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Product: Gift Hulk gifthulk review
Overall Ranking: 20 out of 100 or 1.0/5 stars
Price: Free to join
Owner: Unknown

Gift Hulk (GH) is a “get paid to” site that has been online since 2011. Similar to other rewards sites like Swagbucks or Quick Rewards Network, these sites are generally considered legitimate. Even though there are a few complaints to be found about this site.

It’s not made clear who is really behind GiftHulk, on their about page all they say is they are a group of young and innovative entrepreneurs.

The company was created to reward people for the time they spend surfing the internet. They tell us time is wasted and nothing is earned when we surf on the internet.

However, I feel they are encouraging people to spend even more time online and earn very little. To me, this isn’t much better. Anway, I signed up to see what it was all about.

In this review, you will see if GiftHulk is something you should consider for making money online.


What is GiftHulk

This is a “get paid to” rewards site, where you are paid in Hulk Coins (HCs) for tasks such as completing surveys, watching videos or carrying out web searches using the GH search engine.


Who is this for?

This is for you if you enjoy doing surveys, completing tasks, watching videos, etc to earn a few Hulk Coins. The Hulk Coins are worth about a 10th of a cent or 5000 HCs for $5.

You must be over 13 years old and live in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, France or Germany to become a member of the site.

Sites like this aren’t something I appreciate, you have to work far too long to earn a decent amount of money. Consequently, your hourly wage is very little.

These reward sites seem to have many members who are happy spending a lot of time online and earning relatively little. Thus, GiftHulk says they have paid out more than $1 million to their members. When compared to Swagbucks who have paid out nearly $100 million, you can see they are relatively small.


Pros and Cons


  • Free to join
  • Possible to earn a few HCs for searching the internet which you do already
  • Various ways of earning HCs – surveys, games, tasks, search and watching videos
  • Different ways to be paid – cash, gift cards or some physical goods.
  • Earn Hulk Coins from your referrals


  • You have to work many hours to have a modest amount of HCs
  • Only available in a few countries
  • To complete offers you may have to give your credit card information
  • You must unsubscribe from offers directly with the advertisers
  • GiftHulk search may install malware


How to earn with GiftHulkways to earn

There are a variety of ways to earn Hulk Coins and the minimum payout with the different gift cards or PayPal is $5 or 5000 HCs.


Offer Walls

Here you get paid for completing different offers like watching videos, completing surveys, trying new products or signing up to play an online game. When I tried the different offers that were listed on different days none were available.

EZ Coins

With Ez Coins you have the choice of:

  • Free offers that only require your contact info and these won’t cost you anything. For example, getting an insurance quote for your car, or signing up for an online game
  • Trial offers where you have to order the trial of a product and you may have to give your credit card info. Always be careful to cancel any subscription directly with the advertiser, not GiftHulk.
  • Daily offers are for surveys only 1 in 24 hours

For example register for a game, confirm your email and then play for 30 minutes to earn 300 HCs. Perhaps this is alright for people who love online games, although when you look at the hourly rate you will be “working” for just 60 cents per hour.

For another offer on a casino site, you could win 35200 points which equates to $35, although to do this you had to deposit and use $20.


Complete Surveys

Completing surveys from market research firms as on many other sites to earn HCs. One thing I did like with GiftHulk is that you are credited with 20 Hulk Coins even if you are disqualified from the survey. This may not be much but is better than nothing.

Also, you get a small reward for filling out your survey profiles. The reward comes in the form of Guess the Card game chips. Which means you will have more chance of winning the card game.

The problem with GH surveys is the same as with other survey sites, they don’t seem to have many surveys, at least for my demographic. I tried 2 but was disqualified from both and that was it for my first day.



You can earn HCs for installing free apps on your mobile devices. Easy to do, download the apps then open and use for 30 seconds, you can earn 50 – 500 HCs for doing this.



Complete CrowdFlower tasks and earn HCs. The tasks are usually: answering questions, reviewing some content or searching the internet.

There are also some special tasks from GiftHulk which pay more Hulk Coins. For example:

  • Write a blog post of at least 250 words about GH. The reward for this 1000 HCs
  • Create a video again about GH and upload to YouTube. The reward is also 1000 HCs
  • Start a thread on a forum about GiftHub. The reward for this is 250 HCs

The rewards may sound good in Hulk Coins, however, in real money, 1000 HCs is just $1. This is a lot of work just to earn $1.write a blog about gift hub com


Use the GiftHulk search as your regular search engine and earn HCs for the first search every hour. They say to use it as any other search engine, I did and I got sandboxed for 3 hours because the search terms I was using were very close.

The search results are from Bing and Yahoo, so overall for me, who prefers Google, this wasn’t a very good experience.

GHulk TV

Get paid to watch videos. Watch 5 videos and you are paid 25 HCs. If you cannot watch all the videos the same day your progress is saved. Very easy to do, you can let the videos run while you do something else.


GiftHulk seems to be in the process of adding this.  This isn’t available yet, however, I have never liked the idea of earning a very small bonus by buying something. If it’s something you really need this is okay, but otherwise keep your real cash.

Invite your friends

There is a referral program at GiftHulk. If someone joins after following your unique referral link or if a new user enters your invite code after they have registered they will be your referral.

You receive just 100 HCs when they first register and a further 500 HCs when your referral has earned 1000 HCs.

Win Hulk Coins


There is a sweepstake, you can buy entries with your HCs which are deducted from your balance. The prizes are usually gift cards from Amazon, Wallmart or other online stores, PayPal cash, or Facebook credits.

Fountain of Youth

With Fountain of Youth codes, you can earn HC’s when you enter the codes on the GiftHulk site. To find the codes you need to visit the GiftHulk Facebook or Twitter pages also in the newsletter.

The codes will have different values (10 to 40 HCs) and can only be used once. It is possible to share the codes with your friends. You can also win Foutain of Youth codes in the Guess the Card game.

To redeem your codes you just enter the code in the box on the Foutain of Youth page.

Guess the Card

A card game where you are given a certain number of chances (chips) depending on your level. You can try to pick the card, the number or the suit. You win up to 50 HCs if you guess the card.

guess the card


The Store

In the store, you can recuperate gift cards or physical goods against your HCs.


Different Levels

There are 5 different user levels ranging from Bronze to Diamond. The higher your level the more chips you receive for the Guess the Card game and there are also some rebates when you purchase your prizes in the store.
Different levels
When I went to the GiftHulk site for the first time I received a warning saying Java needed to be updated. Okay, could be possible, so I clicked on OK. Then I noticed a strange address in my browser, not Java or Oracle as I would have expected, so I didn’t go any further with the update.

However, when I went to my browser, Firefox, my search engine had been changed from Google to Yahoo and my home page had been modified, it was the same in Google Chrome. I don’t know exactly where this came from or what else this malware can do but be very wary. I removed the malware with Malwarebytes.

A while ago GH did have a browser extension, the GiftHulk toolbar, that used to take control of the search function and change the home page. That no longer seems to be available, thankfully, but is it a coincidence that my search engine and homepage were changed, as with the toolbar?



You can submit a support ticket or check the FAQ and that’s about it.


What their members are saying

GiftHulk doesn’t say how many members they have, it must be many thousands and there are only a few complaints I found online.

This means most people are happy.You should remember, people are much more likely to post a complaint if they had a negative experience, than to boast about a positive experience.

Update: Since writing this review there are now quite a few complaints to be found online. Lots of problems with payments and customer support.

The BBB (Better Business Bureau) rate GiftHulk with an F (on a scale of A+ to F) They receive an F because the BBB has received 13 complaints which have not been settled (as below).

bbb complaint

The BBB also has an alert concerning GH, because correspondence sent to the address given on the site was returned as undeliverable. Strange for a genuine site!


Final opinion

I think GiftHulk is a legitimate site, even though there are a few things that could be considered worrying, notably the complaints, the BBB rating, the address and the malware. If there were really big problems with the site you would find many more complaints on the internet.

Update 29/09/2015

For a few weeks, GiftHulk seems to have stopped paying and replying to support tickets, check out their Facebook page for more info. I would say you should now avoid GiftHulk. (see the comments below)

Of course, the worst point with the rewards sites like this is the amount of time you need to spend to earn a few dollars. For me “get paid to” sites are a waste of time and consequently, I can’t endorse using your time to earn so little.


Verdict: Not Recommended

If you really want to earn some money online, I would avoid the reward and survey sites. My choice would be to try affiliate marketing and for that, I always think it is a good idea to obtain an education.

One of the great advantages of affiliate marketing is that it costs very little to start. The main ingredients are hard work and persistence.

Many people try affiliate marketing and don’t succeed. Why? Because they haven’t followed some good up to date training and they haven’t been given any support. You will receive both of these with the best online internet marketing training program and they will teach you how to start earning an honest online income.

Below is a table comparing Wealthy Affiliate, my preferred online training platform, and GiftHulk.


If you are or have been a member of GiftHulk and have had either a positive or negative experience, I would love to hear from you. Please leave your feedback and any questions below.


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