1987 was Virgil Coffee. TVC stands for Truckers Voice in Court. As the name suggests TVC provides court representation for truckers involved in motor-related incidents. TVC still sells these products for professional drivers alongside the MCA packages.

Previously Mr. Coffee was an employee at Pre-Paid Legal Services. Where reportedly he introduced a multi-level marketing scheme that sold many plans. This greatly increased the profitability of the company. He is continuing the same marketing policies with MCA.


What is Motor Club of America?

Motor Club of America gives its members the benefits of a traditional motor club like the AAA.

MCA membership plans

They have two plans for ordinary private drivers, that cover things like:

  • roadside assistance – towing up to 100 miles, lockout service, fuel delivery, tire changes, battery charging and more
  • travel assistance – up to $500 reimbursements for things like car hire, accommodation, meals, etc.
  • arrest bonds – your MCA membership card can be used instead of a cash bail.
  • bail bonds – keep out of jail grace of the funds available with your membership card up to $25,000
  • attorney fees – different levels depending on the offense up to $2000
  • credit card protection
  • prescription, vision and dental discounts – savings of up to 65% on certain medical expenses
  • emergency costs reimbursed
  • hospital benefit – up to $150 per day
  • accidental death benefit

These services provided by MCA are quite legitimate and can be useful.

Alongside this is their affiliate marketing program. This resembles a multi-level marketing system.

There are quite a few people who claim to make a good living selling MCA plans and signing up new members. It’s this part of the company I will be looking at in this review.

Below is a video that explains everything MCA offers.

YouTube video

Motor Club Of America as a Work At Home Opportunity?

Who is this for?

This could be for someone who has already some internet marketing experience. If not you will need a team leader who has some marketing knowledge and is willing to help you.

To achieve success with a scheme like MCA you must be willing to work long hours. Persuading others to buy something is really difficult. Remember the vast majority of people who start with an MLM lose money or spend more than they receive, so be warned.

Not everyone is cut out to be successful with multi-level marketing. You must enjoy meeting people and then trying to sell them your product. You must be prepared to be rejected very often. If you try selling to friends or family, you risk irritating them at the very least.

Anyone who reads my posts regularly will know that I am not a fan of MLM’s, so I certainly wouldn’t recommend this, especially to newbies.


How the MCA Affiliate Scheme Works

You can sign up as an associate or affiliate with MCA for free. However, MCA does recommend you buy a membership, so you get to know what you are marketing. This isn’t an obligation although some affiliate websites give you the impression that it is!
product purchase not required to become Motor Club of America associate
This video from the TVC YouTube channel explains why it might be a good idea to have a membership.


MCA official website

Motor Club of America now has an official site There are many affiliate sites that have the allure of an official site. This can be very confusing.

Some of the affiliate sites are:


Certain of these sites mislead people by saying they have to buy a membership package to become an associate. I would have expected MCA to stop this practice, that they clearly must know about.

Considering these associates or affiliates are probably selling many membership packages they are allowed to continue selling and signing up affiliates this way. Obviously, they don’t care at all about anyone who wants to start their own business. They are only interested in making the most commissions possible.

MCA membership for compensation plan

The affiliate sites mislead you into believing you have to buy a package to become an associate.

You earn commissions by signing up others to an MCA membership. The company pays commissions weekly in advance.  The commissions are calculated for a 17 month period. So, should your member leave before the end of the period, there will be a chargeback. This money will be taken from your future sales, chargebacks will not exceed 50% of your paycheck.

After you have managed to convince someone to sign up it is the company’s job to keep them, if they cancel their membership it’s not your fault. Perhaps it’s because the membership doesn’t provide good value or there could be cheaper options elsewhere. In any case, it’s a shame not to receive the full benefits for all your hard work.


Free To Join But Confusing

Although TVC says it’s free to join, to receive the website that TVC/MCA provides, you need to have an active membership (a membership you have purchased). This is confusing and a little you need to purchase a plan


MCA Compensation

You earn commissions on each roadside package you sell. There is no commission for just recruiting an associate but you will earn money from the sales he or she makes.

To earn money with Motor Club of America you must:

  • Be over 18 years old
  • Reside in the US or Canada
  • Complete your W-9 (W-8 in Canada) tax form
  • Sign and return their Independent Associate Agreement
  • Complete any licensing requirements this depends on your state of residence
  • Set up a direct deposit to your bank

The basic compensation an associate earns when a customer buys a plan is $80 or $40, depending on the plan. As the seller of the package, you receive twice the amount they have paid. The more sales you achieve per week the more commission you can earn per sale.

As I mentioned before, there may be chargebacks when people leave the system.


Are the Motor Club of America Packages Competitive?

Similar packages from the American Automobile Association (AAA) and Good Sam are considerably cheaper.

  • Total security plan from MCA costs $19.95 per month or $239.40 per year
  • Premier plan from AAA costs  $118 per year
  • Security premier plan from NMC costs $20 per month or $240 per year
  • Travel assist individual from Good Sam costs $60 per year

It’s true the guarantees are not exactly the same.  MCA offers cover for additional items.

The most important criteria for most people is the price. As we can see there are cheaper plans, MCA is at least double the price of the AAA and Good Sam. This is why many people may well change company after a few months.


How To Sell Packages and Build Your Team

The idea behind this scheme is to sell memberships and encourage people to become affiliates. In turn, these people recruit new members and sell more packages.

When you sign up a new member they are added to your team and you receive a commission when they make a sale. If you are serious about making money with this system you will have to train your team to make more sales and recruit new members. A typical MLM scheme.

The TVC Marketing site gives you some ideas for recruiting new members:

  • Start a blog and tell people about your experience with MCA
  • The three-foot rule – everyone within three feet of you is a potential recruit. This basically means ask anyone and everyone if they know of someone who wants to earn $500 – $1000 per week (their figures) full or part-time work
  • Merchant recruiting – asking business managers if they know anyone interested in earning $50 – $60,000 per year
  • Who do you know – ask every new recruit to enter the names of people he knows
  • Classified ads
  • Google Adwords
  • Post on job boards
  • Create a flyer with your contact details
  • Business cards

Some legitimate ways to get some leads but you should be careful not to incur too many expenses when you’re starting.

Although Motor Club of America doesn’t have any training they do have some useful videos on their YouTube channel.


Pros & Cons


  • Free to join although you are recommended to buy a plan from $9.95 per month
  • You’re selling some useful services
  • You are paid weekly


  • In the past, there has been lots of hype surrounding the company on the internet. To their credit, MCA is trying to stop this.
  • Costs for promotional materials
  • Only available in USA and Canada
  • Chargebacks can undo your hard work
  • MLM
  • Some MCA associates charge you to become an affiliate
  • No marketing training


Training and Tools

MCA doesn’t provide any training. This is up to the person who recruited you. TVC does outline some training ideas you could use if you start recruiting members. But it’s up to you to implement or not.

They seem to be adding videos quite regularly to their YouTube channel so this is worth following.



You can contact them via:

  • a 24/7 toll-free phone number that operates 365 days per year
  • email
  • live chat

For any other support, you will have to contact your team leader.


What Are Members or Ex-Members Saying About MCA?

You will not find many negative reviews for Motor Club of America because members have to accept an agreement that has the following clause:

MCA agreement

Nonetheless, if you go to the Ripoff Report site you will find complaints and the replies from MCA affiliates, naturally saying what a great scheme it is. On the other hand, there are plenty of positive comments or reviews, but as to be expected these are in the great majority from MCA affiliates. Therefore finding an objective review or comments is quite difficult.

On the Better Business Bureau website, there are reviews, mainly about the roadside services. Some positive and some negative. They have an A+ rating but nevertheless, I find it worrying there are so many negative reviews.

Why Are There Many Reviews Saying MCA Is A Scam?

One of the big problems is that many MCA associates publish reviews or videos that say it’s possible to earn $1000s per week. People are misled into thinking it is easy to make money. When they don’t earn anything they say they were scammed and that MCA is a scam. The culprits aren’t really MCA but the associates who promote it giving false expectations.


How much does it cost to join Motor Club of America?

You can join the MCA work from home scheme for free. You don’t have to purchase a membership although it is recommended, so you understand what you are promoting.

If you join through the other affiliate sites, you will have to pay for a membership plan before qualifying for the compensation program.

Motor Club of America doesn’t provide much in the way of promotional materials. You do get a website if you have a membership or you have signed up to become an associate.

Apart from that, you will have to pay for any other promotional materials you use. Often these are supplied for free by the company you are promoting. These fees can add up rapidly. If you are serious about promoting MCA you will have to pay for adverts, business cards, flyers, brochures, etc.

Consequently, the initial cost maybe $0, but with the promotional items your costs will soon add up.

In some states, you will need a license to promote the MCA packages. A license fee can be as low as $5 going all the way up to $247.


My final opinion

MCA isn’t a scam, they seem to pay their associates on time and they do provide a product that could be useful.

However, I wouldn’t recommend this scheme as a way of making money online. You will have to work very hard to make sales and MCA don’t provide you with any internet marketing training.

Find A good Sponsor

If you are a newbie, you will need to rely on your sponsor for training and support. This might be alright if you are lucky enough to find a good sponsor, but if not you will almost certainly be doomed to failure.

Therefore, if you want to try this scheme, start searching for a sponsor who is honest and looks after his referrals. Remember, many associates say that you have to buy an assistance package to join the scheme. This isn’t correct but it is recommended so you fully understand the product to successfully market it.

Some sponsors make it seem easy to achieve sales, which isn’t true and use videos with lots of hype.

Will You Make Money?

If you’re a confident, outgoing person, who is comfortable talking to people and promoting MCA to them, perhaps you could make this work. You will also have to lead and motivate your team to take action and follow your training.

The big question is – will you make any money? There are some that make a good living with MCA. But most likely you may get some members of your family or some friends to join and that will be all.

Another negative point is the fact that the plans marketed by Motor Club of America, cost more than similar plans from other well-known companies (although, it’s fair to say MCA do offer additional items in their cover).

This means you may have trouble selling these plans in the first place and if you manage to secure a sale, it’s very likely your customer may cancel their plan after a short time when they discover they can buy a similar package for less than half the price.

I don’t think you should join MCA to make money or sell it as a money-making opportunity. Try the roadside assistance packages if you like and see what they offer.

If you do decide to promote the packages how will you justify that their cost is significantly more than the AAA, Allstate, AARP or Good Sam? Why don’t they appear in the Top 10 Reviews for Best Roadside Assistance or other comparisons of roadside assistance companies?

There are very few who succeed with MLMs. Some sources say 99% of those who participate in MLMs lose money.

You will probably do as well as the average MLM member. Sell nothing and be out of pocket with the package and promotional materials you bought.

Verdict: Not recommended


Multi-Level Marketing is not for you, try affiliate marketing

If you feel that MLM or selling roadside assistance packages is not your thing, there are other legitimate ways of earning money online. For me learning to build your own business and having your own website is a much better opportunity.

There is an online course that will teach you the entire process of setting up your business. The training program is Wealthy Affiliate, you are supplied with all the tools you need to start your own successful business. It’s free to join and take a look around.

Have you any experience with MCA? I would love to hear if you were successful or not with this program. Please leave a comment below.

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  • Motor Club of America Review


Description:MCA is a company that offers roadside assistance packages, for the occasions that you are unlucky enough to need assistance after breaking down, running out of petrol or having a puncture. Alongside these assistance packages, Motor Club of America is also promoted as a money-making opportunity, where you earn commission for selling these packages. An MLM scheme where you sign up members to create your own downline.

Price:Free to join

My opinion: I don’t think MCA is a scam, their products can be useful. However, they are more expensive than the assistance packages sold by the competition. If you do decide to promote the MCA assistance plans, remember it’s up to your sponsor to provide training which they might or might not do. It will be very hard work to make sales especially for someone with no marketing experience. I don’t recommend this scheme as a money-making opportunity.

Websites:, and

Motor Club of America an online income opportunity or simply roadside assistance plans?


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