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Your presence here shows your interest in web hosting affiliate programs. I’m sure that you already have a general idea about it and are now looking to get an insider’s perspective on web hosting affiliate programs.

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Hosting Affiliate Programs and Why they are a Great Online Earning Option

Allow me to briefly overview what affiliate marketing is:

Ever heard of the phrase ‘Passive Income’? As the name suggests, this model takes you out of the equation, while you are still making money. It’s like making money while you’re asleep – sounds like the ultimate dream, right?

When people say they are earning a passive income, most of the time, they are referring to affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is a digital marketing model through which an online marketer earns a commission by promoting different products or services of another entity or company. The affiliate marketer only earns a commission when a sale is made.

The great thing about affiliate marketing is that it creates a win-win situation for everybody. The company gets more products sold, the affiliate marketer gets a commission, and the customer gets a validated product – something the affiliate marketer endorsed.

Affiliate Marketing was once considered a platform to market shady nutritional supplements, however, it has evolved into becoming a mainstream online marketing tactic for a variety of industries. In fact, according to Business Insider, affiliate marketing generates nearly 16% of all e-commerce sales. This is great news for marketers who are looking forward to making decent money online.

With the massive rise of affiliate networks, affiliate marketers now have a lot of great options. If current trends are any indication, affiliate networks will continue to grow and will keep providing greater value to publishers and advertisers.


Why Opt for a Web Hosting Affiliate Program?

When it comes to affiliate marketing, online marketers can endorse products from numerous niches. From books to beauty products, they can sell almost anything they want.

The question, however, is: Why sell web hosting?

The simple answer, web hosting is growing massively as an industry across the globe. We are living in a technological era. The need for web hosting has never been more pronounced. From startups to multinationals, everybody needs a reliable web hosting service.

Here are some stats to give you an idea:

  • There are more than 1.5 billion websites on the internet today.
  • There are around 331.9 million domain name registrations every year.
  • Slow websites cause a loss of half a billion dollars every year. The solution: faster and more reliable web hosting.
  • It has been predicted that the web hosting market will reach a whopping $154 billion by 2022.

As an online marketer, you surely want to sell a product or service that is high in demand and that also solves a critical problem. Web hosting holds true on both counts.


Why Cloudways’ Web Hosting Affiliate Program?

Now that you have been convinced that selling web hosting is the way to go (you are still reading this blog), it’s time to introduce you to one of the most amazing and lucrative web hosting affiliate program.

Cloudways is a leading managed cloud hosting platform provider that offers a highly profitable hosting affiliate program. Their commission model is marketer-friendly. If you manage to sell their product to 80 customers or more, you can earn a commission up to $200 per sale.

Now that is some commission, isn’t it?

I will talk more about their commission structure later. For now, let’s discuss additional features that make Cloudways’ cloud hosting affiliate program so amazing:

A Community of Expert Affiliate Managers

Cloudways has a team of highly professional and dedicated affiliate managers on-board. From answering your queries to going through the procedure step-by-step, they are always ready to assist. They will also provide you with healthy tips that can elevate your game of affiliate marketing.

A Ton of Learning Resources

Whether you are new to affiliate marketing or are struggling with online selling, Cloudways offers a wide range of resources to help you. The learning materials include online guides, monthly newsletters, blogs etc.

Accurate Real-Time Tracking

Once you partner with Cloudways, you get a comprehensive dashboard that keeps you in charge. It contains cookies that track visitors and referrals to ensure that your commissions are accurately calculated.

Reliable Performance Reporting

Cloudways reporting features

Cloudways also offers reporting features to its affiliate partners. This allows you to measure the performance of your marketing strategies and optimize them accordingly.

All in all, with Cloudways, you become a better affiliate marketer.


Cloudways’ Commission Model

Cloudways hosting affiliate program comprises three different structures. As an affiliate marketer, you get a greater choice and flexibility in enhancing your passive income. The three commission structures are: Slab, Hybrid and Custom – each with a different earning potential.


Slab is a Cost-per-Acquisition or Cost-per-Action (CPA) based model. It allows the affiliate partners to earn based on the number of referrals that convert. Simply put, the more you sell, the more you will earn.

The great thing about this program is that your commision per sale keeps on increasing as your referral conversion increases. For instance, you get $50 for every sale if you convert 5 customers; however, you get $125/sale if you convert 46 or more customers. The rise in passive income can be exponential.

Here’s a detailed breakdown of the Slab:

Slab commission structure


The hybrid structure is a recurring commission model. This means that you, as an affiliate partner, get to earn a monthly share as long as your referred customer stays with Cloudways.

With the hybrid model, you get an upfront signup bonus of $30 and a recurring commission of 7% every month for each referral that continues to use Cloudways. This model can be great for people looking to keep a steady passive income.

Here’s a chart to explain it better:

Hybrid commission structure


This commission structure is specifically designed for savvy, veteran affiliate marketers. If you have been in the field for years and think that you can convert more than 80 customers for Cloudways every month, this commission structure is for you.

The more the conversions, the better will be your earnings. After 80 referrals, you can acquire a commission of up to $200 for every sale.

Custom commission structure

All of the monthly payments are obtained through PayPal or Wire Transfer.


5 Pro Tips to Help You Succeed with Cloudways Hosting Affiliate Marketing Program

You will read thousands of general tips about affiliate marketing. However, when you are working with a hosting platform, a generic approach might not be as efficient. Here are 5 Cloudways specific tips to help you up your affiliate marketing game:

Try Cloudways for yourself

First up, it is very important that you use the services you are selling. People can always tell when you are promoting something you do not believe in.

Cloudways offers a free trial. Sign up with them and use their service to know its ins and outs. It is only after thoroughly understanding the product that you can begin to truly endorse it.

Write Unbiased Reviews

We all know that people do not know much about cloud hosting and other related concepts. Since you are selling cloud hosting, it is very important that you educate your readers about such concepts.

Writing reviews about Cloudways can be an incredible affiliate marketing tactic. Provide product details and technical specifications. This will ensure that users know exactly what they are buying.

Be honest about their service – your goal isn’t just to sell a product, it is also to solve your readers’ problem.

Place Banners Strategically

Banners can be strategically placed to give your website visitors an exclusive discount. As part of its affiliate partner program, Cloudways offers custom banners with multiple sizes for seasonal offers and campaigns.

They offer a template on which you can experiment with content and design elements.

Use Paid Advertising

Paid advertising is a strategy that should be applied by seasoned affiliate marketers. It will work best when your affiliate marketing business has achieved at least some success.

When selling Cloudways managed hosting, there are generally two paid advertising channels you can employ. They are Google AdWords and Facebook Paid Advertising.

Google AdWords

Pay-Per-Click advertising with Google AdWords can be a fruitful affiliate marketing tactic. First up, you need to find ‘Keywords’ used in your niche.

You have to be very smart when choosing keywords for your PPC campaign. For instance, you might decide to go with highly competitive keywords with high search volume or you can go with specific keywords that cover niche markets. Google provides a very useful tool for this called Keyword Planner. It allows you to get different combinations of keywords and even get relevant statistics. Use the tool to find hosting-related keywords.

Next, it is important to evaluate which regions will be able to garner better conversion rates and target these particular regions.

Cloudways’ dedicated team of affiliate managers can provide complete guidance with all of these aspects. You can create your PPC campaigns with affiliate links that will take users to the Cloudways page or you can run a PPC campaign around your own blog. Both of these strategies will be able to generate great conversions.

Facebook Paid Advertising

Before you start creating ads for Facebook, make sure you have created your own landing page. Just giving people the affiliate link is the perfect recipe for getting banned on Facebook.

With Facebook advertising, it is very important that you initially keep your targeting hyper-focused. For instance, you might want to target small business owners in Nevada looking for hosting services.

Finally, make sure that your pictures are attractive and your ad copy is relevant.

Create a YouTube Channel and Show Your Expertise in Hosting

create a YouTube channel to show your expertise with hosting

Source: Web Hosting Tutorial by David Risley on Youtube

As mentioned above, you need to be an expert in web hosting since you are selling the service. Creating a YouTube channel and speaking about cloud hosting related topics will enhance your credibility.

It will not only answer questions that viewers might have, it will also be good for the SEO. The more cross-channel your approach, the better will be your marketing.


To Sum Up

Cloudways does not just stand out as a managed cloud hosting platform, but its web hosting affiliate program is also far better than others. From providing a comprehensive dashboard to learning resources, it helps you grow significantly as an affiliate marketer.

Join the Cloudways affiliate program here and enhance your passive income with ease.

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