The Youth Cash and The Monthly Payouts Review – You never get paid!

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I came across The Youth Cash a few weeks ago and made a note to do a review. However, when I got around to starting the review and clicked on the link to The Youth Cash site, I found the site no longer existed.

Intrigued, I started to research and I found that the site seems to be part of a network of many sites. One of which is The Monthly Payouts, this site is still working! This review will be about my experience with this website and how this network of sites work.

As these programs are all free to join and there are no adverts on the different websites, how do they actually make money? Or are they just trying to waste our time?

Let’s take a closer look to find the answers.


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Overall Ranking: 0 out of 100 or 0/5 stars
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Owner: Unknown


What is The Youth Cash and The Monthly Payouts?

These programs are link posting schemes where you are promised good rewards if people click on your affiliate links. These 2 sites are part of a group of sites that operate in the same way.

Here are a few of the sites that seem to belong to the same network, there are many more:


Some of these sites seem to be no longer online while others redirect to substitutes. For example, when I Googled and clicked on the link, I was redirected first to then then, and finally to a site that was still operational


Who is this for?

Although these websites may say they are for students, the unemployed, or for anyone who can use the internet, the truth is you shouldn’t waste your time with these sites. You won’t earn any money!

this is for students or unemployed


Signing Up sign up form

Decidedly with these programs, everything seems a little strange. The sign-up form asks for the usual things username, password, email, then your address, and finally your name to make the cheque payable to you.

I didn’t fill in my address or name for the cheque but was still allowed to complete the sign-up process. Why they might need this additional information I don’t know, especially when they have a notice at the top of the page “bi-weekly payments through PayPal or Swift bank wire transfer”.


How this is meant to work

After logging in to your account, you are re-directed to your account area. This is a very simple web page with your affiliate link and your earnings.

The good news is your account has been credited with $25 for signing up, followed by the bad news that you have to reach $300 in your account before you can cash out.

visits with no links posted

Although I had only just received my affiliate link and hadn’t posted it anywhere I had apparently had 217 visits. At the same time, my account was only credited with $5 for 1 unique visit. Doesn’t really make much sense!

The Monthly Payouts claim you will be paid $5 for every person who clicks your affiliate link. Some of the other programs have or had different amounts per click The Youth Cash was $10 per click and Part-Time Payment is $1 per click.

All that sounds too good to be true, $5 or $10 just for someone clicking your link, if only it was that easy to earn money online!

To attract visitors to your links you are recommended to post your affiliate link on forums, chat rooms, blogs, blog comments, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, paid to click sites, and classified adverts. With these methods, you will be recognized as a spammer and soon be banned from many of these platforms.


How do these websites earn money?

What had me perplexed was why are they running these sites? There is no fee to sign-up, there are no adverts on their site and I haven’t even had any emails from them trying to encourage me to sign-up for other programs. So what benefit do they get out of it?

The answer is when you get to the payout threshold they will give you surveys or offers to complete before you can get your payment. This sounds enticing, complete a survey, or an offer to get your money, so you would probably continue.

The Monthly Payouts or The Youth Cash companies will be paid for these surveys and offers, but you will receive absolutely nothing.

Obviously, they can’t pay you as they promise, they are probably only receiving a dollar or two for the survey or offers.

All the clicks you receive will bring new members to the site, who in turn will post their affiliate links and in the end will complete the surveys or offers. So, if they attract enough new members these sites can earn a little money.

A couple of other aspects to be worried about:

  • They might sell your data to a third party
  • Some have said they found malware on their computers after joining these sites. I did a scan with Malwarebytes and it did find some malware, I don’t think it’s anything too serious but I hate programs that install stuff on my computer


Pros and Cons


  • Free to join


  • They don’t pay
  • Waste of time
  • You don’t know what they will do with your personal information
  • You will refer others to this scam and waste their time



Not surprisingly there are 100s of complaints to be found, about the different programs. Of course, the main complaint is about not being paid but some also complain of receiving lots of spam emails.

Here are some of the complaints about this network of sites.

After reaching the payout threshold you have to complete a survey to get your money.

youthcash complaints 2

Receiving spam and phone calls after giving details.


Having to complete a survey and offers to receive your money



My final opinion

This is another scam, it may not cost you any money but it will waste your time. Also, you will give your personal details so you will be open to receiving loads of junk mail and some members have reportedly experienced phone calls trying to sell things.

These websites don’t seem to stay online very long, they are frequently changing names and from time to time they change the look of the site.

If you value your time don’t fall for programs that offer to pay outrageous amounts for clicks on a link. Analyze how they could afford to pay this much for a simple click. It’s impossible! Consider the sites that actually pay like Clixsense, you often receive as little as $0.001 for clicking a link. This is a long way from $5 or $10 promised by The Youth Cash or The Monthly Payouts programs.

Verdict: Scam


Is it possible to earn money online?

Yes, it is possible, although with all the scams you see, sometimes you might become disillusioned. I think it’s important to remember earning money on the internet is just like any other work. To be successful you must put in the effort and success won’t arrive overnight.

However, if you are willing to work, are patient, and determined you will earn money online. It took me 6 months before I achieved my first sale but now I have a regular income every month.

I am sure you’re wondering how this is possible. The answer for me was by creating an affiliate marketing business. When I started I didn’t know the first thing about affiliate marketing, so I joined a training platform that teaches you how to create an online business from the foundations of creating your website onwards.

The training platform is called Wealthy Affiliate, you can see some of what they offer below. If you think you might be interested check it out, it’s free to join!
features wa compared to The Monthly Payouts and The Youth Cashtry starter membership

Thanks for reading my The Youth Cash/The Monthly Payouts Review, if you have any questions or have had any experience with this program please leave your comments below.

Take care,


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